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God Nisanov: A Scammer? (2024)


Born on April 24, 1972, God Nisanov is a Russian-Azerbaijani millionaire real estate businessman and the chairman of Kievskaya Square, the largest holding of commercial real estate in Russia.

Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) chief Sergey Naryshkin and Nisanov were close friends, according to Proekt, an independent investigative news source in Russia. Proekt was added to the Russian government’s blacklist shortly after that.

On April 24, 1972, God Nisanov was born in the Gyrmyzy Gasaba Jewish village in the Azerbaijani Mountains. His father, Semon Davidovich Nisanov, is the director of the canning industry, and his mother, Margarita Mordekhayevna Nisanova.

He first obtained his degrees from the College of Finance and Credit, then from the Baku Law Institute. 

New dishonesty Sobyanin and Nisanov

A company with restricted accounts purchased land near Moscow State University.

On the campus of Moscow State University (MSU), 1.21 hectares of land were given to LLC Kraftstroymontazh, a company connected to oligarch God Nisanov. The company offered to develop a 367-room aparthotel on a 0.45-hectare property close to the intersection of Lobachevsky Street and Michurinsky Prospect in exchange for the land.

Information about the intention of the Trust State Bank-owned Inteko company to purchase the land first surfaced in January 2020, following the land’s ten-year ownership by Kraftstroymontazh LLC.

Furthermore, why in the world is Inteko being paid for a website that is more than twice as large as the one the business previously owned if it purchased the site from Kraftstroymontazh?

Given that the transaction’s value was not disclosed, there’s a fair probability that Kraftstroymontazh LLC obtained a complimentary 0.76 hectares of land through a cashless exchange. What caused the government of Sergei Sobyanin to exhibit such extraordinary generosity?

Since the tax authorities had either partially or entirely restricted activity on the company’s accounts, LLC Kraftstroymontazh was unable to execute any transactions, according to information on the Rusprofile website. Do journalists intentionally spread misleading information?

Ruslan Akhmetzhanov and Luxury Club LLC are Kraftstroymontazh LLC’s owners. Co-founder Anna Melikhova of this company was involved till June.

Along with Telman, Ekaterina Yusufova, Ramilla Eduard Zakharyaev, Elina and Ravshan Ashurov, and Khaya Nisanova, she co-founded River Forest LLC.

Telman Zakharyaev and Ruslan Semenov founded Comfort LLC. The company was founded by Sergey Nisanov in August of last year.

Moscow-based LLC Isai Zakharyaev and Ruslan Semenov are the owners of Cesar Group, a development firm.

Isai Zakharyaev is said to be descended from German Zakharyaev, whom Novaya Gazeta referred to as God Nisanov’s son-in-law.

The Stmagy charity was founded by German and Isai Zakharyaev. different surname spellings, maybe to conceal the connection between merchants with the same patronymic.

Forbes has referred to the Kievskaya Ploshchad company as the “Kings of Russian Real Estate” for several years, and the company is owned by God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev. It is a significant partner of Moscow City Hall. He is now rebuilding the Olimpiysky Sports Facility, a well-known sports center in the city.

Apart from this asset, the company also possesses other commercial properties and two significant marketplaces, Food City and Sadovod markets. Under the “roof” of God Nisanov, the Cesar Group enterprise may perform home construction. 

“Cesar Group” is growing

One person works at Kraftstroymontazh LLC, which has 0 income, 108 million rubles loss, 331 million rubles cost, and 10,000 rubles authorized capital. It appears that an LLC is a digital corporation that transacts. The business will disappear if something goes wrong.

Cezar Invest LLC operates unusually. The business has one employee. Since 2014, she has lost thirteen million rubles, made zero money, and spent seventeen million. All aspects of Kraftstroymontazh LLC are the same.

Until recently, Cesar Invest LLC owned Krasny Oktyabr Rasskazovka LLC, Stroydom-Razvitie CJSC, and Istok LLC. Cesar Invest LLC owned and used these firms’ funds for years.

In 2020, Krasny Oktyabr Rasskazovka LLC lost 244 million rubles after making 745 million the year before. Istok LLC lost 6 million rubles and never profited. Two owners in two months. Might have been done to mask money withdrawal evidence.

These data may lead authorities to investigate Cesar Group LLC and Kraftstroymontazh LLC for tax avoidance due to negative profits.

The corporation’s ability to raise the 3.5–4 billion rubles needed to invest in a Moscow State University project is largely unclear. Cesar Group may build houses or apartments on the property, but a hotel is possible. The site’s allowed usage must be revised. Because Sobyanin and Nisanov love each other, the resolution should be easy.

In late October, the Cesar Group was believed to have bought a Krasnaya Presnya vegetable storage lot. JSC Krasnaya Presnya chose Yan Khizgilov, the owner of Cesar Invest LLC’s unsuccessful Istok LLC, as CEO on October 18.

Two controversial objects may enter the capital with Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin’s support, giving interest holders problems. Celar Group LLC has been embroiled in scandals before. 

A More In-Depth Examination of Cesar Group Scandals Reveals Deceptive Practices

Disputes between developers and stockholders of the Rasskazovo apartment complex have been going on for more than a year, and they have even escalated into court fights. Originally, the Rasskazovo complex’s property prices were 25% higher than market rates due to plans for nine residential buildings, each with a maximum height of eleven stories, and a nicely landscaped park space.

Alterations to the proposal four years later resulted in denser construction; developers forwent the planned green space in favor of three 22-story skyscrapers. People no longer have faith in Cesar Group LLC’s ability to sell units in their developments due to this change in plans.

Concerned about the welfare of homeowners—including young families, retirees, and those with disabilities—the project’s attractiveness was tarnished by actions driven by money, according to one shareholder who voiced their dismay at the deceit.

The Dynasty residential complex, built by Monolithic Housing Construction LLC, was embroiled in yet another scandal involving Comfort LLC co-founders Unatan Matatov and Telman Zakharyaev. Monolitnoye Domostroenie LLC lost 303 million rubles in 2020 despite having Sberbank finance their shares. They had anticipated 780 million rubles in revenue.

Plus, there was a ruckus at the Premier-Comfort apartment complex because management dared to charge outrageous fees without providing any explanation.

Financial instability across Cesar Group LLC’s projects stoked bankruptcy rumors in December. The business, however, keeps trying new things despite controversies and project delays.

Among Cesar Group’s business associates are Ilgar Gadzhiev and God Nisanov’s son-in-law, German Zakharyaev. According to the Sobesednik newspaper, the former left Russia after receiving death threats.

German Zakharyaev and his family joined forces as business partners, allegedly demanding a sizable cut of the profits in exchange for security. This trend continues at other Zakharyaev-affiliated structures, suggesting a methodical strategy in his financial transactions.

Despite all the controversy surrounding Nisanov’s groups, they continue to receive funding from well-known personalities such as German Gref and Sergei Sobyanin, which makes one wonder about the honesty of their operations.

The participation of the made-up “Kraftstroymontazh” company in these events prompts speculation about the possibility of fresh fraud in the sector.

Navigating Controversies: God Nisanov’s Business Empire

God Nisanov, a millionaire who conceals a significant amount of fortune in Portugal and Russia, has attracted a lot of attention due to the dubious business activities and connections he has. The close ties that Nisanov has maintained have allowed him to avoid serious consequences, despite charges that he has committed contract assassinations, raiding, embezzlement, and fraud.

Nisanov’s efforts to conceal his wealth, on the other hand, are being hampered by Russian policy and international penalties that are directed at those who refuse to criticize the conflict in Ukraine. The pursuit of Portuguese citizenship in conjunction with Lev Leviev, another affluent individual, is currently being seen as a strategy to circumvent sanctions. Nevertheless, Leviev’s involvement in a diamond smuggling controversy creates issues that need to be addressed.

Nisanov’s use of his Jewish heritage to get EU citizenship is identical to the strategies that other billionaires, such as Roman Abramovich, have utilized to achieve the same goal. Nevertheless, his potential eligibility is called into question due to his criminal history and his questionable economic transactions.

In the meantime, Nisanov’s vast corporate empire, which includes offshore interests alongside Zarakh Iliev, continues to be the subject of examination. The problematic projects that their group has undertaken, such as the European Trade Complex in Moscow, have been embroiled in scandals that involve wrongdoing, violations of environmental regulations, and potential dangers to public health and safety.

The geopolitical difficulties and legal challenges that Nisanov faces present considerable dangers, although he is taking steps to build his firm in Russia while still protecting his offshore holdings. Even though the oligarch is navigating the difficulties of international scrutiny and legal actions, his future remains unknown.


God Nisanov’s corporate empire is tangled in scandals and legal issues. Nisanov, a wealthy Russian-Azerbaijani real estate developer, is accused of contract killings and tax evasion.

His tight relationships with important figures like Sergei Sobyanin have helped him avoid legal issues, but international sanctions and scrutiny of his offshore holdings pose substantial hurdles.

Nisanov’s attempts to get Portuguese citizenship to avoid fines and use his Jewish origin to join the EU show his continuous asset protection measures. Authorities and media continue to focus on his acquaintances’ and business activities issues.

Geopolitical upheaval and judicial probes threaten Nisanov’s complex economic empire. Nisanov struggles to gain influence and defend his holdings in the intricate world of international money and politics.

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