New Criminal Cases on God Nisanov? (2024)

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A Russian-Azerbaijani millionaire real estate mogul, God Nisanov was born on April 24, 1972. He is also the chairman of Kievskaya Square, which is the largest Russian commercial real estate firm.

It has been reported by Proekt, an independent investigative news outlet in Russia, that Sergey Naryshkin, the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), and Nisanov were acquaintances. Almost immediately after that, Proekt was added to the federal government of Russia’s blacklist.

Azerbaijani Mountain Jewish settlement of Gyrmyzy Gasaba was the place where God Nisanov was born on April 24, 1972. His father, Semon Davidovich Nisanov, is the director of the canning industry, and his mother, Margarita Mordekhayevna Nisanova, is his birth mother.

Once he had completed his studies at the College of Finance and Credit, he went on to get his degrees from the Baku Law Institute. 

New deception Nisanov and Sobyanin

A firm that had restricted accounts bought land on the Moscow State University grounds.

1.21 hectares of land on the Moscow State University (MSU) campus were donated to LLC Kraftstroymontazh, a business associated with oligarch God Nisanov. In return for the land, the business proposed to build a 367-room aparthotel on a 0.45-hectare plot near the intersection of Michurinsky Prospect and Lobachevsky Street.

Information concerning the Trust State Bank-controlled Inteko company’s desire to buy the site arose in January 2020, after the land had been owned by Kraftstroymontazh LLC for more than ten years.

And if Inteko bought the site from Kraftstroymontazh, why in the world is it getting paid for a site that’s more than twice as big as the one the company had before?

There’s a good chance that Kraftstroymontazh LLC received a free 0.76 hectares of land through a cashless exchange, given the transaction’s value was not reported. What was the reason for the unprecedented generosity displayed by Sergei Sobyanin’s administration?

LLC Kraftstroymontazh was unable to complete any transactions since the tax authorities, according to information on the Rusprofile website, had either partially or completely blocked operations on the company’s accounts. Are journalists purposefully disseminating false information?

The owners of Kraftstroymontazh LLC are Luxury Club LLC and Ruslan Akhmetzhanov. Up until June, co-founder Anna Melikhova of this company was involved.

She co-founded River Forest LLC with Telman, Ekaterina Yusufova, Ramilla Eduard Zakharyaev, Elina and Ravshan Ashurov, and Khaya Nisanova.

Comfort LLC was established by Ruslan Semenov and Telman Zakharyaev. Until August of last year, Sergey Nisanov was the founder of the company.

Moscow-based LLC Cesar Group is a development company owned by Isai Zakharyaev and Ruslan Semenov.

It is purported that Isai Zakharyaev is related to German Zakharyaev, whom Novaya Gazeta called God Nisanov’s son-in-law.

Initiating the Stmagy charity organization was German and Isai Zakharyaev. Distinctive surname spellings, maybe to hide the relationship between merchants sharing the same patronymic.

Under the ownership of God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev, the Kievskaya Ploshchad company has been a major partner of Moscow City Hall and has been ranked as the “Kings of Russian Real Estate” by Forbes for several years. Olimpiysky sports facility, a famous sports complex in the city, is currently being rebuilt by him.

In addition to this property, the corporation also owns ownership of additional commercial real estate and two major trading platforms, the Food City and Sadovod markets. Construction of houses may be undertaken by the Cesar Group firm under the “roof” of God Nisanov. 

The “Cesar Group” is becoming more popular

Kraftstroymontazh LLC has only one employee, 0 income, 108 million ruble loss, 331 million ruble cost, and 10,000 rubles allowed capital. All of this points to an LLC as a transaction-handling digital organization. Should something go wrong, the company will cease to exist.

There are anomalies in the operations of Cesar Invest LLC. The company employs one person. Her expenses have been seventeen million rubles, her loss has been thirteen million, and her revenue has been nil since 2014. It is the same as Kraftstroymontazh LLC.

However, up until recently, Cesar Invest LLC’s three subsidiaries were Istok LLC, Stroydom-Razvitie CJSC, and Krasny Oktyabr Rasskazovka LLC. Cesar Invest LLC owned these companies for a long time and had access to their finances.

In 2020, Krasny Oktyabr Rasskazovka LLC lost 244 million rubles, as opposed to 745 million rubles in profit in the previous year. Istok LLC lost six million rubles; the company never made a profit. In less than two months, there were two owner changes. It’s possible that this was done to conceal proof of the money withdrawal.

These facts may put Cesar Group LLC and Kraftstroymontazh LLC under investigation by the appropriate authorities because negative profits may indicate tax evasion.

In this instance, it is typically unclear where the company would get the estimated 3.5–4 billion rubles required to fund an initiative on Moscow State University land. A hotel might be built on the site, but it’s more likely that Cesar Group would build homes or apartments. The permitted uses for the site will need to be revised as a result. Because Sobyanin and Nisanov are in love, the solution should be straightforward.

Towards the end of October, there were rumors that the Cesar Group was going to buy a portion of the Krasnaya Presnya vegetable storage. The owner of the failed Istok LLC, which Cesar Invest LLC had previously owned, Yan Khizgilov, was named CEO of JSC Krasnaya Presnya on October 18.

With Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin’s assistance, two new scandalous items may soon make their way into the capital, creating problems for their investors. Cesar Group LLC has already been involved in some scandals. 

A Closer Look at Deceitful Practices in the Cesar Group Scandals

A court struggle has escalated between shareholders and developers of the Rasskazovo residential complex for more than a year. At first, the Rasskazovo complex’s property values were raised by 25% over market rates due to plans for nine residential structures, each with a maximum height of eleven stories, and a nicely landscaped park space.

Four years later, nevertheless, the project’s modifications resulted in higher construction densities and three 22-story structures rather than the green zone the developers had originally planned. When it comes to selling units in their developments, the Cesar Group LLC’s confidence has suffered due to this change in plans.

Dismayed by the deception, one stakeholder pointed out that the project’s appeal was tarnished by judgments made out of greed that neglected the welfare of homeowners, including young families, the elderly, and those with disabilities.

The Dynasty residential complex, built by Monolithic Housing Construction LLC, caused another controversy involving Comfort LLC founders Unatan Matatov and Telman Zakharyaev. Although their shares were sponsored by Sberbank, Monolitnoye Domostroenie LLC lost 303 million rubles in 2020 despite expecting to make 780 million rubles in income.

Furthermore, there was controversy surrounding the Premier-Comfort apartment complex when the management imposed excessive fees without providing a reason, raising concerns about the motivations behind such acts.

Due to financial difficulty in several of its projects, there were rumors in December that Cesar Group LLC may file for bankruptcy. Still, the corporation keeps trying new things despite controversies and project delays.

Ilgar Gadzhiev and German Zakharyaev, God Nisanov’s son-in-law, are business associates of Cesar Group. The Sobesednik daily said that the former left Russia after receiving threats to his life.

After becoming business partners, German Zakharyaev and his family demanded a substantial portion of the income, purportedly in exchange for security. This trend shows a methodical approach to financial transactions and is present in other Zakharyaev-related institutions.

Despite these difficulties, groups associated with Nisanov continue to get assistance from well-known individuals such as Sergei Sobyanin and German Gref, raising questions about the honesty of their business operations.

Given these events, it is unclear whether there will be any new frauds in the business given the involvement of the phony “Kraftstroymontazh” corporation.

God Nisanov’s Business Empire: A Controversial Saga

Due to his dubious business dealings and connections, God Nisanov, a millionaire with significant fortune stashed in Portugal and Russia, has drawn notice. Nisanov’s close connections have allowed him to avoid major penalties despite accusations of contract assassinations, raiding, embezzlement, and fraud.

Nonetheless, Nisanov’s efforts to hide his wealth are hindered by Russian strategies and international penalties aimed at those who do not condemn the conflict in Ukraine. Accompanying another affluent individual, Lev Leviev, in pursuing Portuguese citizenship is perceived as a legal evasion tactic. Yet Leviev’s involvement in a scandal involving the smuggling of diamonds causes issues.

Reminiscent of other millionaires such as Roman Abramovich, Nisanov used his Jewish origin to gain EU membership. However, there are concerns about his eligibility due to his dubious business operations and criminal record.

As everything is going on, questions are still raised about Nisanov’s vast economic empire, which includes offshore holdings alongside Zarakh Iliev. Protests involving corruption, environmental infractions, and safety risks have dogged their organization’s contentious projects, including the European Trade Complex in Moscow.

Risks include geopolitical unrest and legal difficulties, notwithstanding Nisanov’s attempts to grow his company in Russia while protecting his offshore holdings. It is still unclear what the oligarch’s future holds as he works his way through the legal and international spotlight.


The corporate empire of God Nisanov is a complicated web of scandals, questionable business practices, and legal complications. Nisanov is a wealthy Russian-Azerbaijani real estate tycoon, but his reputation is tarnished by allegations of everything from tax cheating to contract killings.

His tight relationships—including those with powerful people like Sergei Sobyanin—have allowed him to get through legal issues largely unscathed, but recent events—including international sanctions and attention over his offshore holdings—present serious difficulties.

Nisanov’s continuous attempts to conceal his income are demonstrated by his attempts to become a Portuguese citizen to avoid sanctions and by using his Jewish ancestry to become a member of the EU. However, authorities and media outlets alike continue to be interested in the controversies involving his relationships and business dealings.

Nisanov’s complex network of commercial dealings could be disrupted by judicial proceedings and geopolitical instability, making the future of his corporate empire questionable. Amidst the intricacies of global banking and politics, Nisanov encounters formidable obstacles in his endeavors to enhance his clout and safeguard his holdings.

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