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Mike Dreher: A Scammer? 


Mike Dreher was fortunate to embark on his adolescence with the baffling endeavor of relocating from Canada to Venezuela. This subsequently instilled in him a passion for traveling to and witnessing other societies, which Mike has since passed on to him. It further instilled in him the rational realization that not everyone experienced the same good fortune as others.

Following my relocation to Canada, Throughout the 1980s, when mortgage rates destroyed the employment and homes of everyone in the vicinity, Mike’s family maintained a ranch. Mike recalls that his parents maintained full-time employment and oversaw harvests, expansive gardens, and livestock during this period. Mike attributes periods of fortitude, diligence, and unwavering determination to this period in his life as well as his parents.

Ultimately, Mike’s family relocated to the city, where he enrolled in college; however, after completing two years of formal education while simultaneously working the entire day, he realized that something was lacking. To determine the matter, he left Canada for what could potentially be a three-year trekking expedition. “Adventure is what nourishes the soul or reveals what you are truly made of,” as Mike once put it. 

Depicting the Dubious Background of Mike Dreher 

The individuals responsible for the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Pyramid Scheme in Bhutan, which involved the sale of expensive Enagic Water Ionizers, have been identified by the Bhutanese as Mike Dreher and Darren Ewert, who reside in Vancouver, Canada.

The ‘Dream Team’ is a vast online network operated by the couple, which is primarily responsible for recruiting a significant number of Bhutanese individuals residing in both Australia and Bhutan to assume the role of ‘Digital Business Owners.’

Although Enagic is a Japanese MLM company, it aggressively employs individuals such as Darren and Mike to convince customers to buy their machines.

This network founded by Mike and Darren comprises approximately 100,000 members, the majority of whom are based in the Philippines and other Asian countries.

This organization requires Bhutanese citizens to pay USD 149 for membership, USD 20 for website setup, and an additional NU 550,000 for the purchase of inflated Enagic water ionizers that grant them the ability to become distributors.

Mike and Darren receive substantial commissions on the transactions generated by their Dream Team members in Bhutan, in addition to pocketing USD 149.

With approximately 100,000 people worldwide, the two would earn a straightforward USD 14.9 million (mn) in USD 149 charges.

Furthermore, notwithstanding the proportion of individuals, say 50,000, who purchased the devices to become merchants, the two would have generated a substantial portion of the commission, ranging from USD 200 million to USD 300 million, in sales. Moreover, in the future, when these wholesalers pick distinct individuals via transactions, Mike and Darren will once more receive a portion of their incentive. 

Under examination by BBB 

Late in 2019, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), an independent business rating agency that has assessed over 400,000 organizations in Canada and the United States, initiated an inquiry into the ‘Better Life Buzz’ (BLB) online platform used by the two (among other platforms) to funnel individuals into the ‘Dream Team,’ after complaints being lodged against the pair.

The 60- to 90-minute free online course, according to BBB, is motivational and upbeat rather than educational. According to BBB, the online course provides no specific information regarding the affiliate marketing program.

The couple emphasizes that the program should provide the necessary information for the audience to understand how the program operates or what their undertaking will entail.

They gain access to advisers, high-commission products, and a sales funnel, but not guide how the audience member can generate six to seven figures annually.

Additionally, the online course does not specify why it is being made available to the public, according to BBB.

On August 16, 2019, BBB invited BLB to provide certain information. The scope, median, and average earnings of program participants are among the first. Additionally, the webinar refers to a sales funnel without explaining its demonstration. In addition, it presented various queries. There has been no response to the inquiries from the BBB.

In the absence of a response from its two primary MLM agents, BBB reduced Enagic’s rating from A+ to C-.

Additionally, the duo maintain a business Facebook page titled “Mike and Darren,” through which they promote their enterprise although in a perplexing and straightforward manner lacking in specifics, offer non-exclusive virtual entertainment marketing advice, and engage in lifestyle advertising for exceptional foods, locations, home improvements, and so forth.

Due to Facebook’s policy of not endorsing “get rich quick” schemes or schemes that promise irrational and unrealistic returns, such as multi-level marketing organizations, members of the “Dream Team” frequently encounter restrictions or disabling of their Facebook notice accounts.

The Darren and Mike Facebook page published a message on 2 February 2022 announcing a live online course that would instruct its followers on how to create a second business page, how to prevent Facebook tracking and cookies, modify the Wi-Fi layout, alter the server access and IP address if required, determine the optimal time to run new advertisements, select the most engaging promotions to begin with, and regain Facebook’s trust.

Where is Mike Dreher Now? 

Mike recollected his illustrious post-university career encompassing public relations, corporate marketing, sales and marketing, business mentoring, and business ownership. In addition to a lengthy period of mobility and degree attainment centered on cultural and legislative matters, all of this has benefited his online career.

Since approximately 2014, Mike has been engaged in online employment. Presently, he assists a substantial community of online entrepreneurs hailing from various parts of the globe. Mike commented, “It’s turned into a development of sorts,” He takes great pride in the fact that he has assisted tens of thousands of individuals in realizing their full potential and establishing prosperous online businesses.


Ultimately, peruse the article and acquire comprehensive knowledge regarding Mike Dreher. Additionally, you shall acquire knowledge regarding Mike’s dubious history.  

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