Gold is the new cover for running a Pyramid/Ponzi scheme in Europe and the United States. In my opinion, Swissgolden is a perfect example of this type of scam. With their marketing program, only a small amount of gold is actually sold by Swissgolden. The vast majority of the money is made by people investing in their Pyramid/Ponzi scheme marketing program and not in gold.

Even with the highest quality “product”, it does not matter in this type of scam. If the recruitment is the focus and not product sales, you are promoting a scam. Even a “product” as pure as gold will not change that.

Swissgolden Scam Claims

Swissgolden gives you the possibility to build a very lucrative business.

Gold is a unique product that never depreciates!

Double your money in a month with no risk!

Reality Exposed in this Swissgolden Review

Swissgolden was incorporated on June 14, 2012 in the British Virgin Islands (a known tax-haven).

EC2V 7RS, 88 Wood Street
London, United Kingdom
Phone :  +442081445999
e-Mail: [email protected]

Swissgolden and EmGoldex use similar marketing programs. The Massachusetts Secretary of State William F. Galvin on OCTOBER 22, 2014, filed civil fraud charges against EmGoldex Team USA, Inc.. – Source

The substantial returns promised by Swissgolden to investors are based exclusively on the recruitment of new investors. Investors have no incentive to sell Swissgolden’s purported product, gold bars. Instead, investor efforts are focused on the recruitment of new investors.

They are not offering you a business to run.  They are offering you a Pyramid/Ponzi scheme to run on your friends and family.

Swissgolden Scam Marketing Program Overview

  • Submit an order for a set of investment gold bars, valued by Swissgolden at approximately 7,000 Euro.
  • Instead of a complete payment of the invoice for the gold bars, victims make a prepayment to, or initial investment in, Swissgolden.
  • Preliminary level victims can pay 220 Euro. VIP PLUS level victims can pay 9,850 Euro.
  • Once a victim has paid their initial investment, they are placed into a Swissgolden payout structure, which victims move through following the one plus two formula, along with the efforts of other victims. Multiple investments can be made by an individual.
  • Once activated, the only requirement to become eligible for payouts is the recruitment of two new investors into the Swissgolden Marketing Program.
  • Under the One Plus Two Formula, each victim in the Swissgolden Marketing Program, recruits two new investors, who also recruit two investors, in theory continuing on forever, thus ensuring a constant stream of new investors into the Swissgolden Marketing Program.
  • I think you get the idea.  It’s a pyramid scheme.

Swissgolden Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, as an illegal Pyramid/Ponzi scheme, Swissgolden is destined to collapse. When it does collapse Swissgolden will be unable to purchase the gold to pay you for your investment and this will harm the vast majority of people that invest their money. Gold is just the cover for this scheme. Avoid the Swissgolden scam.



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