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Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso: A Sex Offender? (2024)


Who is Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso?

Rodrigo, who was born in Lima in 1998, possessed a strong interest in modern cycles and comprehending the inner workings of things. He found it intriguing to consider the number of operational machinery he encountered throughout Peru. He was capable of visualizing universes within universes of gears, pulleys, and other devices collaborating to create a spectacle.

This early fascination motivated him to concentrate on his studies, which enabled him to attend two of the top universities in his field: Universidad de Lima and San Pedro School. Salas cherished the academic environment and utilized it as a catalyst for learning and research in his discipline. Throughout his investigations, Rodrigo acquired an unmarried male of contemporary design.

A segment of his top-level coursework was devoted to organizing and supervising duties and inventory networking with executives, as he continued to find business-related subjects intellectually stimulating. Furthermore, he was profoundly captivated by numerous topics that astounded both his educators and custodians. To broaden his horizons, he enrolled in inventory network courses, for instance.

In addition to earning his four-year certification, Salas concurrently obtained a Sprachdiplom Recognition and a CAE Diploma. By making formal declarations in unidentified dialects, he increased his linguistic proficiency and positioned himself as a more appealing candidate for certain organizations.

Such varied preparation has in numerous ways facilitated Rodrigo’s presence in his field. For example, it has provided a comprehensive curriculum vitae that highlights an individual who takes his skills and education extremely seriously.

His academic accomplishments and grade point average attest to the fact that he consistently earned high marks in his courses and received praise from his instructors. Surprisingly, he has actively disseminated several influential papers in the field of supply chain management. 

The accomplishment of  Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso 

Recent college graduate Rodrigo Salas possesses an exceptionally extensive and noteworthy curriculum vitae. For example, he completed a nine-month apprenticeship with IBM in real estate strategy and operations, which helped him gain a deeper understanding of this field.

While attending the Universidad de Lima, he accepted this entry-level position, which he aced without deviating significantly from his fundamental examinations. This capability illustrates how he effectively allocates his mental resources in the professional setting without compromising his integrity or competence.

Rodrigo has also garnered the interest of numerous specialists in Lima and beyond due to his profound understanding of cycle analysis and Lean. Throughout his collegiate years, he diligently focused on these concepts and consistently sought opportunities to expand and refine his capabilities.

In addition to being as erudite as is practically possible regarding these concepts, he also sought out opportunities to expand upon them. His astute and probing intellect has previously generated considerable acclaim in his field, even beyond his native Peru. 

Specifics concerning Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso

The Peruvian was sentenced to four years in prison in Salamanca for free, for mistreatment in Lima. The student who assaulted a young woman who was mentally ill on College New Year’s Eve in 2018 is not incarcerated; rather, he has been granted an exchange for his sentence, which entails expulsion from the country.

The Peruvian subordinate The Common Court of Salamanca sentenced April of this year to four years in prison for infiltrating a young woman on College New Year’s Eve 2018 when she was rendered unconscious by alcohol consumption. Equity has granted him an alternative punishment in the form of a ten-year suspension from the country. R.A.S.M. traveled to Lima on Friday, where he currently resides in freedom.

As LA GACETA has learned, the high court of Salamanca settled on June 16, 2021, to grant the petition for eviction prepared by the legal counsel of R.A.S.M., following the Provincial Court’s verdict of four years in prison and the payment of 10,445 euros for damages, injuries, and moral harms. This option was pursued by the assemblies and has now received approval from the Superior Court of Castilla y León (TSJCyL).

Furthermore, it accomplishes this, as the request argues, per Article 89 of the Penal Code, which permits the substitution by elimination of any mandatory prison sentences exceeding one year for foreign nationals, so long as their total detention does not exceed five years. , correctional. Furthermore, the TSJCyL acknowledges that the scenario addressed in the exemption for this article does not occur, or at the very least, is only partially consistent with the sentence in Spain without prejudice to resulting ejection, because “such consistency is not necessary to guarantee the protection of the lawful request and restore confidence in the legitimacy of the standard that was violated,” according to the TSJCyL. “The sincerity of the reality for which the conviction has been established is not subject to scrutiny.” Nevertheless, it is worth noting that certain circumstances allow us to accept the notion that said reality is alleviated, such as the intoxication of the convicted individual and the partial restitution for the damage caused, given that he retained 5,000 euros before the trial.

It is worth noting that while the Public Examiner ascribed rape to the Peruvian and recommended a ten-year prison sentence, the Common Court ultimately sentenced him to four years in prison, finding that the Peruvian committed maltreatment with lustful access rather than assault, since the understudy did not use coercion or intimidation to obtain the young lady’s consent, which was excessive given her intoxication. The sentence accurately described the circumstances, indicating that the young woman shared a residence with several students on Varillas Road. On College New Year’s Eve, December 13, 2018, he went out with a classmate after consuming alcoholic beverages.

They returned to their residence with a group of compatriots they encountered in a store. Following that, they proceeded to a bar, where the victim became so profoundly intoxicated that her accomplice, in addition to the litigant and three other men, carried her to the ground and deposited her in her bed, clothed and draped with a sheet. While some individuals re-emerged, others, including the individual in question and the one who had been sentenced, remained on the floor. R.A.S.M. Without resorting to coercion, he penetrated her vaginally by taking advantage of the fact that she was unaware of his intent to satisfy his sexual desires. 

“I just aided her to get a hold of herself” 

R. A. S. During the preliminary, he admitted to having hazy memories of that day, admitted to consuming alcoholic beverages and medications, and denied any involvement in sexual activity with the young woman. As he comprehended the situation, he proceeded to her room, which he and other companions had abandoned minutes earlier in bed due to his alcohol-induced illness, but only to “offer her a glass of water, which she promptly drank, and facilitate her reunification.”

“I recollect his face a foot from mine”

The individual in question, who acknowledged being extremely exhausted that day, recounted her recollection of the sensations she experienced upon awakening: completely naked, engulfed in a coma, and suffering from pain in the genital area and thorax. Despite her denial that she merely had “streaks,” she recollects that her face was near her, albeit at a considerable distance.

In the field of forensics, “genital contact”

Forensics noted the presence of natural and sperm remains in vaginal regions during examinations. Similarly, maintaining a viable relationship with the young woman was perceived as being in the male. That would establish “genital contact between the litigant and the individual in question.” 


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