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International Fintech UAB’s Criminal Connections Exposed (2024)


For months, the authorities in several European nations have been looking into the KontoFX and associated binary options frauds, as well as those involving KayaFX. Media has been informed that Europol will also oversee the coordination of the investigations. Victims of these scams have been reporting their experiences to the European Funds Recovery Initiative (EFRI), which Media co-founded, for months. The EFRI initiative’s principal, Elfriede Sixt, updates the relevant authorities on new victims and offenders through frequent reports.

Fraud was enabled via international Fintech UAB.

Most recently, we discovered that these scams involved the Israelis Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski’s International Fintech UAB (, which is registered in Lithuania and governed by the Bank of Lithuania under the licence for electronic money institutions. We have payment receipts from a few victims. For instance, one victim paid €4,995 into Bluedata OU’s International Fintech UAB account. One of the operators of the KontoFX Scams account was BlueData OU, which is registered in Estonia. Ken Kõvask served as the frontman for the scam (monkey).

Tamir Zoltovski and Eyal Nachum

Media has already brought attention to the fact that various broker frauds involved the payment service providers Payobin (Payotech Ltd), Moneta International UAB (now Bruc Bond UAB), and International Fintech UAB, which is run by Eyal Nachum and his partner Tamir Zoltovski, as PSPs.

In support of this allegation, Nachum and Zoltovksi have sent goons to the publisher of Media and threatened to sue the publication. Nonetheless, it is an undeniable fact that Media and EFRI possess copious amounts of information that conclusively demonstrate that the aforementioned businesses, together with Nachum and Zoltovski, maintained records of scams and approved them as vendors.

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