There are all types of scam companies these days. This is why it is important that you are careful and make sure that you do not fall into a trap and end up losing your hard-earned cash. With the advancement of technology and the emergence of the modern world, it is crucial that you research companies as much as possible to make sure that you do not get scammed. 

One of the biggest scam companies that you need to know about is Invent Help. It is an invention promotion firm that just wants your money. It does not care about whether your product would succeed or not. The only objective of the company is to take your money and scam you. If you have heard of Invent Help or want to know more about its deceptive practices, we have got you covered. 

About the Company

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Invent Help is a company that claims to help people market their patents to different companies. It assists clients by pitching their ideas to various retailers and tries to get them a licensing deal. Invent Help also refers its clients to a lawyer for conducting a patentability search to get an opinion on whether the patent is even patentable or not. It even assists with creating 3D prototype models and videos of 3D renderings with professional illustration and sketching. 

The invention promotion firm claims to provide a free product evaluation. However, it is only a deceptive tactic that the company uses to tell you what you would want to hear so that you get your hopes up and spend your hard-earned cash. The thing about invention promotion companies like Invent Help is that their only objective is to extract money without explaining the entire picture and the work that goes into creating a product. 


Invent Help was founded back in 1984 and is headquartered in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. It employs writers, researchers, customer service representatives, and animators. The company claims to maintain the biggest network of sales offices in the country. It claims to assist people who want to submit their new product ideas or inventions to the industry. The company has made a statement that it does not make any promises about the efforts bearing any fruit or not. Invent Help also has an independent licensed patent attorney whom it refers clients to who want to receive an opinion or conduct a patent search. Then, a US patent application is submitted at the US Patent and Trademark Office by the attorney for the patent idea. 

Claiming to help its clients secure over 10,000 patents, Invent Help is a patent marketing firm that has been operating for over three decades. People who are looking to market their ideas tend to reach out to the company to find a patent attorney or have a 3D prototype of their concept made. Invent Help does not display its fees as it claims that each product idea is different. 


The services that Invent Help provides include 3D prototyping, marketing, and confidentiality agreements. The company claims to assist its customers in different ways. It helps package the idea and market it to different companies and also refers clients to a patent attorney. Invent Help claims that it can help you throughout the invention process even if you have an idea or not. Besides this, it assists customers with marketing and helps find them a graphic designer, creates press releases for sending publications, and attends trade shows for making contracts. 

How They Scammed Their Customers?

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When you first browse Invent Help’s website, you might think that the company cares about its customers. However, it could not be further from the truth. All it does is make false promises and deceives its clients in a number of ways. This is why it is important that you steer clear of Invent Help. Otherwise, you will become a victim of their scam. Here are some of the scams that the company has engaged in. 

Steals Ideas

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One of the worst scams that Invent Help pulls off is that it steals ideas and sells them. Customers who had entered into a contract with the company with hopes of getting their ideas marketed noticed that the company stole their product ideas and marketed them under different names. At first, the company communicates regularly with clients until they have paid it thousands of dollars. Then, once the payments are completed, the company claims that the idea did not gain traction and the contract expires. However, shortly after the termination of the contract, the ideas it obtained from customers are advertised under different names.  

Countless customers have fallen prey to their bogus tactics. The empty promises that Invent Help makes are only a way to get money and ideas out of clients. After it has taken all the money from clients without providing any results, it uses those same ideas and sells them to companies at a hefty price. It has been doing this since its inception. There have not been many customers who actually found its service useful, at the very least. Instead, Invent Help took money from its clients and did not provide them any service. 

Claims to Be the Original Inventors

Another scam that Invent Help pulls off is that it claims to be the original inventors of different products and that it has made a huge sum of money through its inventions and wants to help others out. However, it could not be further from the truth. Customers end up wasting money and only realize towards the expiration of their contract that the company is nothing but a scam. This is why it is crucial to avoid providing any information or marketing ideas to them as they would simply use those ideas as their own as they have the financial backing to do so and have been doing this for a very long time. It is one of the ways that it earns money.

If you want to say goodbye to your ideas, Invent Help is the biggest scammer out there. It has fooled countless customers in the past and continues to swindle money from them. The thing about patent marketing firms is that it is important that you are careful since many of them are not worth your time and money. When you contact Invent Help, the company will lure you in by making false promises that they are here for you even though all they want is your money and idea. Then, they will use your idea as their own and make a profit from it. 

Fails to Provide Refunds 

In addition to the above, Invent Help does not provide refunds to its clients. Many customers have reported that they had paid to the company but when they demanded their money back after realizing that they had fallen prey to the scam, they never got to receive a single penny in return. Invent Help makes false promises and when customers want their money back, the company does not make any payment whatsoever. It cares to show what a huge fraud it is. No matter how many times customers try to reach out to the company with hopes to get their money back, they receive no response. Thus, customers receive nothing in return when they pay Invent Help.

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Initially, customers are able to speak with Invent Help and get a hold of the company. However, after they have made all their payments, the company simply disappears and does not respond to any of their calls. It does not follow up with its customers either and does not provide them any response after building up their hopes. This is why it is important you steer clear of the company. It knows how to lure its customers by making false promises. Once the moment comes for the company to realize its promises, it fails to do so and does not provide any valid reason to customers whatsoever. 

There are countless customers who have been scammed by Invent Help and they have all not gotten ahold of the company and have realized that the company was nothing more than a scam. It took away their hard-earned cash and did not pay them back any money after failing to help them. When someone first contacts Invent Help, the company makes them feel like it truly cares about them. However, after it has received all the payments from clients, it stops responding. 

Prevents Customers from Hiring a Personal Attorney to Review the Contract

In addition to the above, Invent Help does not let its customers bring a personal attorney with them to review the contract it requires them to sign. It is a big red flag that customers need to understand as they have every right to get the contract reviewed by an expert before they sign it. Similarly, the company does not provide a soft copy of the contract which customers can review at their own convenience. Instead, Invent Help requires customers to come to their office to review the contract and sign it. This deceptive tactic allows them to get customers to sign contracts that they should not.

Provides False Documents

On top of the above scams, Invent Help also provides false documents to its customers. There are many customers who paid for the service but did not receive anything. When they complained about their experience with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the company shared false documents stating that they had done their job. The company is fraudulent and does not assist its clients in any way. All it does is that it scams customers under false pretenses. 

What Happened To The Company?

Invent Help is currently facing a class action lawsuit for its invention promotion scams. Aspiring inventors are suing the company for scamming them out of thousands of dollars. It failed to provide any invention promotion service but only charged its customers. More and more people are signing up for the class action lawsuit and it seems that action against Invent Help is close at hand. It is only a matter of time until action is taken against the company. 

The class action lawsuit alleges that Invent Help made misleading and false promises which it failed to meet and enticed its customers into signing up for false invention promotion. It failed to provide any service to them and looted them. Although it claims to have a database which has information about 9,000 companies, it does not help its clients in any way. In fact, it is believed that its data bank comprises data of non-operational and defunct companies. Thus, it does not have any intention to provide an invention match service whatsoever. The lawsuit alleges that the company makes sure that none of the invention ideas are sent to interested companies. 

Invent Help simply exploits its customers and convinces them to sign expensive agreements which allow the company to charge unwary inventors around $8,900 to $16,900 for expert invention submission which it fails to provide. What Invent Help does is that it sends false letters to its clients of companies that are not even in business. 

Whenever someone new signs up with Invent Help, the company only provides low budget service and makes false promises. It hooks customers and makes them spend thousands of dollars without providing any service. There have been many other lawsuits against the company in the past. However, the class action lawsuit will help ensure that the company is no longer able to continue harming innocent customers. Invent Help is a complete scam as it has stolen thousands of dollars. If the lawsuit is successful, Invent Help would have to pay back its customers. 

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