Dr. Hadi Rassael: A Sex Offender? (2024)

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Dr. Hadi Rassael

According to Dr. Hadi Rassael, he founded Millennium Medical to provide the residents of Chevy Chase, Maryland, and the surrounding areas with first-rate medical treatment, cosmetic surgery, and non-surgical therapies. His entire professional career has been devoted to refining his processes and results. In addition to other prestigious groups, he is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. 

Dr. Hadi Rassael’s medical license was revoked following allegations of sexual assault.

Dr. Hadi Rassael’s suspension was overturned by the Maryland Board of Physicians after they determined that he was responsible for acting dishonestly and unethically while practising medicine and doing cosmetic surgery at an unregistered clinic. A probationary period of at least three years was imposed on Dr. Hadi Rassael. Board records indicate that Dr. Hadi Rassael is on probation with multiple conditions, including meeting with a supervising physician once a month or more often and having a chaperone present for all patient encounters. In addition, he must submit to recurrent polygraph examinations upon the Maryland Professional Rehabilitation Program’s request.

Chevy Chase, MD (WJLA) – A nearby plastic surgeon who was charged with what some have called the most serious betrayal of trust has had his licence revoked.

When journalists visited the Millennium Medical Spa in Chevy Chase, the staff was present, and the lights were on, but Dr. Hadi Rassael wasn’t there.

When journalists visited the Millennium Medical Spa in Chevy Chase, the staff was present, and the lights were on, but Dr. Hadi Rassael wasn’t there.

According to court documents, Dr. Hadi Rassael lost his license because he allegedly betrayed the confidence of several patients. The Maryland Board of Physicians suspended the physician last week for sexual misconduct after finding that two patients had reported the physician had sexually assaulted them in his clinic.

The board documents state that Dr. Hadi Rassael, who has denied all allegations, is accused of having a romantic relationship that started in the doctor’s office with a third patient. The woman claims that after she lent him $180,000, the patient broke off their relationship because he “borrowed all the money I had.”

“It is terrible to think that someone could infringe upon your personal space in that way,” stated Maame Apphia, a Washington, D.C. resident. “Even if he manages to regain his licence, I hope people will know about it,”

Dr. Hadi Rassael must handle matters beyond the allegations of sexual harassment before he may return to his job. On one of his websites, he purports to be a board-certified plastic surgeon, however the Board of Physicians claims he is misleading consumers in this regard.

Although Dr. Hadi Rassael lists plastic surgery as one of his specialties, he is not board certified, which basically implies he has not had any advanced training or certification in the field.

“I believe that you simply accept things as they are,” Jessica Greenseid, a resident of Montgomery County, stated. “You see the white coat and the stethoscope and the “M.D.” on their jacket.”

Journalists reached out to Dr. Hadi Rassael seeking comment, but he did not answer.

Doctor Hadi Rassael: Abuse of Authority by the Strong

When power is misused, it can be dangerous. This is particularly true in the workplace, where sexual harassment can arise from the abuse of power. Power dynamics are virtually always present in cases of sexual harassment. It involves someone coercing or intimidating someone else, which is forbidden and illegal.

Sexual harassment carries legal consequences in addition to negative effects on the culture of the workplace. Because they think that formal authority confers power, men are more likely to view managers and supervisors as potential sexual harassers. Because they think that anyone who is perceived as strong could initiate harassment, women often assume that everyone at work has the potential to be a harasser.

When there are significant power disparities, sexual harassment is more probable to happen. An unequal allocation of power is best characterised by the supervisor-employee relationship. In this situation, having power allows the boss to influence and reward a worker, who is typically a female employee. 

The majority of workers want resources that managers have control over, such as favourable performance reviews, pay raises, and promotions. People in positions of authority frequently favour weak women, such as female interns, entry-level employees, and assistants. The weaker employee is thereby placed in a challenging circumstance. In Hollywood, where many women succumb to strong men because they desire the chance to succeed in the business, we may witness examples of this.

Three explanations are given by Dr. Gwendolyn Seidman of Psychology Today as to why some strong men would be more likely than others to harass their subordinates sexually. Men who equate sex with power are more inclined to utilise that power to get sex from someone at work, which is the first explanation. 

Research indicates that men who unintentionally associate authority with sex are more prone to act aggressively toward women. Males who think that having sex means they are in charge are more likely to force their subordinates to have sex with them, according a study. It was also shown that men who identified with this relationship were more likely to acknowledge that, in the event that a circumstance arose at work, they would sexually harass a woman.

Her second point is that those in positions of power could overestimate the sexual interest of people seeking casual relationships. Authority figures often have less empathy for others, which makes them vulnerable to manipulation. They are focused on achieving their goals, which could involve looking for sexual encounters with attractive female workers.

The final justification is that men who truly lack authority are more prone to feel the urge to make up for it. Insecure and low-status males are more prone to place women on an equal footing with them by sexually harassing them in the same way as powerful and influential men.

It is hardly surprising that men who harass or abuse women also frequently exhibit sexist beliefs, such as resistance to gender equality or support for gender-specific traditional roles. Men who are hostile to women are more likely to search for circumstances in which women are more exposed.

These are the males who crave power, especially over young, attractive women. Since the #MeToo movement began, there has been a steady increase in awareness of abuse, and many people are now finding the bravery to come out and share their experiences to empower other women to speak up and expose their abusers. 

This is beneficial since it raises awareness of the issue at hand and discourages individuals in positions of authority from harassing others at work. If someone waits longer to disclose the abuse, the abuser might gain more.

Women are fighting hard to have their voices heard and for the harasser to be held responsible. It is only right that we provide those who have been mistreated by powerful men justice.

Dr. Hadi Rassael: Sexual Abuse in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Patients entrust physicians, nurses, and other medical personnel with their lives. Even while they might not always be able to help their patients, they can certainly avoid intentionally harming them. Arguably, the most vile conduct a healthcare practitioner can commit is to sexually abuse a patient. While many may find this behavior unthinkable, rape, sexual abuse, and other forms of misbehavior related to sexuality occur more frequently than most people believe.

Statistics on sexual abuse

Unfortunately, sexual assault occurs often in the United States. According to a US Department of Justice research, 66% of women and over 52% of males say they have experienced sexual abuse at some point in their life. Most people, meanwhile, do not believe that a medical professional would mistreat someone in this manner. Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens far too often. A survey found that 9% of physicians said they had slept with at least one of their patients. The power dynamics that exist in the doctor-patient relationship make any form of sexual connection between medical professionals and patients dubious.

Another 2017 study found that a male physician over the age of 39 who is not board-certified and sees patients alone is the most likely offender of patient sexual abuse. In actuality, 100 percent of respondents said that the assault was carried out by male doctors.

Although these figures may seem startling, many experts think that instances of physician sexual abuse are vastly underreported. Patients might not be aware of what is abuse or what is medically essential, which contributes to this. Understandably, people who have experienced abuse may also harbour mistrust of the medical system and may decide not to file a claim because they are afraid of being subjected to more testing and treatment from another healthcare professional.

Locations That May Be Used for Sexual Abuse

The majority of sexual assaults in the medical field take place when patients and clinicians are alone. Additionally, women make up the bulk of people who are abused. Obstetricians and gynaecologists are among the medical specialists who are blamed the most frequently as a result. But sexual assault can happen everywhere in the healthcare industry, including:


-Emergency rooms,

-Doctors’ offices,

-Nursing homes, and

-Psychiatrists’ and psychologists’ offices.

No matter where the abuse took place or what kind of doctor did it, it deviates from the level of care that doctors are required to provide for their patients. If you have any doubts that what you went through was abuse, they are almost definitely unfounded. 

Various Types of Sexual Abuse in Healthcare Settings

A hospitalized nurse who is having problems because of a sexual assault. Under Oregon law, there are 17 different types of sexual offences. Most of these offences involve sexually explicit physical contact without the victim’s consent. On the other hand, some crimes can be done without physical contact. The following is a list of the most common types of sexual abuse that occur in the healthcare sector.


When a healthcare professional engages in sexual activity with a patient against the patient’s will, it is considered rape.

Intent to rape

When a doctor or other healthcare professional tries to make sexual contact with a patient but is unsuccessful for any reason, it is considered a rape attempt.

Sexual Abuse

Physical contact without the patient’s consent that does not involve penetration constitutes sexual assault. For instance, a doctor may be involved in sexual assault if they do an unnecessary or protracted pelvic exam.

Child Sexual Abuse

Minors are particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse in Oregon and across the nation. Healthcare professionals share a trusting relationship with parents and kids in society. Providers can—and should—be held accountable when they abuse that trust by sexually abusing a patient. 

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