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New Fraud Case on Antigona Ramosaj? (2024)


About Antigona Ramosaj

“Bora should not pursue other guys,” Beatrix’s mother questioned in the statement.

It appears that the Bora-Donald-Beatrix triangle is unable to achieve long-term harmony. A short time ago, the final option’s mother appeared to have launched an open assault on the moderator. Antigona Ramosaj shared a follower’s remark on Instagram, along with other items highlighted by Bora.”Bora Zemani ought to make her child and father together and not pursue different men”, the comment goes on to say. Although Beatrix’s mother did not write it, the fact that she did not delete it raises questions.

Antigone wrote, “Many thanks to you sincerely.” Donald & Beatrix are one of the most talked-about couples on “Big Brother VIP”. Donald and Trixa are two of the most beloved figures in Albania, and despite receiving both positive and negative feedback on their report, they have openly declared their support for one another by their words and actions.

During the show, Donald’s twin sibling, arguably the most discussed occupant, switched him for a few moments inside the “Big Brother VIP” house. This had never happened before in any “Big Brother” episode. Romeo also had the opportunity to meet Trixa, with whom he had a genuinely enjoyable day. Trixa’s mother, Antigona Ramosaj, also commented, reposting this second from a fan who stated: “I love this moment without question,” and she appears to agree.

If there is one showbiz condition that is widely discussed, it is the Bora-Donald-Beatrix circle of drama. There is no one, big or small, who hasn’t heard about this event and hasn’t formed an opinion, including well-known celebrities.

We would like to inform you that several personalities have replied to this occasion, including Stresi, Olta Boka, Elita Rudi, Rudina Dembacaj, Donald’s brother, Romeo and Beatrix’s mother, Rudina Dembacaj, Rezarta Shkurta, Antigona Ramosaj, and others. 

More Details about Antigona Ramosaj

“My half” in “Albanian Sunday” was welcomed by Antigona Ramosaj and her two children, vocalists Beatrix and Alban Ramosaj. After confessing their comfortable relationship, Antigona also spoke about her late husband, how she met him, and how difficult her life was as the only mother of Alban and Beatrix. She also demonstrated the most difficult moments and that she has performed numerous penances to raise the children better and more educated.

Antigona admitted that she met her children’s father in Germany, where she worked with family members at a young age: “I knew her while I was in Germany. I was at my uncle’s, they had a little café, and I filled in as a young lady more than once time. I saw him come for supper, and my uncle told me, ‘We got connected to that terrific youngster’. I told her how you became interested in me even though I had no idea who she was. However, I was quite fortunate since he was consistently terrific.”

Alban and Trixa’s father passed away quite some time ago, but Antigona did not think about herself with one another following his death:

” I didn’t think about it; I committed it to the kids; it was what I needed most in everyday life, and I sometimes regret not doing everything for them, but I tried not to miss anything. It is problematic for a lady to be alone without aid, especially in these times. I have tried with a lot of penance to keep and two tournaments so these two don’t miss anything.” I am delighted that they grew up, were educated, and chose their way; I am quite happy, and I will support them for as long as I live.”

Antigona praised her sister Albërie Hadërgjonaj for her exceptional care during a difficult time. “There was a second when I was extremely sick and for nearly 12 months or more Albëria dealt with her and took incredible consideration of her. Without Alberia and my mom, I could not have possibly arrived where I am. I had strong arms, and I know exactly how they aided me.”

Antonella defends Beatrix; the singer’s mom answers. 

Antonela Berisha, a former “Big Brother VIP” participant, has published a few postings on “Instagram” dedicated to Beatrix Ramosaj, the house’s occupant.

Antonella initially uploaded a photograph of the singer with the subtitle:

“#Support Trixa.” “We support Trixa, and I miss you.”

Antonela looks to have received a lot of negative feedback from her supporters following her post. As a result, she chose to retaliate by mentioning her assistance to Beatrix and targeting several inhabitants. She then juxtaposes Beatrix and Donald’s situation with her circle of drama in “For “kiss,” indicating that he understands her fairly well.

After this, Antigone, Beatrix’s mother. She published a tale about the situation on our Instagram post and tagged Antonela with the gif “I love you”. Antonela has finished her message, hurting those she refers to as “pseudovirus who need to acquire devotees”.

She went on to say, “It’s too bad that I’m not disgusting like some pseudovirus who take advantage of the situation to have the same opinion as the public and gain some followers”.  


You can go through the information to learn more about Antigona Ramosaj. This article will also provide you with information on her personal life.  

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