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Andrew Hutchings: A Criminal? (2024)


The current identity theft and real estate fraud case, which allegedly involved two individuals from Long Beach, including Andre Hutchings, is being investigated by Los Angeles authorities. As for other victims in this case, the authorities are still looking.

This article will delve deeper into Andrew Hutchings’ criminal activities and his current web of lies.

Who is Andrew Hutchings?

Currently, Andrew Hutchings has spread tons of lies on the internet about his professional history. This way, he or his marketers want to hide his criminal past.

But hiding the truth from the public eye is never a good thing.

Here are some of the lies:

Real estate agent Andrew Hutchings has been in the business for more than 40 years. He works from his location in Long Beach, California, and serves clients throughout the entire state. As a leader in his industry, he stands out for his extraordinary talent for revitalizing homes through outstanding restorations. Renovating dilapidated houses into opulent palaces is a challenge he relishes, even though it’s not always his main focus.

Andrew knows that hard work is important since his parents instilled in him this understanding at a young age. There are rumors that he entered the real estate market as soon as he graduated from high school and quickly became successful. That he was able to gain more than ten years of valuable experience working at Century 21 is a testament to his impeccable work ethic. 

He managed to obtain his bachelor’s degree from Long Beach State University while working a full-time job and attending school full-time. That was the moment in his career when he decided to study business finance with a real estate concentration for his degree. 

This turned out to be an important decision. Andrew was twenty-two when he obtained his broker’s license, and he bravely launched his real estate firm four years later.

One of the most fulfilling jobs in the world, in Andrew’s opinion, is that of a business owner. One of the biggest advantages of this company’s flexibility is that it allows him to choose where and when to work. 

Because it allows him to engage with a diverse range of individuals, the social aspect of the real estate industry also suits Andrew’s extroverted nature admirably. He finds his best work conditions where people are encouraged to interact socially and to focus on one another. He often approaches his customers the same way he approaches friends.

A strong desire to travel is only one of Andrew’s many hobbies, which go far beyond the lucrative real estate career he has constructed for himself. He has always had a passion for traveling, and even as an adult, it has continued to play a significant role in his life. Andrew feels appreciative for having an aviation industry father during his childhood. 

Due to their father’s employment, Andrew, along with all of his siblings, had multiple opportunities to travel the world. He now possesses a deep understanding of the various cultural customs that are practiced worldwide as a result of this unique experience. 

When he’s not seeing interesting new locations or spending time with the people he loves, Andrew likes to indulge in his second hobby, which is a wristwatch collection. He respects these timepieces, as evidenced by his enormous collection, which also shows how diverse his hobbies are.

However, as I dug deeper into his cases, a lot of issues with the veracity of the material provided here about him started to surface.

For further information about Andre Hutchings, see the provided link:

Criminal Past of Andrew Hutchings

On October 23, 2017, the District Attorney’s Office for the County of Los Angeles, California, filed numerous substantial felony charges against Andrew Hutchings, a 59-year-old real estate broker, and Ronald Hoch, a 60-year-old resident of Long Beach. From Long Beach, both males are. Forgery, grand theft, procuring and offering a false instrument, identity theft, and money laundering were the charges associated with this collection of accusations, which were assigned the case number BA462055. Warrants for their arrest have been issued, and they have been sought for arrest.

Mostly targeting elderly and deceased victims who owned abandoned residences in various locations such as Los Angeles, Lakewood, Hemet, and Westlake Village, the claimed criminal actions occurred between 2013 and 2017. They involved a complex system. Victims in other places were allegedly also targeted by the fraud. 

Pretending to be these victims, the defendants engaged in acts such as selling or attempting to sell the victims’ homes and obtaining mortgages secured by the victims’ possessions as part of their wider scheme. 

They added to the complexity of the situation by utilizing the money they made from their fraudulent operations to purchase gold coins from companies in other states. To reclaim the coins, they then had them shipped to mailboxes in California using made-up identities that they had obtained.

As demonstrated by the fact that the case’s total loss exceeded $190,000, their actions had a substantial negative economic impact. In contrast, it is thought that the defendants planned to take more than $1 million in equity from the victims’ homes.

Until his court appearance, Andrew Hutchings is being held under a $645,000 bond at his residence after being taken into custody on November 6, 2017. After being taken into custody near his home, Ronald Hoch was held on November 2, 2017. 

His bond of USD 500,000 is being withheld, and he is currently incarcerated. Each of these individuals was scheduled to have their arraignment hearing on November 7, 2017, in Department 30 of the Foltz Criminal Justice Center.

A judge or jury in a judicial case must establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and it is crucial to keep in mind that a criminal allegation consists of assertions. This investigation involved the joint forces of the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.


In short, Long Beach residents Andrew Hutchings and Ronald Hoch were accused in October 2017 of committing numerous significant crimes, such as money laundering and identity theft, as part of an intricate scheme that targeted elderly and deceased victims as well as their abandoned homes. 

An attempt at money theft was purportedly made when carrying out the scheme. The case included fraudulent property transfers, money laundering, and impersonation, with a total loss of almost $190,000. 

Following their arraignment, both suspects were placed under arrest with the understanding that they would always be considered innocent until their guilt could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department looked into this case alongside the Los Angeles Police Department.

To discover more about his case, you may also click the following link:

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