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Nathan Edmonson: A Sex Offender? (2024)


According to the latest report Nathan Edmonson, the comic artist was accused of sexual assault, abuse, and theft. This time he was accused of sexually harassing the artist Tess Fowler.

Who is Nathan Edmonson?

Nathan Edmonson, who was born in Augusta, Georgia, now lives in Park City, Utah. He earned degrees in art and art history from the College of Liberal Arts at Mercer University in 2010.

After finishing his post-secondary education, Nathan began a lengthy and varied career that included time spent as a writer, consultant, and most recently, a conservationist. He is best known for creating and writing the creator-owned Image Comics comic book series Who is Jake Ellis? He has also had an important effect on the Marvel Comics franchises The Punisher, Iron Man, and Black Widow. The “Top 6 Comics to Pull You In” list of National Public Radio recently featured Nathan’s work. CNN and USA both have compiled the top ten lists of his work.

In addition to creating and writing multiple pilots for renowned production firms, Nathan Edmonson also had a successful screenplay career. In 2015, Paramount Pictures acquired the rights to one of his most well-known comics, The Activity.

Nathan Edmonson

However, American comic book author Nathan Edmonson is best known for the Image Comics creator-owned series Who Is Jake Ellis? as well as his work on The Punisher and Black Widow for Marvel Comics.

Apart from it, Nathan Edmonson is a co-founder of Archon Ready Group, a business that provides handgun training programs in the US, and Eco Defense Group, a non-profit organization that trains frontline park rangers across Africa.

Nathan Edmonson still contributes to a variety of artistic endeavors, but he spends most of his time and work on Eco Defense Group, the charity he started in 2017 to defend African wildlife.

Sexual harassment by Nathan Edmonson

Stephanie Cooke provided her own narrative regarding Nathan Edmonson. Cooke said in a Twitter thread that Edmonson once privately requested her to meet him at 3 AM after her employer promised to tour him around her hometown of Toronto while he was there on business. This was some time ago, according to Cooke. Cooke said that Nathan Edmonson remarked, “That wasn’t a request,” when she rejected it. He handed her the key to his hotel room and instructed her to take a nap there while waiting for him, according to what she also wrote. She has also pleaded for anybody else who may have information about Edmonson to come forward.

Edmonson was accused of writing a crappy Punisher

Ales Kot began berating Punisher artist Mitch Gerads and writer Nathan Edmonson on Twitter about their support for right-wing, racist causes about a year ago. Edmonson was also charged with producing a substandard Punisher. AlthoughNathan Edmonson‘s online biography just lists his membership in a right-wing group called The Leadership Institute and some youthful credit card theft, there are more serious charges, as hinted at in the tweets at the Outhouse, that he has engaged in harassing conduct in the past. Yet, Edmonson is rumoured to be protective about his Google imprint, which may be the reason why everyone making suggestions and warnings against him won’t be “in the public.”

When it comes to hanging around at conventions, Nathan Edmonson seems to have made the “that guy’s an asshole” list. Despite all the discussion about confidentiality in comics, a fairly well-known list of males (and ladies, and probably those in between) who are on this list for rude convention and barcon behaviour exists. It is only bothersome and freely discussed, neither of which is unlawful or generally actionable. The issue with this list is that occasionally one person’s buddy can be another person’s asshole. All of this does not, however, imply that Edmonson is a horrible person or that he should not be permitted to eat lunch with anybody. While occasionally it doesn’t help, this is not illegal nor even enough to get you fired from creating jobs. While working as a freelancer for a number of publications, Edmonson had engaged in additional harassing behaviour, which was known to all of them.

In the past, a number of people have claimed to have information about Nathan Edmonson, but nobody has yet to even refute these claims. However, Allegations must withstand a certain level of examination.

Regarding this many people supported Nathan Edmonson. They tweeted a kind of positive review about using abusive words in a comic.

The recent rumour about Marvels Comics

As it was revealed that Nathan Edmonson will be penning a new Red Wolf comic, rumours surrounding him and Marvel Comics picked back up.

However, websites are not publishing anything negative about Nathan Edmonson.

So why do websites seem to be so scared of Edmonson?

While Not calling for journalists to look into the allegations earlier this year, not much has surfaced in the public view that can be considered proof. Yet, the myth about the claims is that he is famously aggressive about preserving his image. Although we are aware of his affiliation with the right-wing group The Leadership Institute, this fact alone does not constitute a crime. The rest of Nathan Edmonson’s online history is spotless, with the exception of these accusations.

The Bottom Line

Sexual Violence (Crime for which Nathan Edmonson has been accused of)

Sexual activity that occurs without freely provided or gained consent is considered sexual violence. It is a severe public health issue in the US that has a significant influence on opportunities, well-being, and long-term health. People of all genders, sexual orientations, and ages are impacted by sexual violence, which has an effect on every community. Sexual violence can be experienced or perpetrated by anyone. Usually, the victim of sexual abuse knows the person who is abusing them; this could be a friend, coworker, neighbor, intimate partner, or family member. Sexual violence can happen in person, online, or via technology. Examples of this include non-consensual sexting, which is the publishing or sharing of another person’s sexual images without that person’s agreement.


Physical effects of sexual assault include bruises, genital injuries, STDs, and pregnancy (in women) in addition to psychological effects include anxiety, sadness, and suicide thoughts.

There could be long-term effects. Survivors may have recurrent issues with their reproductive, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and sexual health in addition to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Negative health practices are also associated with sexual violence. Those who have experienced sexual violence are more prone to smoke, abuse drink, take drugs, and partake in dangerous sexual activities.

Sexual violence survivors may experience work-related stress in the form of missed work, decreased productivity, job loss, or incapacity. These problems impair earning potential and have a long-term impact on survivors’ and their families’ financial security. It can be difficult to recover from victimisation and carry out daily responsibilities. Reestablishing personal relationships, going back to work or school, and feeling normal again may be challenging for survivors.

Furthermore, there are links between sexual violence and other types of violence. For instance, girls who have experienced sexual abuse are more likely to become victims of intimate relationship violence as adults and to encounter other forms of violence, including sexual violence. There is a connection between early middle school bullying and high school sexual harassment.

The issue of harassment and assault is a major one in the comics business, as it is in far too many industries, and it must be looked at and resolved rather than ignored. Nathan Edmonson was accused of many serious issues like sexual assault, abuse, and theft. He should be punished for harassment but not for using abusive words in the comic.

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