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Affiliate Advertising Club: A Scam? (2024)


With its affiliate-based business model, Affiliate Advertising Club, a new paid advertising platform, hopes to draw attention. The primary objective of the system is to offer advertising services to other marketers by framing them as more receptive targets. Using the reviews and reports below, let’s examine their authenticity.

An Overview of the Affiliate Advertising Club

The Affiliate Advertising Club (AAC), which operates on this strategy, employs a flawed business model that presents significant issues. This “membership program” that is being discussed here is essentially about recruiting new members, creating an environment that could be mistaken for a pyramid scheme or multi-level marketing.

Under the guise of a digital marketing campaign, participants are encouraged to join AAC and then actively seek out new members. People who successfully recruit others have the opportunity to make money when their referrals use the Affiliate Advertising Club’s advertising services. For the organization, this could result in revenue.

The advertised paid traffic only reaches current members, resulting in a closed loop within the AAC group. It is imperative that we address this serious issue. This insular approach raises fundamental questions about the validity and profitability of the business model that require attention.

Due to its reliance on internal circulation for advertising—a feature commonly associated with pyramid schemes—the entire setup may be suspect. The Affiliate Advertising Club’s lack of public outreach raises concerns about the club’s viability because viable and sustainable business models frequently involve connections to other markets.

In summary, the AAC resembles a multi-level marketing or pyramid scheme more than any actual product or service offered; in these schemes, recruiting is prioritized over actual offerings. This structure is a warning indicator, so it is vital to consider it carefully before enrolling in such a program.

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How Does the Affiliate Advertising Club Operate?

The Affiliate Advertising Club is another shady web marketing company that makes the claim to guarantee views through various advertising items. It is predicated on four advertising products that have significant challenges but offer exposure.

First of all, the website’s prominent text advertising seems less like a marketing strategy and more like an invasive intrusion. Users may become irritated and detest the content if they see text advertisements on almost every page.

Well-placed graphic banner advertisements on the website could cause more annoyance than benefit. It’s one thing to strategically place advertising, but it raises concerns about the platform’s usability and effectiveness when users are inundated with a variety of shapes and sizes of graphical banners.

Ads on pages with timed login and logout periods might be a last-ditch effort to encourage users to interact with the content. For those who simply want to log in or log out, this method could be annoying.

Due to their instant delivery to recipients’ inboxes, email solo advertisements with high open rates may come across as spam. Advertisers and products suffer when they receive even a single email, which is usually viewed with suspicion and irritation.

The process is purchasing monthly traffic packages that come with a predetermined number of ad credits. Transparency and package value are called into question by cost variances by type, exclusivity, and efficacy. It is unclear what exactly determines the efficacy of these products, which range in price from $10 to $160.

A pyramid scheme or unsustainable incentive system is suggested by the relationship between the position in the activity rewards program and the purchase value. While it doesn’t provide much benefit, this method can be used to boost system involvement.

All things considered, the Affiliate Advertising Club’s internet advertising approach appears to be more concerned with presentation than with results. It is advisable to exercise caution due to the obtrusive and potentially intrusive advertising, unclear pricing, and reward schemes on this platform. Similar to numerous assurances of guaranteed outcomes, the Affiliate Advertising Club could fall short.

Reviews of Affiliate Advertising Clubs: Frauds Identified by Customers

I would like to bring your attention to a product that is available on the internet under the name Affiliate Advertising Club, specifically We strongly advise against investing any money on this website for your own safety.

The site needs cryptocurrency deposits from users in order to operate, and these deposits may be made for anything from ten to one hundred sixty dollars worth of advertising packages. The main draw of this product is the supposed promise of a quadrupling of the value of each advertising pack as a result of a Forced Matrix System.

The Forced Matrix System is designed to increase the value of each ad pack, but even the company’s owner finds it difficult to describe how it works. Customers are coerced into buying more advertising packages because they believe they will double their investment.

On the other hand, the method does not provide any refunds to those who have already purchased the ad packs, and it does require constant recruiting and inviting new people to join the website.

It is imperative that you use caution in order to avoid signing up for this website. When interacting with anything connected to Clay Montgomery and Josh Elder, proceed with caution as they seem to be affiliated with this dubious platform. This is an unequivocal recommendation to stay away from the Affiliate Advertising Club and any other associated firms.


In summary, traffic packages are the main offering that affiliates are urged to promote, and the Affiliate Advertising Club has a distinctive approach around this. The quality and efficacy of the traffic resulting from the implementation of incentive-based approaches are a cause for concern, notwithstanding the model’s encouraging features.

Most remarkably, it seems that a sizable portion of members make money mostly by promoting the affiliate program instead of using the traffic packages to actually produce conversions.

The scheme offered by Affiliate Advertising Club has some interesting features. Team bonuses, training materials, and the ability to integrate with LeadsLeap and other platforms—which offer members more incentives and support—are some of these advantages. Conversely, the intricacies of the compensation schemes may not be crafted to suit the inclinations of each individual.

The Affiliate Advertising Club may be a good fit for your affiliate marketing activities based on a thorough assessment of your personal objectives, level of experience, and comfort level with bought traffic. Think about how well it fits into your long-term, complete affiliate marketing plan. You should also thoroughly analyze the advantages and any potential disadvantages.

That’s all I had to say about Affiliate Advertising Club to alert you to the presence of these bogus programs. You can learn more about it by clicking on the links that are listed below.

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