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Sara Leppänen: A Fraudster? (2024 Update)


About Sara Leppanen

Sara Leppänen claims to hold a master’s degree in accounting and finance. Despite her limited knowledge of cryptocurrencies upon completing her studies, she became interested in a position at LocalBitcoins in the Finance department. Previously, she worked in the Medical Engineering and Healthcare sector. Currently, Sara Leppänen oversees all financial operations at LocalBitcoins, including billing, budgeting, and asset management.

What LocalBitcoins Claims to be

LocalBitcoins, founded by Jeremias Kangas in June 2012, quickly established itself with an escrow system by the end of the same year. By early 2013, the platform was already profitable, facilitating an average of 29,566 trades daily by 2020.

The platform’s success was underscored when it ranked as one of Finland’s top-performing businesses in 2018, according to the reputable journal Kauppalehti. However, this success was marred by incidents of users being detained for money laundering and other offenses in 2014, 2016, and 2018.

In January 2019, LocalBitcoins faced a security breach where hackers infiltrated users’ accounts, resulting in the theft of bitcoin valued at $28,200. LocalBitcoins responded swiftly, implementing two-factor authentication and informing users promptly.

Further demonstrating its commitment to security, LocalBitcoins was registered as a virtual currency provider by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority in November 2019. However, despite these efforts, LocalBitcoins announced its closure in February 2023, marking the end of its operations.

What People Are Saying About Sara Leppanen

A user cautioned others to watch out for individuals like Sara Leppanen within the LocalBitcoins conglomerate. They mentioned a scenario where an account was placed in vacation mode due to a prolonged period of inactivity, with no reactivation response from LocalBitcoins.

In response to a query about obtaining information on the owners of the business, including Sara Leppanen’s ID, another user suspected that LocalBitcoins, being a potentially fraudulent company, might be paying individuals.

They noted the challenge of noticing such comments as they are often deleted, indicating a prevalence of complaints.

Additionally, they highlighted the risk of uploading proofs that could reveal personal identification. One user shared their experience as a victim of a significant financial scam, detailing their disabled ability to withdraw Bitcoins by LocalBitcoins.They suggested that LocalBitcoins ceased operations due to defrauding numerous individuals.

Sara Leppanen

A user queried if anyone was familiar with Sara Leppanen’s scammer profile, expressing intentions to inquire about her whereabouts from other individuals.

They sought information on any potential fraudulent activities by and mentioned paying to have Sara Leppanen arrested upon discovering her location.

In response, another user requested documentation of the incident with LocalBitcoins and advised against seeking personal information within the Bitcoin community due to its emphasis on anonymity. They noted that unless there was a prior peer-to-peer transaction, such inquiries would likely be futile.

Another user classified the inquiry as more of a request than an accusation, cautioning against attempting to uncover personal information through payment.

They also questioned the implication of having contact with corrupt police and highlighted the consequences faced by individuals involved in such actions, citing the treatment of the Tate brothers in prison.

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