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New Abuse Allegations on Kevin Wilkerson?

Kevin Wilkerson

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Sean Daley and Kevin Wilkerson

Sean Daley and Kevin Wilkerson were found to have obstructed the staff of the Ontario Securities Commission’s investigation into their public fundraising efforts through the Ascension Foundation. They urged their investors and the public not to cooperate with the investigation, which violated the Act’s guiding principles and exploited the capital markets.

As a result, the staff has requested penalties and expenses against Mr. Daley and Kevin Wilkerson. They have asked for permanent market participation prohibitions, censures, and costs totaling C$155,000 for Mr. Daley and C$80,000 for Kevin Wilkerson.

Additionally, there is a related but separate proceeding involving Sean Daley, Kevin Wilkerson, and others, which resulted in a temporary cease trading order (TCTO Proceeding) against them. The most recent extension of this order was on October 29, 2021.

Although the TCTO process is connected to this case, the penalties outlined here specifically address Mr. Daley and Kevin Wilkerson’s actions in the obstruction proceeding.

The penalties imposed are as follows:

a. They will receive a censure.

b. They must step down from any director or officer positions immediately.

c. They are barred from serving as registrants, promoters, or directors or officers of registrants or issuers for five years.

d. They are jointly responsible for paying $184,000 in costs.

During the sanctions hearing, Mr. Daley was represented by a lawyer from the Legal Assistance Program, while Kevin Wilkerson chose not to attend despite being properly served.


The staff has requested that we rule whether Lyra and OTO are considered “securities” under the Act. However, we have decided against making this determination.

The staff argues that Mr. Daley has indicated his intention to resume selling Lyra/OTO once the temporary injunction from the TCTO Proceeding is lifted. They also claim that Mr. Daley has repeatedly asked the panel to decide whether Lyra and OTO are securities.

However, Mr. Daley argues that determining whether Lyra/OTO are securities is not relevant to the current hearing about obstruction-related behavior. He believes such a decision would be procedurally unfair because it was not raised during the merits phase of the proceeding.

Mr. Daley also points out that the only charge against him is impeding the staff’s investigation, and the Statement of Allegations does not mention Lyra/OTO as securities.

The panel accepts that the investigation into Mr. Daley and Kevin Wilkerson’s obstruction does not require a determination on whether Lyra/OTO are securities. The focus of this hearing is to decide appropriate sanctions for obstructing the staff’s inquiry, not to determine the nature of Lyra/OTO.

Deciding whether Lyra/OTO are securities should be done in a separate proceeding where all relevant parties can present their arguments and evidence properly.


In summary, Mr. Daley and Kevin Wilkerson’s obstruction of the staff’s investigation is considered very serious. Their actions showed a complete disregard for the investigation and went against the Commission’s goal of serving the public interest.

The Commission expects everyone involved in the capital markets to cooperate with staff investigations. Refusing to do so is unacceptable and goes against the standards set by the Commission.

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