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In the last few months, I came to find out about a major online scammer that I think everyone should be aware of. And that scammer’s name is Heather Monahan. She sells her course and book on her website and she is also a motivational speaker. Her course and book are both terrible. They are just a way for her to fill her pockets with your money. She is deceiving people and making them believe that she is some expert. She claims to be a confidence expert but the reality is different. She is no expert. She is just a middle-aged woman who has come up with a nice way to make herself rich.
I had an unfortunate experience with Heather and her company when I bought her crappy course. It was the worst $300 I have ever spent. Her staff is lazy, illiterate and incompetent. It’s sad that a scammer like Heather is so popular and is able to expand her business. I don’t want anyone else to make this mistake. That’s why I’m sharing my experiences here. I hope you’ll be able to make a better decision after this knowledge.


About Heather Monahan

Heather Monahan is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and motivation guru. She boasts of being a women’s influencer. She makes money in numerous ways. She sells courses, books, and events. But just because she has written a book, it doesn’t mean she is an expert on the subject. In fact, I’m quite sure she knows nothing about building confidence and self-esteem. Her company is a sham, which is meant to steal from people. All her talks about confidence are only there to promote her products so she can get you to buy them. You wouldn’t know what you’re getting into until you buy one of those trashy products. And that’s because of her deceptive marketing. There could be hundreds of people who feel like they wasted a ton of their money by buying her courses or books.

She has won the Glass Ceiling Award and has worked as a professional for over 20 years. She was the Chief Revenue Officer in Media and she was labeled as one of the most influential women of her field in the year 2017. Thrive Global had named Heather as a Limit Breaking Female Founder in 2018. These accolades and awards can make any person believe that Heather is an expert in what she does even when that’s untrue.

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Heather lives in Florida at the moment. She speaks on confidence and mentors people struggling with this issue.

She markets her brand as a strong female leader and for that purpose alone, she promotes herself as ‘Boss in Heels’. Her marketing strategies are what make her brand so strong. They are the only reason why she is even in the business. Because if you’d ask me, I don’t think she would last a day in the industry based on her products and their quality. They are filled with rubbish, which only leads to disappointment.

Her website and online presence are a major part of her marketing strategies. A good online presence helps her in seeming credible and trustworthy. I don’t think she has a huge following of real people on her social media profiles. I’m quite certain that those numbers mostly consist of fake accounts or paid bots.

Heather has a strong presence on multiple social media platforms. She has a Facebook page under her name which has around 41,000 followers. On Twitter, she has more than 3,000 followers. She has around 44,000 followers on Instagram. As you can see, her social media profiles have impressive followings and they can make anyone think of her as some industry leader. A huge following is a strong indicator of reliability. And Heather knows this. Her social media profiles help her in establishing her brand.

Her team puts in a ton of effort in order to ensure she looks reliable online. That’s okay but only as long as she doesn’t abuse this authority. And the truth is, she is doing the same. She is scamming people by selling them trashy courses and books, when they don’t offer any value to anyone. Why would anyone buy something which doesn’t offer them anything? She is deceiving people and she is doing that on a large scale. I know how effective social media is, because I was fooled by it as well.

Heather Monahan Complaint

How Heather Scammed Me

I came across Heather Monahan on Instagram. The post was a snippet of one of her speeches and I got intrigued. So I clicked on her profile and started following her. I didn’t know that following her would be a big mistake. Her content seemed really valuable, and I started gaining interest in her books and courses. For starters, she seemed pretty confident and I’ve always struggled with that aspect of my life. I have never been the most confident person in a group and after seeing her videos and lectures, I started realizing how much damage my low self-confidence was causing me. After a few weeks, I realized that I should buy her course because even though her free content seemed great, it wasn’t giving me any real advice. It was only vague and general advice, there was nothing specific in it which could help me make some progress.

On top of that, the way Heather kept pointing out the damage low-confidence does in a person’s career was astounding. I would always get depressed and sad when I’d consider her speeches. On her website, everything felt so interesting and impressive, that I gave in immediately and bought her $300 course. I didn’t know it was trash. The course didn’t offer any helpful advice because it was filled with useless abstract concepts. There wasn’t anything realistic or practical in her courses and it made me feel like a waste. I watched some of its content, and after spending a few hours, I found out that I don’t have access to half the course. I thought there was a problem with my PC, but that wasn’t the case. For some God forsaken reason, the course wasn’t running.

So I contacted the customer support of Heather’s website, who took a week to reply. And when they finally replied to my query, they told me that they will start looking into the matter. They said it must be some technical issue due to which I wasn’t able to access most of the course. For a few days, I waited for them to fix the issue but when I saw that they weren’t making any progress, I contacted them again. These people are way too lazy and careless. They took another week to give me a reply. And I was shocked to hear what they had to say for themselves. According to them, they were still ‘looking into’ the issue. They didn’t apologize, not even as a professional courtesy. I realized that it was hopeless so I requested them to cancel my enrolment and give me a refund. After all, I had only watched a few videos of the course and it was expensive. I could’ve spent those $300 on something else. But they stopped replying again. After 3-4 days, I got a reply from Heather’s company that they don’t issue refunds as it is not in their policy. I asked them if they could make an exception in this case because it was their fault I wasn’t able to access my course for over 3 weeks. They told me that they will fix my error and that I shouldn’t worry about the issue at all. I didn’t think it was possible. But I still gave them a chance.

However, they disappointed me again by wasting my two other weeks. They kept giving me excuses but they just couldn’t fix the error. Two possibilities popped into my mind. Either they didn’t have any course to share and it’s just a deliberate scam or they are too careless to look into the matter because they have already got my money. In any case, I ended up losing around $300 and wasted a lot of my time trying to get access to the course I had bought with my own money. I never knew there were such scammers available. Heather is literally stealing money from people through her terrible staff and courses. Her course doesn’t have any value. You’ll be better off spending your money on something more beneficial. You can buy a lot of stuff for three hundred bucks. You don’t need to spend your money on this trash. There are plenty of other people whose courses you can buy without any problems or worries.

I blame myself for not doing proper research. Heather’s content has a ton of negative reviews online and if I had just spent a little time going through them, I would have saved myself some time, money and embarrassment. I had no idea Heather is a scam artist who is conning people and stealing their money through her crappy courses. I thought she was trustworthy and reliable while she clearly wasn’t any of those things.

Experiences of Other People With Heather

Heather Monahan Reviews & Complaints

After my horrible experience with Heather and her team, I wanted to find out if there were other people who had faced any issues like mine. I wanted to see if I was the only person who had been scammed like this by Heather’s team. Turns out, yes, there were many people who felt cheated because they bought Heather’s content. Like I mentioned earlier, Heather has authored a book too. And her book is just as terrible as her course.


After my horrible experience with Heather and her team, I wanted to find out if there were other people who had faced any issues like mine. I wanted to see if I was the only person who had been scammed like this by Heather’s team. Turns out, yes, there were many people who felt cheated because they bought Heather’s content. Like I mentioned earlier, Heather has authored a book too. And her book is just as terrible as her course.

Heather has written the book Confidence Creator, which is based on her life and her struggles with her low confidence. She has shared her stories about how she faced the usual problems of life through her low self-esteem. But there’s a big issue here. Heather isn’t one of those average people you come across on a daily basis. She has been a good-looking executive most of her professional, so when she tells these stories, she seems unrealistic and fake. People find it very difficult to understand her perspective because it seems completely made-up. One review pointed out very clearly that it seemed unbelievable that Heather lacked confidence or high self-esteem. That’s because great salespeople need to be confident in order to succeed. This is a big contradiction in itself.

Her course was filled with nonsensical garbage. Her book is filled with the same. One person pointed out that her book ‘only’ shared her stories and nothing else. There weren’t any practical tips on how to implement the ideas she is sharing in her book. Another review shares the fact that the book is mostly filled with fluff. There is nothing useful in Heather’s Confidence Creator and that’s a big disappointment. It shows Heather is just lying to people and deceiving them into thinking that her book is great. It’s possible that she is delusional but I find that highly unlikely.

Most of the complaints related to her book are about its fluff. Her book has plenty of negative reviews on different websites, and Heather didn’t want that to affect its sales so she has filled the review sections with positive reviews. However, those reviews are too vague and lack any detail. It begs the question if the reviews are even legit or not. I’m just upset that I didn’t find the negative and truthful reviews of her book earlier. They might’ve changed my perspective regarding Heather’s courses. I ended up making a big mistake by buying her product.

Final Thoughts


The world is filled with horrible people and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone says Heather is one of them. The way she is running her shady business is impressive. Her strong online presence makes others think that she is some kind of expert. And then, she convinces them to buy from her, which leads to them getting trash and her getting rich. My entire experience with Heather and her company was too painful. I didn’t want anyone else to go through the same mess. That’s why I shared all of this here. I feel sorry for those who have already bought her course or book. And I’m sorry for those who book her for speaking. If her paid content is so bad, I don’t know how horrible her speeches would be. Her speeches seem impressive at first but are mostly filled with useless advice, just like her course.

You should spread the word about Heather and her vicious schemes so other people can be alerted too!

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