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Premium Granite Works Inc: Scammers? (2024)


Bill Baril and his family own a regional company called Premium Granite Works Inc. Bill says he guides your goals with the help of his 19 knowledgeable employees. To what degree are the testimonials from their consumers accurate? This is something that our report ought to emphasize.

To what extent are you aware of Premium Granite Works Inc.?

In the Okanagan region, Premium Granite Works Inc. falls short of expectations when it comes to customer service, despite claiming to have over 25 years of experience in the field. It appears that a large portion of this ostensibly top-tier family-run custom stone surface and cabinetry design, fabrication, and installation business is dependent on its claimed unique method and cutting-edge technology. It is plausible that this may not, however, translate into true customer satisfaction.

They may not live up to these claims in practice, even while they emphasize using the highest-quality materials and providing in-house design, production, and installation services. Given that their services might not be as good as they say they are, it would seem that the positive customer experience they speak of is more of an ideal than a reality.

Even if they say they work with some of the best craftsmen in the field, the final product might not deliver the quality and value that was promised for residences or commercial spaces. To ensure that their dream atmosphere becomes a reality, potential customers should approach Premium Granite Works Inc. cautiously and thoroughly research the real experiences of past clients before entrusting them with their work.

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The Premium Granite Works Inc. owner is who?

Owner and operator Bill Baril of Premium Granite Works Inc. claims the business is family-run and community owned. Additionally, it asserts that it employs nineteen people who are said to be extraordinary in achieving goals. Though they assert to have a 14-year history in the industry, there are doubts about this team’s background in the granite, quartz, and marble industries.

It is plausible that the company’s performance falls short of the high standards set by the persuasive language employed to market the enterprise. Even though Bill Baril is portrayed as the leader, there might be concerns about how effectively he is supervising. Upon close inspection, it’s probable that the large showroom falls short of its claims, despite its stated purpose of being a display area for outstanding merchandise.

Because Premium Granite Works Inc.’s commitment to going above and beyond every expectation—especially when it comes to design and customer service—may be taken as hyperbole, prospective customers should approach the company with caution. It is advisable to confirm the company’s claims and conduct research on options before deciding to use granite, quartz, or marble for any project.

Information About Scam Details About Premium Granite Works Inc.

Legal Issues and Fraud Concerning Deposits

On June 15, 2023, Bill Baril’s company, Premium Granite Works Inc., agreed to build an outdoor kitchen countertop in exchange for a $10,000 payment from the client. The details of the scam allegation support this.

Even though the task’s original completion date of the end of July—which was later extended to the end of August—was promised, the customer was informed that they could not begin working on it until the middle of September. That was the end of his attempts to get a refund; Bill Baril had told him several times that the money would be returned the following week, but for some reason it never happened.

The client proceeded to the British Columbia Court System website,, to obtain information about Bill Baril and Premium Granite Works Inc. In the preceding year, he encountered numerous legal cases involving Bill Baril and his business, which were purportedly valued at large sums of money. Each of these instances consists of:

  2. 9859870 CANADA INC. v BARIL, William ($34,893)
  3. ROYAL BANK OF CANADA v BARIL, William ($64,914)
  7. COOK, Rodney v PREMIUM GRANITE WORKS INC ($35,000)
  8. 624925 BC LTD v PREMIUM GRANITE WORKS INC ($19,216)

It has also been made known to all that Julie Baril, Bill’s daughter, has assumed management of the business. Julie Baril is associated with 1404929 BC Ltd, also referred to as Premium Granite Works Inc. Julie Baril states that the “new” Premium Granite Works Inc. is a different firm and is not required to handle the situation, indicating a shift in the company’s leadership.

Premium Granite Works Inc. Reviews: Customers and Victims Expose Scams

In addition to the above mentioned review, I have several review reports that demonstrate the unsatisfactory service rendered by Premium Granite Works Inc. Meanwhile, I would like to share the Premium Granite Works Inc. ranking rates that have been stated on many ranking systems.

The customer’s displeasure with the company raises major concerns about its operational methods and customer service, as per the review provided above. The negative experiences that the consumer had call into question the standing of Premium Granite Works Inc. and highlight areas that require enhancement.

The individual stated that they were uncomfortable doing business with Premium Granite Works Inc. in the first place. This implies that clients are not happy with their overall experience, which may be the consequence of issues with other company departments, communication, or service quality.

The persistent problem of not getting back to customers who try to contact you is very worrisome. Effective and timely communication is crucial for every business to achieve client satisfaction. The fact that the customer had to call the business multiple times suggests a lack of respect for timely and efficient customer service, potentially leading to discontent and discouragement.

Premium Granite Works Inc. failed to solve the communication issues when they were eventually notified that the necessary product was available, even after they were requested for a final price for installation and a sink cutout. At this stage of the transaction, a breakdown in communication could cause confusion for the consumer and impede the seamless progress of the purchase process.

Worrisomely, the response to the customer’s email requesting a formal quote was said. It is quite unprofessional of Premium Granite Works Inc. to advise a customer to search elsewhere for their quartz, and it betrays a lack of the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. In addition to downplaying the customer’s worries, such a statement implies a lack of enthusiasm in maintaining their business.

This negative experience makes it difficult for Premium Granite Works Inc. to maintain its excellent reputation and loyal customer base. Excellent customer experiences help businesses thrive in a competitive market. Ongoing communication issues and patronizing responses can harm the company’s image, making it challenging to attract new customers and retain current ones.

Based on their negative experiences, Premium Granite Works Inc. appears to be having significant issues with customer service and communication. A strong and sustained presence in the market may be more difficult to maintain as a result of these issues.


Thus, feedback from clients indicates that they are not happy with the services that the company offers. These reviews focus on things like uncomfortable transactions, not answering questions, and unprofessional conduct, including brushing off a client’s request for a formal estimate in the middle of the transaction.

In summary, Premium Granite Works Inc. has serious challenges with regard to its reputation, customer service, and legal standing, which casts doubt on the company’s ability to maintain a strong and durable position in the industry.

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