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Johanna Altman: A Criminal? (2024)


In this particular instance, I have come across a character that exhibits a considerable level of experience and skills that indicate they have the potential to meet specific societal requirements. A major setback, though, is that Johanna Altman is now accused of serious domestic abuse.

An accusation has been made against her. The story will go on to the next chapter at this point, where the whole truth about what’s going on will be revealed.

Johanna Altman: Arrested and Alleged to Have Committed Domestic Violence, But How?

At the start of August 2022, Johanna Altman—wife of Million Dollar Listing star Matt Altman—found herself in legal hot water. It appears likely she committed the crime because she was taken into custody and charged with felony domestic abuse. From the available booking records, E! News gathered these data. She was taken into custody on August 4 and released the next day after securing a $50,000 bond.

In an interview that aired on August 17 with E! News, Matt Altman encouraged people to respect their privacy during this trying time. He clarified that family members were finding it difficult to accept Johanna’s father’s unexpected death, which happened a few months before to COVID-19.

The real estate agent said that although the family had been going through a difficult period, they were overcoming it and becoming stronger as a result. He appeared on Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles occasionally with his brother Josh Altman.

After getting married in August 2017, Matt and Johanna Altman had three kids: Hudson, who was two years old, Ashton and London, who were both four years old at the same time. Matt marked his love with Johanna’s fifth anniversary with a heartfelt Instagram post. He conveyed his love and appreciation for her in the message.

He praised their accomplishments, including the happiness of raising three children together and their total four house moves. Furthermore, Johanna celebrated their anniversary on social media by emphasizing the tenacity and resiliency of their bond in spite of the difficulties they had encountered together.

The material that was provided said that Johanna Altman was scheduled to appear in court on September 2. The public was initially made aware of the incident by Page Six, the first outlet to report on Johanna’s imprisonment. The well-known pair from Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles had a difficult time as they navigated obstacles in their personal lives, but they emphasized their commitment to one another and their family.

Who is Johanna Altman?

Johanna Altman turned forty years old on March 4, 1982, the day of her birth. Her birth name, Johanna Sicat Altman, is another name for her. Her achievements as an agent, media personality, real estate broker, realtor, and businesswoman have made her well-known across the country.

She is a well-known person in the nation. Her marriage to Matt Altman, a renowned businessman and real estate agent who founded The Altman Brothers, is one of the most widely cited explanations for her prominence.

Matt Altman is a billionaire real estate agent, based on reports. The Altman Brothers is a high-end real estate company that he and his brother Josh Altman co-own. In addition to being Matt’s wife, Johanna operates as a successful independent real estate broker and agent.

According to her Facebook profile, she has experience working as a real estate agent with the Sally Forster Jones Group. Currently, she is self-employed and operates as a full realtor in Beverly Hills, California. She has previous experience in the real estate sector. Johanna also served as Icon Escrow & Settlement Services’ President prior to its acquisition.

Following her arrest in August 2022, Johanna was charged with felony domestic abuse, which put her in a challenging legal predicament. According to reports from ET Online, she is claimed to have secured a $50,000 bond. In contrast, even though she had found professional success in the real estate industry, this experience raised awareness of a more sensitive and challenging aspect of her life.

By clicking on the provided links, you can learn more about Johanna Altman:

Johanna Altman: Biography, Early Life & Education

At Ruben S. Ayala High School, Johanna finished her high school career. She continued her schooling at the University of Southern California after that. Johanna entered the real estate market upon her graduation from college and rose through the ranks to become a prosperous broker and agent.

Johanna’s identity is influenced by a number of things, such as her upbringing and heritage. She has gained widespread reputation as a result of her incredible performance in the real estate market. Born Johanna Sicat, Johanna has established herself as a prominent figure in the industry. Another element that has contributed to her success is her marriage to Matt Altman.

At Ruben S. Ayala High School, Johanna finished her high school career. She continued her schooling at the University of Southern California after that. Johanna entered the real estate market upon her graduation from college and rose through the ranks to become a prosperous broker and agent.

Johanna Altman: Family Background

Johanna’s Instagram feed provides some fascinating insights into her life as a member of a well-established Filipino family. She has a strong link with her because she visits the Philippines on a frequent basis. The Philippines is where her parents, Henry and Jocelyn Sicat, originally came from. Her kids are the members of her family.

According to the record, Johanna’s father, Henry Sicat, was a merchant. Matt shared on Instagram a post containing the tragic news that he had died in February 2022. For Johanna and her family, this event signified a significant bereavement.

Jocelyn Sicat, Johanna’s mother, is a homemaker and 65 years old, which shows how dedicated she is to looking after the family for her daughter. Johanna values her relationships with her family highly, as evidenced by her frequent visits and time spent with them—even when she’s on Instagram.

Johanna Sicat has two siblings: her sister Jocelyn Sicat and brother Jonathan Sicat. Two siblings make up Johanna’s family. Her sister is quite interested in her career at Sicat Law, where she practices law. This particular tidbit offers insight into the various career pursuits that the members of Johanna’s family engage in.

One can get a glimpse of Johanna’s life from the data gathered from her Instagram posts. This image emphasizes the importance of her family, her father’s untimely death, and the variety of jobs and professions that are present in her closest social circle.


The spouse of Million Dollar Listing star Matt Altman, Johanna Altman, was taken into custody in early August 2022 on suspicion of felony domestic abuse. She was released on a $50,000 bond the following day, and ET News was forced to book records. Matt Altman requested seclusion, referring to the COVID-19 death of Johanna’s father as a significant family matter.

The three-child parent couple, who have been married since August 2017, emphasized their perseverance and dedication in the face of adversity. On their fifth anniversary, Matt expressed the strength of shared experiences on Instagram with a poignant post. Despite the difficulties in life, Johanna reaffirmed her commitment and hard work.

Johanna Altman was arrested, and a court date of September 2 was reported by Page Six. Starring on Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, the couple went through a challenging time in their lives.

Following the links provided below will take you to extra information if you’re interested in knowing more about Johanna and her spouse. I have nothing else to say about her, to be honest. And would you kindly inform me of this? How do you feel about this specific issue?

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