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The internet has made the lives of many people quite easy. Unfortunately, this list also includes the names of criminals and fraudsters. One of those fraudsters is Patrick Bet-David. You must have seen Patrick through one of his YouTube videos. He runs the Valuetainment channel and has a considerable following for the same.

He is also the owner of PHP Agency, which is his main tool for scamming. He is running a large pyramid scheme and people are falling for that. He is marketing his agency like a proper financial company, which provides a lot of growth opportunities but the reality is the opposite. His finance company doesn’t give you anything. I have worked with Patrick’s PHP Agency and I promise you, you’ll only get disappointed when you work with them.

He holds a number of events through Valuetainment and he also posts videos regularly on YouTube. He does all that, so he can attract more victims for his corrupt schemes and plans. He is lying about his company. He markets it as if you’ll be getting a great opportunity to grow with an exceptional team of experts. But the truth is, you are left work by yourself without any chances of getting help.

Patrick is scamming people by lying about the jobs he gives to them. This bald-headed fool thinks it’s ok to deceive others. And that’s because he hasn’t faced any consequences for doing the same. I fell prey to the malicious schemes of this guy. I hope this article will help you see the truth behind the vicious activities of PBD so you can make smarter decisions.

Valuetainment Review

My Patrick Bet David Valuetainment Review

Partick’s People Helping People Agency is nothing more than a sham. I used to think it was a wonderful organization because of the way Patrick markets himself. I lost $1,500 because of this guy, apart from the time and energy I wasted too. I had come across the PHP Agency through an online ad. It was about earning money by becoming a life insurance agent.

Now, I had never considered becoming one but the advert also discussed how it’s a wonderful opportunity to boost my income and how I will get to work with a team of experts and professionals to deliver great services. I visited the website and found out that they give the necessary training for getting a head start as well. Anyone would think that it’s a great opportunity. I was really impressed by the way they had marketed themselves and the career opportunities they were showing.

I looked them up online and I found a number of positive reviews about their services and company. The reviews also discussed how PHP Agency helped them start a career in the finance sector without much difficulty.

I signed up. I had to pay them $500 for joining them and an additional $500 for some training material and all. Anyway, I paid them happily because I was about to embark on a new career journey. I never received any training. I only received an email from those guys telling me that I will be given a few products to sell and that I will have to sell them to the customers.

I met an executive, he told me that I am now an independent agent so I can hire people under myself and earn commissions from them. This was a huge red flag for me. I asked him if it was a pyramid scheme or some kind but he said, “No, definitely not.”

But if it isn’t a pyramid scheme, then what is?

I should have stopped there but for some reason, I kept going on. I spent a month trying to find customers for the crappy products they had given me. When a month passed by and I hadn’t made a sale, the executive called me and told me that I should sell the products no matter what.

Note that, the products were useless. I did not want to steal money from people and give them a piece of trash. I am not a scammer. I asked if there was any other product which I could sell to people but there wasn’t any. I ended up quitting but because I quit, I had to pay them an additional $500.

When I asked them the reason for these charges they simply told me that it was because of the time and resources I wasted. PHP Agency is nothing but a pyramid scheme. One guy joins there as an agent. He or she then has to sell insurance products to people without even considering whether the product will help the customer or not. And this person also has to recruit other agents and earn commissions from their sales. The recruited agents can recruit more agents under them and earn commissions from their sales.

Don’t you see a structure or some pattern? This is a total pyramid scheme or should I say an MLM company. They tell you to sell wasteful products to people who are of no use. PHP Agency is running on unethical values and I can understand why. Their owner, Patrick Bet-David doesn’t have any values of his own. He has created this company to chat with people. He is betraying both, his customers and his employees.

Like I told you, I spent over a month trying to sell their products but I realized that they are useless. The insurance plans and financial schemes Patrick’s company tells you to sell are fishy themselves. When a customer asks you for their legitimate details you will have the lie in order to gain the business. Isn’t it obvious now? PBD’s company is a total sham. He is selling people investment plants that yield poor results and might even cause a huge loss to the consumer.

And who would have to handle the frustrated customer? You, the agent. And if not you, then it would one of your subordinates.

When I had joined them, I had to pay them $1,000 just for working with them. The training charges they took were a way of extorting money because I never received any training for selling insurance. They simply told me to sell whatever they tell me to. Honestly, PHP Agency shouldn’t even be allowed to operate. This is a criminal organization whose sole aim is to fill the pockets of their boss no matter what.

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You’ll be getting scammed by them in any case. Whether you join them as an agent or do business with one of their agents, you will only lose your earnings and get nothing in return. They charged me $500 for no specific reason and I ended up losing $1,500 to them just because I had worked with them.

I wanted to tell others about the pathetic work ethics and the devious schemes of the PHP Agency. That’s why I shared my story with you. However, I also found out that PHP Agency has scammed numerous other people and through similar methods.

Valuetainment Reviews & Complaints

Reviews I wish I had found Earlier

When I had started working with the PHP Agency I was really excited. I was looking forward to working as an agent and earning a proper income. I was unaware of the scams Patrick’s companies are running. When I had searched for their online reviews, I had found a couple of positive ones. So I thought the PHP Agency is a trustworthy company.

Now I know that Patrick’s company tells others to post fake reviews for their company to make sure they are able to maintain their scam. If people could find out their reality before even contacting them, their whole scheme will get spoiled. No one would ever do business with Patrick’s agency and it will go bankrupt. I wish if it was possible but a large number of fake reviews PHP Agency gets posted on numerous websites ensure that they keep getting more victims.

Those reviews were the main reason why I trusted them so easily. When I did a little research, I found there are a couple of sincere and honest reviews about Patrick’s companies as well. I wish I had found those reviews earlier because if I had, then I wouldn’t have to waste so much time and $1,500.

patrick bet david

In the review above, this man faced the same problem I had faced. He had joined the PHP Agency hoping that they will provide him with wonderful opportunities for professional progress. What he got was a poor supervisor, who never even called him, and a bunch of tasks that no one had told him about. This guy, like me, had to pay them $500 for enrolling alone. Then he paid them more for other joining formalities.

He also had to fly out to one of their events at his own expense, which cost him an additional $400. The pathetic supervisor never helped him in any professional work. He also discovered that PHP Agency is only a pyramid scheme and the only way to make money here is to get recruits and tell your recruits to get more recruits.

It’s laughable how Patrick thinks he can deceive so many people and make a living out of the same. He has created a fortune with this method, no doubt, but soon, he will get exposed and his malicious plans will be put to an end. I hope it happens as fast as possible because people like me and the complainer I mentioned above won’t stay still. PHP Agency has spent a lot of money covering up their errors and crimes. That’s why finding negative reviews against them is nearly impossible.

patrick bet david 2patrick bet david 2

Here is another review from a past customer of Patrick’s company. This guy had also joined this organization to enhance his financial condition. He was also fooled by the false promises and the fake advertising of the PHP Agency. A leader of this company had advised this person to stop paying the loan from Bank of America. This person had to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy due to the nonsensical advice of PHP’s professionals. He also lost his house and had to remain homeless because of these people.

Isn’t it enough? They only have unqualified and inexperienced professionals who give useless investment advice to their customers. They don’t help their sales agents and they are running a large multi-level marketing scheme to rake in more profits. Don’t you think it’s too much? Patrick has created a large criminal syndicate and he is doing all that he can to make sure he keeps cheating people like you and me.

The previous guy lost his home and became bankrupt because of these people. The person before him ended up losing all of his investment. I lost $1,500 and a considerable amount of my time and efforts because of these people. Shouldn’t these guys be held accountable for the crimes they are performing?

Here is another complaint from another customer:

patrick bet david 3patrick bet david 3

This person complained about the level of unprofessionalism and the number of fake lies these guys boast about. He discussed that they play pop songs in the office to make the interviewees feel as if they are in a stress-free zone. The executives make false claims that are complete lies. They tell you, in 3 years, you will be 2 million a year. Such false claims tricked many other people, who had arrived there with the complainer to sign up for the jobs. Although this person didn’t give a proper review more of an opinion, it is still quite eye-opening.

The fake promises and lies of Patrick’s companies are drool0worthy. They deceive multiple people so finding victims for their malicious schemes isn’t difficult at all.

I can keep going on and on about the various pathetic lies these guys are selling and how people have felled for the same. Like in another review, a complainer clearly stated she paid PHP Agency $150 for signing up and when she did, they asked her to get more customers for getting professional licences. They were supposed to pay the fee of $150 or more (like I had to pay $500) for signing up.

The problem with Patrick’s company is not of its pyramid schemes. The problem is its false advertising. He is lying freely and bluntly everywhere. He markets his company as if it provides high-quality insurance plans and training to the agents. While the reality is, his companies don’t provide anything. Their constant lies trick people into thinking that they are reliable providers of some facility.

One past customer shared the lies these guys sell. He saw an ad in their office stating “The company where you can make over $100,000 per year without any prior experience”. They are selling a get rich quick scheme and due to the money they spend in their advertising and marketing, people begin to think that they are real and reliable. He also noticed that most of the staff consisted of relatives. They were all family members, which is a clear indication that something fishy was going on. He also mentioned that the people at PHP Agency are racist.

If you want to take a look at the various complaint of the dissatisfied customers of PHP Agency, you can click on the links present in the sources. I wish I had found these complaints earlier because if I had, I would have been able to save my precious earnings and time.

You might wonder, “If Patrick’s company is so notorious then how is he still able to generate more customers?” I also pondered the same question. But then I found the answer. It’s because of his marketing tactics and his online presence.

Patrick Bet David: Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter

His Online Presence

Patrick is smart, there’s no doubt about that. He knows about marketing and he uses multiple smart marketing tactics to attract people to his brands. People on the internet easily trust those who have large followings. Patrick takes advantage of this fact. That’s why he spends lavishly on his social media marketing and online presence.

His online presence helps him get more customers for his PHP Agency. After the terrible experience I had with Patrick’s company, I wanted to know how is he still able to get away with his crimes and lure more people for his criminal organization as victims.

I searched for him on the internet and then I found the reason behind this phenomenon – his online presence.

He runs a YouTube channel called Valuetainment which has over 1 million subscribers. According to the description of the channel, you can advise related to entrepreneurship and other areas there. I watched a few of his videos and to my surprise, they were good. They didn’t provide much information but considering the fact that they are free, those videos are really helpful.

Someone who finds Patrick and his content there couldn’t even imagine that Patrick is running such a huge fraud. Even I began to doubt if PHP Agency is a company of Patrick or not. Through his YouTube channel, Patrick has successfully created a harmless and mischievous person which succeeds in attracting more customers for his real business.

patrick bet david 4patrick bet david 4
patrick bet david 5patrick bet david 5

He is also active on other social media platforms where he shares his YouTube videos and updates related to his company. His Twitter profile has 75k followers at this time. I guess they are going to increase with time if he doesn’t get caught and exposed.

These social media profiles are his primary tools for attracting victims to his company. They help him reach a wide audience and ensure that he is able to develop a top-notch brand. I know that many people wouldn’t even believe my story just because Patrick has a high number of people following him. We tend to think that just because a person has a certain amount of followers, it makes him trustworthy. We don’t realize that the person’s followers might not even know his or her reality.

Patrick’s case is just like that. His followers are unaware of his scams and the numerous victims of his crimes. Apart from his social media presence, he has posted many fake reviews about his company PHP Agency. Those fake reviews are a part of their false advertising campaign. Through those fake reviews, Patrick is able to attract hundreds or even thousands of people for his company and its products.

His followers and fans don’t know that he is running a financial fraud. He sells useless plans and hides his pyramid scheme to make sure most people come to him for business.

While we’re discussing his social media presence, I shouldn’t leave out his Instagram page as well:

patrick bet david 6patrick bet david 6

His Insta profile has half a million followers just like his YouTube channel.

PBD has written multiple books but  I can’t comment on them. He has written ’25 Laws for Doing the Impossible” and “Drop Out”. I know these books are popular and they also help him in attracting customers for his shady business. People think of him as a thought leader because he is an author but they don’t know that he is actually running a huge pyramid scheme.


Concluding Thoughts

I don’t know what you think of Patrick. Maybe you believed in my story or maybe you think it was all made-up. In any case, I just hope that it impacted you and gave you an insight into the hidden side of this financial criminal. There are so many people who have lost their earnings, time, respect and energy, just because of the frauds of PBD.

I only wanted to generate awareness regarding the crimes Patrick’s PHP Agency does. I lost $1,500 to this guy and I also found that his company tells its agents to lie to their customers and sell them useless plans. I also found that his PHP Agency is based on a pyramid scheme and it falsely advertises itself as a finance company.

What do you think of Patrick and his deeds? Is PHP Agency a legit company, in your eyes?

Patrick Bet David

Patrick Bet David



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