Secure. Defend. Prevail. Another Scam? (2024)


The rise of the Internet and the increasing reliance on digital platforms for various activities like work, socializing, and shopping have brought about a significant threat: online scams. These scams come in various forms, including phishing emails, fake websites, fraudulent online marketplaces, and social media deception.

Victims of online fraud can suffer significant financial losses, identity theft, and other types of harm. Unfortunately, with scammers becoming increasingly sophisticated, detecting and avoiding these scams has become more challenging.

Staying informed about the latest scams, their methods, and how to protect oneself is crucial for safeguarding against online fraud. By staying vigilant and knowledgeable, individuals can protect themselves and their loved ones from the detrimental effects of online scams. In this post, we’ll delve into the importance of online scam awareness and provide tips on how to recognize and avoid falling victim to them.

About operates as an online trading platform that utilizes computer software to facilitate trades within a networked environment. This platform allows users to engage in trading activities involving stocks, commodities, FX, indices, bonds, and various cryptocurrencies such as USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more, with the goal of earning money online.

In addition to cryptocurrency trading, offers a range of investment options that allow individuals to earn returns on their investments in a short period. Moreover, the platform is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for beginners to navigate and understand how to utilize the platform effectively. Operation

Users can utilize to participate in trading activities involving stocks, commodities, FX, indices, bonds, and cryptocurrencies like USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, with the aim of earning profits online. Referral Scheme

The platform offers a referral scheme where users can earn commissions every time someone registers using their referral link. By simply encouraging others to sign up for through their referral link, individuals can generate additional income.

This referral program serves as a convenient way to supplement trading and investment activities with additional earnings. By sharing their referral link on social media, forums, or other online platforms, users can expand their audience and increase their chances of earning commissions.

The referral program at also helps to raise awareness of the platform, ultimately benefiting all users by attracting more traders and investors to the market. Payment Methods

At, users are paid through a payment gateway that supports Bitcoin, MoneyGram, Neteller, Skrill, and Bank Account Transfers.

To ensure flexibility and convenience for customers, the platform offers a range of deposit and withdrawal options, including bank transfers and credit/debit card payments. Legitimate or Scam?

There is a possibility that the website could be a scam. It’s important not to invest more money than you can afford to lose.

While there is no concrete evidence to prove whether is legitimate, it’s wise to exercise caution when investing in any platform, especially in the volatile and unpredictable cryptocurrency market.

Before committing to any financial investments, it’s essential to conduct thorough research on the website, review user feedback, and carefully consider the associated risks. As with any investment, there are no guarantees of returns, so it’s advisable to only invest funds that you can afford to lose. Red Flags

Owner Information: The website fails to provide any information about its owner, which raises concerns about its authenticity. Legitimate websites typically disclose ownership details transparently.

Duplicate Content: features content that is duplicated from other sources, suggesting potential plagiarism or lack of originality.

Trust Score: has a notably low Trust Score, falling below the recommended range for trustworthy websites. According to studies, a Trust Score between 25 and 50 points is considered acceptable, whereas a score exceeding 60 points indicates a reliable and trustworthy site. FCA Warning

(Source) Real Reviews

“ is a scammer.”

AVOID WORKING WITH AS THEY ARE SCAMMERS! They’ve previously operated under domains and, possibly also using as a cover. This is a tactic to lure unsuspecting victims. FCA, beware.

“ is a complete scam.”

LST Inc is deceptive and fraudulent. Initially, withdrawals may seem prompt, but subsequent withdrawals will demand doubling your account funds for the next plan. These extra payments are not disclosed in the terms or agreement. They insisted I fund another plan with $600 before releasing my $220. It appears withdrawal funds are deducted from your deposit. It’s a scam.

“Beware of”

Be cautious! Stay away from this company! They are scammers, and contacting them yields minimal helpful responses.

“You will lose time.”

Reader, heed Leon’s warning; you’ll lose money, endure anxiety, and waste time. Don’t fall for their tactics! They duped him out of $45,000, and now he’s seeking legal action against these scammers.

“ stole 15,000 euros.”

A scammer swindled Seats out of 15,000 euros, claiming a transmission error, which was false. When seeking to close his account, the broker insisted on more trades, resulting in financial loss.

“Do not believe the reviews!”

Ignore the reviews! They’re from scammers aiming to defraud you! This is an investment scam—do not invest! Fake Reviews Fake DMCA


To manipulate Google search results in their favor, fraudulent actors are filing fake takedown requests.

These false DMCA takedown notices are being submitted by imposters posing as copyright owners or third parties authorized to issue such notices. TorrentFreak speculates that competitors of the targeted websites are behind these requests, often citing a single copyright infringement and demanding the removal of hundreds of links from a site.

DMCA takedown requests provide legal copyright holders with a means to have infringing content removed from a specific web server. In the context of Google, a DMCA takedown typically involves removing an infringing webpage from its search results.

Several indicators in the Lumen database, which catalogs requests to remove internet content, distinguish these bad-faith takedown requests from legitimate ones. For example, there have been takedown requests from entities unrelated to illegal content, such as news organizations and research firms.


The broker may have made false statements through its website. The bonus policies, withdrawal procedures, and terms and conditions are deceptive and designed to deceive investors. persistently contacts traders and pressures them to increase their investments. The broker promises unrealistically high returns. Warning signs may be absent or concealed on their website. may operate in a jurisdiction with lax regulations and easy business setup, such as a small island nation. These jurisdictions often serve as safe havens for scam brokers.

When attempting to withdraw funds from this broker, they may impose illegal withdrawal restrictions, ultimately preventing you from accessing your money. The broker presents enticing opportunities for profit.

After operating for a period, the broker’s contact details or website may suddenly become unavailable. The broker may also change its name and website address without warning its existing traders.

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