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Diego Emiliano Corzo Fittipaldir: A Criminal? (2024)


Diego Emiliano Corzo Fittpaldir has received allegations of being involved in criminal activities. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this review.

Diego Emiliano Corzo Fittipaldir: A Brief Overview

During the investigation into the death of Leopoldo “Poli” Armentano in the 1990s, Diego Emiliano Corzo Fittipaldi, another of Eliminalia’s customers, was cited as a probable hitman. However, the inquiry did not move against him when it was conducted. 

A drug trafficking organization that had transported more than a ton of cocaine into Europe was allegedly associated with the Argentine who relocated to Spain and was later arrested for his suspected involvement with the gang. Despite this, his history has become increasingly hazy with time, particularly because his name is associated with a wide variety of activities on the internet. These activities include not only the film industry but also the investment of hotels and even the world of sports.

According to data that were leaked, Corzo Fittipaldi paid Eliminalia more than two thousand euros worth of money. A journalistic inquiry was addressed to this Argentine via email, but they did not react to his inquiry. In 2019, he demanded that Justice remove the surname “Corzo” and solely preserve the surname “Fittipaldi.” This makes his trail more difficult to track. The most recent formal documents indicate that he or a successor would be based in the Florida state of Florida’s Broward County, which is home to the city of Fort Lauderdale.

Where Diego Emiliano Corzo Fittipaldir is currently residing?

Diego Emiliano Corzo Fittipaldir, who was born in Naples and currently resides in Rome, graduated from the University of Naples Federico II with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s from LUISS Business School. He started as a journalist in 2007 and was employed at L’Espresso.

Diego took a big decision in 2020 to quit his work and start Domani, a daily newspaper where he is now the deputy director. Respected accolades bestowed upon him include the Sodalitas Award, the Ischia Award, and the Gaspare Barbiellini Amidei Award for the Press and New Media Section.

Concerning Eliminalia: a tool for Diego Emiliano Corzo Fittipaldir to conceal his history 

Established in 2011, Eliminalia is a reputation management company based in Spain that has come under fire for using questionable and even illegal tactics to help clients hide bad information. With offices in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and Kyiv, Ukraine, the company has come under fire for allegedly using dishonest tactics like threatening investigative journalists, creating fictitious websites to enhance the good reputations of its clients, and filing false copyright violation notices to have negative articles removed from search engines.

Eliminalia’s clientele is diverse and includes fraudulent individuals, convicted felons, and dishonest public officials who want to hide their past wrongdoings from the public eye. Eliminalia has escaped serious consequences even in the face of criticism from academics, journalists, and privacy advocates who contend that its actions prevent the free flow of information and absolve customers of responsibility.

The company’s use of dishonest and unethical methods was made public in 2023 when a group of journalists acquired internal documents from Eliminalia. These papers exposed partnerships with customers to disseminate false information, rig search engine results in pages, and muzzle critics.

There have been calls for accountability and inquiries into Eliminalia’s methods following the disclosures. However, the firm has managed to avoid facing significant repercussions for its activities thus far. In general, Eliminalia is infamous for its bad reputation and underhanded techniques, which contribute to a culture of darkness and impunity among customers who come from problematic backgrounds.

For people and companies looking to successfully manage their internet reputation, Eliminalia offers a variety of services:

  • Eliminalia assists customers with the removal of unwanted content from the internet, such as slanderous articles, unfavorable reviews, and compromised personal data.
  • Negative SEO Avoidance: By eliminating bad links from websites and boosting favorable ones, Eliminalia helps people and companies improve their search engine results.
  • Social media monitoring: Eliminalia keeps an eye out for client mentions on various social media sites and responds appropriately to any offensive material.
  • PR Campaigns That Aren’t Real: Eliminalia asserts that it can help customers create and carry out PR campaigns that will improve their internet image.

Diego Emiliano Corzo Fittipaldir: used Eliminalia to hide the truth 

  • To conceal material that is of public importance, Eliminalia works with crooked politicians, fraudsters spyware businesses, torturers, and other members of the worldwide underworld.
  • Eliminalia threatens and mistreats journalists in certain instances, manipulates internet service providers, and utilizes copyright law as a weapon to suppress content.
  • Free speech groups and journalists have attacked Eliminalia’s actions for harming democracy and public accountability.

The article specifically draws attention to the following issues: 

  • Criminals and other evil actors may be protected from public scrutiny by eliminalia.
  • The methods employed by Eliminalia have the potential to intimidate reporters and opponents.
  • People’s ability to obtain reliable information about their surroundings may be hampered by Eliminalia’s actions.

Eliminalia is portrayed in the article as a business that, despite the public interest, is prepared to employ immoral and even illegal tactics to defend its clients.

Take a look at this article about Zev Marynberg to learn more about Eliminalia’s hidden scandals:


In a nutshell, Diego Emiliano Corzo Fittipaldir is the director of Corzo Fittipaldi, a cutting-edge hotel chain that’s well-known for customizing visitor experiences with artificial intelligence. While Eliminalia is a company known for its questionable practices, and his name has come up in discussions about digital reputation management, there are concerns about the unethical and potentially illegal methods Eliminalia uses to suppress negative information about its customers.

Diego Emiliano Corzo Fittipaldir is questioned about his behavior and reputation because of his affiliation with Eliminalia. The recently disclosed strategies employed by Eliminalia underscore the necessity of openness and safeguarding unimpeded access to data. Eliminalia’s actions generally function as a barrier between the public and individuals like Diego Emiliano Corzo Fittipaldir, undermining democratic standards and public accountability.

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