Kunal Puri of Ultra Medical Cleaning: $1.1 Million Scam & Fraud



Kunal Puri is an insurance scammer and has been exposed. He works for Infosys Equinox and runs Ultra Medical Cleaing services in Texas.

The scammer was fined $1.1 million for his criminal activities.

Before you conduct business with him, it’s best to know how he is trying to bury his criminal past.

Kunal Puri
Kunal Puri used to have the nickname “Kunal Sunny Puri”(Source)

What Kunal Puri Claims to Be:

The PR team of Kunal Puri has put out a lot of content marketing him as a reliable businessman. Their sole purpose is to hide his history of scamming consumers. This section shares some of those claims his PR team is making.

Kunal Puri is the CEO and owner of Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services. He began his company in an effort to provide a better life for his family and himself. In addition to that, he is an investor and a serial entrepreneur. He arrived in the nation in 2001 and was born in India. His love of business and entrepreneurship began as a student at the University of Houston when he established his first firm.

Kunal Puri’s Specializations According to His Marketers:

  • Design thinking
  • Program and change management 
  • Customer experience
  • Omni-Channel Commerce 
  • Subscription management 
  • Loyalty and digital retail
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Healthcare-Pharmacy operations
  • Business Process Design 
  • Software Package Selection
  • Application Rationalization 

None of his promotional material mentions Sehgal & Sons, the company he ran the scam with.

He claims to be the entrepreneur of one of the most well-known cleaning companies in the region, offering expert cleaning services to various companies in various industries.

The area around Houston, Texas, is rapidly growing, and many nearby businesses desire reliable janitorial services to benefit their staff, colleagues, and clients.


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About Ultra Medical Cleaning and Environmental Services 

Ultra Medical Cleaning and Environmental Services Inc. were incorporated as a domestic for-profit corporation in the state of Texas on Friday, February 29, 2008, according to documents provided to the Texas Secretary of State, and it has been in business for approximately fifteen years.

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Exposing the Criminal History of Kunal Puri (Ultra Medical Cleaning):

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Current allegations and charges against Kunal Puri originate from a long-running premium fraud/scam enterprise. Kunal Puri “Sonny” is taken in by Stafford, Texas police on January 11, 2022. Before being brought to the Fort Bend County jail, Puri obtained a $20,000 bond.

A Travis County grand jury brought two charges against Puri and a couple of his companies, including Sehgal & Sons Enterprises, Ultra Building Services Inc., and Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services, in December. In order to lower workers’ compensation insurance payments and maintain employment, Puri of Stafford, Texas is accused of concealing staff and earnings over a period of 7 years, from 24 July 2009 to 16 August 2016.

The affected insurance companies, Texas Mutual Insurance Company, Service Lloyds, and Travelers, worked closely with the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) Prosecution and Fraud Teams.

Debra Knight, the DWC’s Deputy Commissioner of Compliance and Investigations, stated: “We are committed to identifying and investigating dishonest independents who strive to enrich themselves by abusing the workers’ compensation system”.

He was charged with utilizing fraud or bad intentions by gaining document execution through deception. An accusation is a claim of illegal activity rather than actual proof. Defendants are considered innocent until and until they are found guilty in a court of law. If found guilty, he may serve a maximum of 99 years in prison.


We can therefore assess Kunal Puri’s greedy and dissatisfied personality after carefully studying him throughout. Kunal Puri is a successful businessman who holds a significant and high status in one of the renowned firms, Infosys Equinox, in Chicago. In addition, he damaged the values of all of his specialties, whether they were based on school or experience, by making money illegally, despite the fact that he had several of them.



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