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Pro Business Plans: A Scam? (2024)


This article reveals the real story behind the five-star reviews of pro-business plans on internet review platforms. 

Details Regarding Pro Business Plans: 

Chase Hughes of Pro Business Plans

Pro Business Plans brags about offering “consultative services” and “advisory services” to companies and organizations that are purportedly interested in future planning. They boast audaciously that they can help their clients succeed, mainly by producing what they refer to as “quality” investor materials, which include financial models, pitch decks, and company plans.

Pro Business Plans indicate that they provide some kind of end-to-end support because they continue to interact with their clients throughout the creation process. They claim that with this support, distinct ideas are generated and concrete outcomes are delivered.

They claim that as a result of this assistance, precise insights are produced and observable outcomes are produced. But it’s important to treat these assertions with suspicion. Phrases such as “claims to offer” and “claims to help its clients succeed” imply a degree of ambiguity and possibly exaggeration in the services rendered. Furthermore, the idea of “end-to-end support” could be interpreted as a marketing ploy rather than a sincere dedication to the client’s success. Pro Business Plans may seem like a helpful partner, but before using its services, you should carefully consider its track record and its claims. 

History of Pro Business Plans Founder Chase Hughes 

Chase Hughes founded Pro Business Plans and runs ProAI, which helps firms grow using AI. Forbes Council membership is one of his accomplishments.

Despite these accomplishments, charges against Chase Hughes of Pro Business Plans are unavoidable. The number of online fraud claims is alarming.

Chase Hughes has also authored several Forbes articles about AI and how it might benefit businesses. Pro Business Plans assists SMEs in developing comprehensive business plans and pitch decks to secure funding for expansion. Initial impressions are positive for the company.

Unfortunately, several fraud allegations have been made. You should read online reviews of any company before doing business with them. Many clients have encountered these difficulties online due to Chase Hughes’ significant digital presence. 

Complaints and Pro Business Plans Reviews: 

#1. According to Derek Collins, Pro Business Plans’ strategy differed greatly from the conversations that were had at the kickoff call. He reasons that this discrepancy results from the use of a subpar PowerPoint designer who works abroad. 

#2. According to Juda, he dealt with a similar predicament at the same company and came out on top of it. He conveyed his unease about having someone from another nation handling his private information. If this had come to his attention sooner, he would not have selected an outsourcing company. His business plan needed significant adjustments in most aspects, although some were fine as written. Juda thanks his accountant for coming to his aid just in time. The accountant’s guidance was quite helpful as he was starting to feel lost. 

#3. Lynzie states that at first, he wasn’t sure there could be any favorable reviews for Pro Business Plans because of all the complaints that have been going around. Nevertheless, it seems that there may be a suspicion that Chase is buying Google and Trustpilot reviews from people in other nations after closely going over the reviews and observing the names connected to them. These odd reviews have been screenshotted by Lynzie, who believes they could be fraudulent. For your reference, kindly refer to the proof attached. 

#4. It is essential, according to Rose, that Chase comprehend the magnitude of the damage that this has caused to us, both in terms of the amount of money we have lost and the amount of time we have lost.

 #5. According to Moussa Kante, the agent he spoke with didn’t seem eager to help and even ended the call abruptly by hanging up.


In conclusion, the severe issues regarding the credibility and operations of the firm are revealed by the web reviews and consumer complaints that have been posted about Pro Business Plans. Questions have been raised concerning their capacity to fulfill their commitments in light of the allegations of fraudulent activities and poor-quality work. Before beginning their relationship with Pro Business Plans, potential customers should be sure to conduct extensive research and take into consideration the evaluations described here. 

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