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Leo Bonaventure: A Scammer? (2024) 


Leo Bonaventure, one of the founders of Nigerian OmegaPro, has once again succeeded in keeping investors on the edge of their seats with the company’s prospects. Is the reason known to you? If this is not the case, read this article. Allow me to start by formally introducing Leo Bonaventure.

An Overview – Leo Bonaventure

OmegaPro Black Diamond rank was obtained by Leo Bonaventure Igboanugo, a Nigerian. Success in network marketing is typically referred to by this term. When an accomplishment like this is critically examined, it calls into question other network marketing accomplishments.

The rise of Leo Bonaventure to Black Diamond could be a sign of questionable practices on network marketing sites. Opponents contend that aggressive hiring practices, as opposed to superior products or strong business acumen, are a better way to achieve such levels.

His adventure in July 2019 may be interpreted as the tale of someone breaking into a field where hiring volume is more important in determining success than the caliber of the products or services provided. Strategies for achieving financial independence could be morally and practically dubious.

Rather than serving as an accurate indicator of a person’s level of success in the business world, one could view the Black Diamond rank as a mark of proficiency in negotiating the complex networks that broadcast advertising uses. 

Despite the Black Diamond rank’s promotion as a display of leadership and understanding, this still occurs. Perhaps the real and valued things that are sold have a greater potential for financial gain than those that are recruited into the network.

It is possible to interpret Leo Bonaventure’s success story as promoting a culture that prioritizes individual achievement over the welfare of others, as the emphasis on being a “source of blessings” could be interpreted as using connections for one’s gain within the network.

His achievement, according to detractors, is illustrative of the controversial nature of certain actions in the network marketing sector rather than being a shining example of success. 

Financial success can be attained at the expense of others, which is one of these techniques. Opinions from detractors can surface as he proceeds with his experience with OmegaPro.

What role did Leo Bonaventure have in the Omega Fraud?

Leo Bonaventure and other members are said to have participated in the pilfering of customers’ personal property by a group of official OmegaPro clients. 

Moreover, OmegaPro is charged with embezzling 120 million dollars from the accounts of those who were exceedingly gullible, such as widows, retirees, high net worth individuals, big businesses, and very foolish youth. 

Should you be among those seeking financial gain through network marketing, you may be viewed as a possible target by Leo Bonaventure and his group of con artists. 

Before the company’s bankruptcy, Leo Bonaventure had nothing but positive things to say about OmegaPro. Customers, on the other hand, claim that they are different. Before challenging the statement’s purpose, let’s acknowledge the discrepancy. 

Important Points About Leo Bonaventure

The charges of the OmegaPro Forex and Investment Trading Company scam were leveled against multi-level marketing company executives, most notably Leo Bonaventure. Leo Bonaventure and other prominent multi-level marketing (MLM) figures are accused of being involved in the promotion of the fraudulent scheme, which caused clients to suffer significant financial losses.

The most significant points about Leo Bonaventure are outlined below:

  • Advertisement for OmegaPro:

Leo Bonaventure and other executives in the multi-level marketing industry, according to the accusations, actively promoted OmegaPro as a risk-free investment opportunity with excellent profits and a secure environment.

According to the allegations, Bonaventure and other prominent figures in multi-level marketing (MLM) used their networks’ power to persuade thousands of investors to entrust OmegaPro with their money.

  • Commissions Earned:

For each investor they brought into the scheme, OmegaPro is said to have paid top distributors and agents, including Leo Bonaventure, a finder’s fee of 10 percent. OmegaPro was purportedly paid this commission.

According to reports, promoter commissions have reached significant levels, with some promoters—like Leo Bonaventure—earning over $50,000 a week in commissions.

  • Purchasing Expensive Goods:

A Lagos estate valued at several billions of naira is among the significant acquisitions made by several of the individuals, including Leo Bonaventure.

Said con artists may have grinned at the bank, but investors lost money when they realized that the due diligence that was supposed to have been done did not exist.

  • Refusal to Offer Investor Compensation:

In September 2022, there was a reported problem surrounding the OmegaPro scheme. This crisis was allegedly caused by a system hack that led to the freezing of investor cash of over one billion dollars across over seventy nations.

In August 2023, OmegaPro said that it could not make payments to investors because of investigations being carried out by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). 

This was despite the company’s assurance that investor accounts would be transferred to a new business called Brokers Domain.

  • Subterraneaning and closure:

According to reports, OmegaPro’s executives, most notably Leo Bonaventure, abruptly closed the business, leaving investors dejected.

As suspicions grew, several of the most well-known promoters and agents, like Leo Bonaventure, were reported to have left the scene.

  • Claims That Raised Some Questions:

The text claims that the news of OmegaPro’s inability to pay investors due to the investigation being conducted by the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) sparked doubts, especially in light of the company’s claim that it did not have an office or a license to operate in the United States.

To put it briefly, the story portrays Leo Bonaventure and other executives in multi-level marketing (MLM) as key players in the OmegaPro campaign. Additionally, it claims that these people profited greatly from commissions while investors suffered losses. Leo Bonaventure’s fair assessment of these assertions is not evident from the details.

  • Examining the Questionable Success and Financial Abuse of Leaders and OmegaPro

The information offered seems to be based on the claims made by Dr. Ope Banwo as well as the anecdotes of Daniel Onoja and Leo Bonaventure. Take note of this important detail. It is important to proceed cautiously and recognize these claims as allegations rather than facts. They are not backed up by any evidence.

OmegaPro’s success stories like Daniel Onoja and Leo Bonaventure would make a pessimist shudder, especially since they are associated with theft and Ponzi schemes. Dr. Ope Banwo’s allegations may be unsupported by data. 

These people’s extravagant displays of wealth, such as purchasing multi-million dollar mansions and estates worth billions of naira, may be problematic in light of associates’ and customers’ alleged financial losses.

When one juxtaposes the riches of OmegaPro’s leaders with those of their associates and clients who have suffered losses, their success may seem dubious and possibly even dishonest. 

This is much more true given their success. Leo Bonaventure and OmegaPro are also seen negatively due to a purported lack of empathy for those who have suffered financial hardship.

About OmegaPro

OmegaPro says it provides a safe, top-notch trading experience to both retail and institutional customers. The company makes human and technology investments to give clients excellent trading outputs and a wide range of trading solutions.

They promise to use market liquidity, encryption, and cutting-edge technology to safeguard funds. According to OmegaPro, managing large market volumes and adhering to strict risk standards safeguard client accounts while connecting them to rapidly expanding international marketplaces.

Since there is no independent verification or evidence to support the narrative’s positivity, doubts regarding its veracity may arise. Security and risk standards may be overemphasized in light of OmegaPro’s claims.


Leo Bonaventure is accused of fraud and unethical activity in the OmegaPro material. Allegations state that OmegaPro misled investors into believing it was a risk-free investment, which resulted in significant losses. 

Spending on upscale goods, quitting the business, and failing to reimburse investors are among the allegations. Doubt is raised by OmegaPro and Bonaventure’s actions. A callous disregard for the alleged victims tarnishes the reputation. Owing to the dearth of proof, these assertions need to be treated cautiously.

That’s all I have to say about Leo Bonaventure, the scammer. Read it and let me know what you think. Opinions on what I said? However, I can find out more about him using these other resources:

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