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Wealth Assistants Amazon Reviews: Scammers? (2024)


Wealth Assistants is a scam artist operating under the guise of a guru, as exposed by numerous victims online. Many customers have pointed out that Ryan’s supposed success is actually based on buying positive publicity and fake reviews.

Before falling victim to this con artist, take a moment to read these Wealth Assistants Amazon Reviews.

About Wealth Assistants

Wealth Assistants claims to be a service that helps manage e-commerce businesses, assisting with purchasing, growth, expansion, and maintenance. They also claim to help sell established online stores for a profit, if desired.

However, many people are skeptical of these claims because similar ventures have failed before. While some are intrigued by the idea, others are concerned about potentially losing their hard-earned money, as this company has garnered a reputation as a topic of gossip and suspicion.

What is the Wealth Assistants’ Process?

Although the specifics of how Wealth Assistants operates aren’t clear, it seems to offer various training courses and tools aimed at helping people build wealth.

According to their website, participants receive personalized coaching, access to a community of like-minded individuals, and ongoing support from the program’s team of experts. However, it’s unclear how this coaching and support are provided, or the level of expertise of the team members.

Members of the program are supposedly given access to real estate deals and investment opportunities, but it’s not clear how these opportunities are identified or what kind of profits members can expect.

About Ryan Carroll

Ryan Carroll claims to be a content creator and businessman, known as the “matrix breaker,” who founded Wealth Assistants. His company helps clients generate passive income by building and managing their eCommerce sites using established procedures and automation. Ryan claims to leverage years of experience and research to help others achieve higher returns than traditional investment methods like real estate and stocks.

Ryan’s entrepreneurial and sales skills trace back to his youth when he made a small investment and greatly multiplied his profits by selling out his online store on the first day. This success led him to focus on business instead of his creative pursuits.

Besides running his business, Ryan is also focused on expanding his presence and expertise on social media, believing in its potential for growth.

Wealth Assistants Amazon Reviews

One user expressed skepticism towards Wealth Assistants, stating that similar services have turned out to be scams in the past. They cautioned against using such services to avoid potential fraud or financial loss, suggesting that individuals who fall for such traps may not receive assistance due to their own actions.

The user questioned the trustworthiness of Wealth Assistants, highlighting concerns about the founder’s track record of starting but abandoning ventures midway.

They raised doubts about the security of the money contributed by regular people and questioned whether the venture would continue.

Many people are puzzled by the absence of negative experiences or reviews about Wealth Assistants, considering it suspicious. They believe that in today’s era of unreliable information, even seemingly reputable news can be questionable.

Some speculate that positive reviews or articles highlighting achievements can be bought, as public relations professionals are paid to maintain a positive image.

This practice, combined with sponsorship, can influence individuals in positions of authority to speak highly of a business or service without firsthand experience. It’s disheartening to see people blindly following influential figures without fully understanding the situation.

“This company is a scam”

A user shared their experience, labeling the business as fraudulent. They claimed that the company failed to provide retailers with inventory and only offered excuses. Despite promising profits, they admitted to having nothing to sell as the year-long guarantee approached its end. The user expressed frustration, foreseeing the company going bankrupt and advised others to steer clear to avoid losing money.

The user also mentioned the removal of negative comments, stating that the company actively works to hide unfavorable reviews while spreading false information. They emphasized the ratio of positive to negative comments and accused the PR team of working around the clock to suppress any revealing information about the company.

“I don’t recommend Wealth Assistant”

Another user advised against Wealth Assistants based on their personal experience as a new customer. They expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of progress on their store after 90 days, attributing the delay to an internal payment system issue. Despite daily inquiries, they only received apologies for the delay and no concrete solutions. The user cautioned against signing contracts based on the salesperson’s promises, urging others to exercise caution.


In summary, we can’t suggest Wealth Assistants as a good way to build wealth and become financially independent. While they promise benefits, we don’t have clear details on how their system works or what members actually get.

Also, many people have shared negative experiences online, feeling like they were tricked by Wealth Assistants. It’s important to do thorough research and choose a program or opportunity with a reliable history if you want to grow your wealth and gain financial freedom.

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