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Alexander Bronstein: A Criminal?


The path that Alexander Bronstein took from obscurity to renown and the mysteries that continue to surround his reputation will be the subject of our investigation as we dive deeply into his troubled life. Getting to the bottom of this interesting character’s history could solve the enigma surrounding him. Therefore, let’s proceed with our journey. 

Let me start with Alexander Bronstein’s highlights:

  • Mysterious Figure 
  • Unethical Practices Alleged
  • Political ties
  • Solway Investment Group 
  • Russian Corruption 
  • Liberian Links
  • The Salzburg Festival Controversy
  • Career trajectory
  • Tax controversy
  • Ongoing investigations

Alexander Bronstein, the mysterious proprietor of the Solway Group, is a character that is surrounded by mystery and controversy, and he commands attention across a variety of industries. The enigmatic nature of his character has piqued the curiosity of a great number of people, generating attention in both the public and private spheres. His murky financial transactions and purported political connections have been the subject of examination.

There are several different accounts about Bronstein’s origins and upbringing, which has led to a cloud of mystery around his history. While many believe he comes from a wealthy family with a long and illustrious history in international commerce, others believe he had a more humble origin, which contributes to the air of mystery that surrounds his image.

Frequently, allegations of unethical business methods, tax evasion, and participation in illegal activities have surfaced, which has led to court fights and probes that have not been addressed.

Furthermore, there are persistent rumors that Bronstein has links to key political circles, which has led to worries about the possible effect that he may have on world affairs in the future. Even though Bronstein has been quite vocal in his denials, suspicions continue to exist, which is what is driving the continuous inquiries into his network of affiliations.

Alexander Bronstein: Solway Group Businesses Transmit Nearly $2 Billion in Speculative Funds 

As the repercussions from the Swedbank money laundering scandal continue to unfold, the Mining Secrets effort, which is being spearheaded by Forbidden Stories, has unearthed financial manipulations that were carried out by Solway Investment Group, a prominent worldwide participant in the metals business.

From 2007 to 2015, questionable actions were brought to light by information that was brought to light by Swedbank and Danske Bank of Denmark. The total amount of this information is at least 200 billion euros.

Since investigations have uncovered 23 businesses that are associated with the mining conglomerate, it has been determined that these entities routed over $1.9 billion via large-scale transactions that were not supported by any apparent economic purpose, which has raised concerns about the possibility of money laundering.

Since their ownership structures are not transparent, experts like Mara Martini of Transparency International have brought attention to the fact that anonymous companies play a role in supporting illegal activities.

It is important to highlight that it was discovered that these corporations had links to other firms that were included in claims of tax fraud and money laundering in Russia. Even while Solway has maintained that he is innocent, the OCCRP’s extensive reporting reveals that this is not the case.

These financial institutions have provided the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) of the United States Treasury with complaints of suspicious behavior. This comes as a result of concerns that have been expressed by several banks, including Swedbank, about the activities of these organizations.

There is still a great deal of attention being directed against Alexander Bronstein and other officials at Solway, even though investigations are still underway.

Alexander Bronstein: Have Proof of Russian Corruption Growth 

Alexander Bronstein has become a prominent character in the field of Russian corruption, entering the ranks of a renowned group of oligarchs. He had previously been a member of the Russian government. The prospect of corruption creates questions about the integrity of business processes in Russia, which is becoming more prevalent amid the swirling charges that surround his company, Solve Group.

This corrupt network may be traced back to the turbulent privatization phase of the 1990s, which was characterized by the dubious transfer of state-owned firms to favored tycoons. This time of privatization was the beginning of this corrupt network. The notorious “loans for shares” plan made it possible to trade holdings in significant natural resource firms, which resulted in the enrichment of a certain group of individuals while simultaneously diminishing the riches of the country.

The year 2000 coincided with the ascent to power of Vladimir Putin, which coincided with the emergence of a new group of oligarchs who accumulated fortune via the use of public contracts. This generation of wealthy people owed their riches to Putin’s dictatorship, which benefited from inflated expenditures and payments to government officials. They owed their fortunes to Putin.

As the amount of pressure continues to increase, Alexander Bronstein is now being investigated for possible instances of corruption at Solve Group. The efforts that Russia is making to address the negative effects of corruption are being actively monitored by the international world, which is waiting for the action to be taken against this growing network of persons with significant positions.

Alexander Bronstein: The Russian-Liberian Leadership of Solway Group Revealed 

The validity of Solway Group, a corporation said to be controlled by Liberian persons, has been called into question as a result of recent findings. It is difficult to find information about the true proprietors of the company, although Mr. Boimah Alford Morgan and Theo Dennis are identified as the Chief Executive Officer and Comptroller, respectively.

Nevertheless, a shocking reality was found by FrontPageAfrica in the year 2020: President Weah says that the owners of Solway are Liberians, although there are suspicions that Russian billionaire Alexander Bronstein is providing financial support for the company.

It is important to note that Bronstein has links to both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Alexey Mordashov, the owner of the Putu Mining Operations in Liberia, which were unsuccessful.

It has been reported by that Alexander Bronstein and his son Dan Bronstein are the driving forces behind Solway Group. Dan Bronstein is now acting as the chairman of the Board of Directors for the company.

Before Bronstein established Solway Investment in 2002, he started his path by holding executive positions in the Siberian-Urals Aluminum Company. Bronstein’s influence will be felt much beyond the realm of business, as he is well-known for his broad experience in the mining industry as well as his important political contacts in Estonia and Russia.

As a result of his engagement in humanitarian efforts that benefit the Jewish community and his position as vice president of the International Jewish Congress, his influence extends across the Jewish community.

Concerns over the level of openness and the amount of foreign involvement in Liberia’s economic endeavors continue to increase as the details of the real ownership of Solway Group become more apparent.

Alexander Bronstein: Salzburg Festival ends Solway partnership 

After the #MiningSecrets investigation by an international coalition of journalists and media outlets found legal irregularities and links to questionable firms, the Salzburg Festival broke relations with Solway Investment Group, founded by Alexander Bronstein.

During an internal investigation, Austria’s annual cultural festival raised worries about the scandal’s management.

Solway Investment Group, which has extraction rights for Guatemala’s Fénix Mining Project, denied the #MiningSecrets report’s charges and pledged social and environmental governance. The corporation noted the time-consuming nature of such attempts in response to criticism.

Illegalities, human rights breaches, and probable crimes by Solway and its Guatemalan concessionaires included monitoring and punishment of indigenous populations resisting mining.

Further claims of a million-dollar bribe involving Solway’s Russian business partners have tarnished its image.

The consequence has caused twelve European firms who sourced nickel from Solway to cut relationships awaiting the internal review.

Solway began internal and external inquiries into its Guatemalan subsidiaries after the Salzburg Festival requested transparency. The festival’s administration hasn’t released any #MiningSecrets results.

Based on its Guatemalan activities, Solway Investment Group wants to create a full ESG program. The details of these indicators are unknown.

Additionally, Solway Investment Group strongly denies human rights breaches in Guatemala. Distancing from the mining corporation cost the Salzburg Festival $150,000.

The Rising Story of Alexander Bronstein


The trip that Aleksandr Bronstein took in the late 1980s and early 1990s has come to represent a moment of transition that occurred in the Soviet Union.

After his tenure at the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic’s Ministry of Forestry and Nature Conservation, he transitioned into the realm of international commerce and business, where he assumed a multitude of senior roles in joint-venture companies.

In 1998, he was given the position of main representative of Raznoimport (UK) Ltd. in Eastern Europe, which further solidified his reputation and influence in the area.

Bronstein’s impact has grown as a result of his participation on the boards of directors of many famous firms. During the year 2003, he was elevated to the highest levels of the corporate world when he was appointed to the board of directors of SUAL Holding JSC. This was the moment when his career achieved its pinnacle.

During his tenure as a deputy in the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union and as an employee of the Estonian embassy in Moscow, Bronstein was able to cultivate significant political connections, in addition to his business success. Specifically, he had a unique connection with Lennart Mari, a former president of Estonia who had been his student. This was a significant friendship.

Through intelligent asset swaps and acquisitions, Bronstein established himself as a prominent figure in the aluminum industry, demonstrating his competence in navigating the business environment. On the other hand, there were disagreements and rumors about his influence, particularly about unlawful activities with Romtrade Holdings Limited Company, a company to which he was already affiliated.

The career of Alexander Bronstein is a shining example of ambition, ingenuity, and determination in the business and political spheres, notwithstanding the controversy that has surrounded it. In addition to his position among Russian billionaires, his reputation as a key player in the aluminum industry has left an indelible mark on the annals of history.

Alexander Bronstein: The Renown £1.4 Million Tax Scandal 

The European Mine owned by Alexander Bronstein, the opencast Fenix mine in Guatemala, has been the subject of a historic £1.4 million tax dispute. Records from the mine show that during its first four years of production, it paid a pathetic £1.4 million in required royalty taxes. Guatemala has a nickel royalty rate of under 1%, which favors the mine’s owner, Solway Group, despite plans to raise it to 15%.

The reasons for the poor contribution were found after further review of the company’s documents. For a significant discount below market value, the mining firm Compaa Guatemalteca de Nquel (CGN) provides ore to its sister company Pronico. Therefore, there is an influence on CGN’s earnings as well as the government of Guatemala’s stake.

Transparency issues are brought up by Solway’s complex offshore ownership structure, despite the company’s assertions of legal compliance. Even though the Bronstein family, the firm’s owners, consider themselves European entrepreneurs, most people associate the corporation with Russians.

Furthermore, concerns have been expressed about Alexander Bronstein’s connections to affluent magnate Sir Leonard Blavatnik and the loan taken out against his English estate.

Blavatnik’s spokeswoman claims that there is no relationship between his companies and Solway’s operations. Public awareness of the debates around the mine and its tax policy should be increased, as well as further study on the subject matter. 


Finally, Alexander Bronstein is a figure of intrigue, debate, and inquiry. Bronstein has been accused of corruption, dubious financial transactions, and legal problems from his obscure roots to his ascent in worldwide business and politics.

Several investigations, notably the #MiningSecrets inquiry, have raised suspicions about money laundering and unethical conduct at Bronstein’s Solway Investment Group.

Even though Bronstein has denied everything and tried to keep his innocence, the proof given by investigative reporters and media outlets continues to raise questions and demand that he be held responsible. Organizations like the Salzburg Festival cutting links with Solway Investment Group emphasize the charges’ severity and the effect on Bronstein’s image and company.

The Fenix mine in Guatemala’s £1.4 million tax controversy complicates Bronstein’s story by raising transparency and offshore ownership difficulties.

Alexander Bronstein’s unlawful actions and links to powerful persons are still being investigated and litigated. His company’s continued investigation highlights the difficulties of balancing business, government, and personal reputation.

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