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Angel Connection Nursing Services: Salary Pilferer? (2024)


Angel Connection Nursing Services comes from Long Beach, California, and is a provider of home health care services. In-home companionship and care, respite care, and transitional care are some of the personal care services that they claim to be ACNS’s areas of specialization, In addition to providing treatment following surgery for patients of all ages, their broad list of services also includes hospice care for the elderly. An excellent level of care that is both respectful and professional is what Angel Connection Nursing Services strives to provide. 

Home health aides in Long Beach are allegedly owed over $2 million in wages by the state 

Breaking the Laws Concerning Wage Theft

A total of 66 caregivers, the vast majority of whom are of Filipino heritage, were affected by the conviction of two Long Beach home care agencies for breaching wage theft regulations.

Employee Misclassification

Angel Connection Nursing Care and Angel Connection Nursing Services falsely characterized their employees as independent contractors to avoid paying minimum wage, extra hours, worker’s compensation insurance, and payroll taxes.

Campaigns for Change

Pilipino Workers Center and Asian Americans Advancing Justice–Southern California advocates worked together to bring attention to the issue and make sure that pay regulations were enforced.

Faith in the Face of Adversity

A home care worker like Maria, who takes a mental and physical toll on the job, is enthusiastic about getting fair pay for her services despite obstacles.

Discontent and Uproar

Maria was one of several who assembled outside the firms’ offices to protest wage theft and call for fair compensation.

Recognizing Important People

The state has named Annabelle Ricasata as both the owner and full-time employee of Angel Connection Nursing Care, and she is also highlighted here.

Legal Consequences

The legal repercussions are highlighted by Yvonne Medrano of the Bet Tzedek legal aid group. One worker is owed around $200,000 for services provided over three years as a result of misclassification.

Anxieties over Punishment

Undocumented caregivers, in particular, continue to worry about reprisal and the possible revocation of their legal status. Protecting whistleblowers is a top priority for advocates.

Additional Effects

This example, like others from the Adat Shalom network, highlights the larger problem of remuneration fraud impacting healthcare workers in home and residential settings.

Home healthcare providers in Long Beach were fined nearly $2 million

For fraudulently interpreting 66 home health employees as independent contractors, the California Labor Commissioner’s Office fined Angel Connection Nursing Care and Angel Connection Nursing Services nearly $1.9 million.

Wage theft and other violations resulted in sanctions. This included 22 employees not receiving overtime pay and nine not receiving minimum wage.

Annabelle Ricasata, Angel Connection Nursing Care’s owner, works full-time for Angel Connection Nursing Services, according to investigations. Misclassifying workers as independent contractors was allegedly done to avoid paying wages, workers’ compensation, and payroll taxes.

Most affected Filipino immigrants worked 24-hour shifts six days a week for $6.25 per hour without overtime.

The labor commissioner stressed that misclassification hurts workers and the economy. Lilia Garca-Brower claimed that misclassified workers often go without minimum wage and overtime pay.

The Pilipino Workers Center of Southern California and Bet Tzedek Legal Services helped publicize and investigate the case.

Ricasata and Angel Connection Nursing Services owners must pay nearly $1 million in overdue wages. Misclassification, salary statements, and workers’ compensation insurance violations cost Angel Connection Nursing Care.

The Pilipino Workers Center’s executive director, Aquilina Soriano Versoza, applauded the caregivers for highlighting their hardships, including lengthy work without breaks and overtime without pay.


Finally, staff misclassification and wage fraud are widespread problems in the home healthcare industry, as shown in the Angel Connection Nursing Services case. Fines approaching $2 million and obligations to repay wages to impacted employees are some of the substantial legal consequences that have resulted from the company’s activities, despite their desire to deliver great treatment. 

Workers’ rights and fair treatment, especially for immigrant workers who may confront extra obstacles, can be advanced with the help of advocacy organizations like Bet Tzedek Legal Services and the Pilipino Workers Center. In the future, it will be crucial for employers and regulatory agencies to respect labor laws, safeguard whistleblowers, and create a work climate where all employees are fairly compensated and appreciated for their vital contributions to society.

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