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Fraud Allegations on Sam Kazran Nissan of Shelby? (2024)


After being wrecked or flooded, cars end up back on dealership lots where they are sold to gullible consumers.

WBTV’s research turned up horrifying allegations of used car buyers being mislead about the vehicles’ history. The inquiry is concentrated on Nissan of Shelby, a dealership located in North Carolina, whose website contained recovered autos for sale. This lengthy article goes into great detail on the investigation’s conclusions, customer complaints against the dealership, contacts with law enforcement, and the issue surrounding Nissan of Shelby general manager Sam Kazran.

WBTV started looking through the Autostart website’s database of previous auto auctions. Most of the cars that Nissan of Shelby eventually put up for sale on their website were either bought or sold at insurance salvage auctions, including a 2017 BMW.

A Carfax report offers history information about a car from police collision reports, auto repair shops, and inspection facilities. The BMW has a recovered title that was awarded in New York while it is listed for sale by Nissan of Shelby in North Carolina, but it does not. The report raises two alerts, stating that “this may be a case of title washing” and that “it appears the salvage title from New York was not transferred to North Carolina.”

Reported issue with dealership:

WBTV reports that the North Carolina Attorney General’s office received complaints from customers regarding the dealership. Two of them claim to have gotten cars with concealed previous damage.

Detectives from the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles’ license and theft division spoke with WBTV about title washing and disclosure shortcomings.

Do you all consider it serious when anything is withheld? A reporter from WBTV asked.

We mean business when we say that. According to Captain JT Ratliff, as soon as the complaint is received, we begin an investigation and, if we find sufficient evidence, we will file a criminal charge.

Ratliff and Lt. Troutman state that title washing is a tactic used to maximize proceeds from the selling of a recovered vehicle.

According to Lieutenant Troutman, there are unquestionably checks and balances in place with this state and all 50 states that allow us to ensure that brands remain and that mileage is calculated correctly.

We might also check a few law enforcement databases to make sure that hasn’t occurred.

The Sam Kazran Controversies

Sam Kazran, the general manager of Nissan of Shelby, first agreed to an interview with WBTV but later changed his mind. During the investigation, it was found that Shelby’s Sam Kazran Nissan had a history of conflict.

Due to dealership employees who were involved in a political campaign obtaining illegal compensation, the Federal Election Commission was able to get an injunction in 2012.

Court documents containing allegations of unpaid debts and a 2015 Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition also revealed financial issues. A lender also accused Shelby’s Sam Kazran Nissan of failing to repay a $1.5 million loan in a 2017 Florida court case. The lender claimed that after he took two automobiles from one of his businesses, he placed them up for sale on the internet of another dealership.

Judge’s order against Shelby resident Sam Kazran Nissan:

One of the car dealerships Kazran used to own in Florida was Hyundai of North Jacksonville. The Federal Election Commission filed a request for an injunction against Sam Kazran Nissan of Shelby in 2012, alleging that the company had improperly compensated dealership staff members who had contributed approximately $68,000 to the political campaign of his business partner, Florida Congressman Vern Buchanan.

Court filings reveal that Sam Kazran Nissan of Shelby is facing financial difficulties as well.

In 2015, when he filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, he claimed to owe $43 million to creditors. In a 2017 Florida court case, a lender claims Sam Kazran Nissan of Shelby failed to pay back a $1.5 million obligation. The lender said that after taking cars from one of Kazran’s firms as security, he returned with two of them and listed them for sale on the website of another dealership.

Customer Awareness and Kazran’s Reaction

Kazran refuted the claims made by WBTV, maintaining that Nissan of Shelby did not conceal the salvage and flood histories of its clientele. He questioned WBTV’s understanding of North Carolina’s legal system and the news reporter’s use of personal attacks.

In light of these issues, the article advises readers to independently investigate a car’s history using services like Carfax and to report any suspected crimes to the relevant authorities.

Furthermore, “Concerning your unwarranted private attacks on me, I do not understand the reason why a news reporter is criticizing the private ethics of a citizen.”

Consumers can use Carfax or other websites that provide vehicle history reports to independently check the history of the vehicle they are buying to make sure it does not have a salvage or rebuilt title.

To report a crime to the police in North Carolina, get in touch with the Division of Motor Vehicles License and Theft Bureau. You can also file a complaint with the Attorney General of North Carolina and the Office of Inspector General of the US Department of Transportation.

Shelby’s Sam Kazran Nissan

Kazran currently resides in Shelby, North Carolina, and works as a manager. General Manager Sam Kazran Nissan of Shelby.

Kazran Sam Nissan of Shelby is in charge of running a well-run business. Always prioritize the demands of your customers. Nissan of Shelby offers an extensive range of new Nissan cars in addition to a substantial selection of used cars.

Buying a new car can be a challenging process. In this case, Sam Kazran Nissan of Shelby and his team can be of assistance. They put a lot of effort into providing the best possible service to customers while assisting them with the process. Make sure to stop by the next time you’re car shopping!

The Bottom Line

Significant problems with the Nissan of Shelby dealership have been uncovered by the WBTV investigation. It is thought that salvaged cars were sold there without the proper documentation. The North Carolina Attorney General’s office was involved, and the seriousness of these claims is evident from the interviews conducted with law enforcement officials. The general manager of Shelby Nissan, Sam Kazran, is embroiled in problems that cast doubt on the dealership’s integrity. Customers are advised to exercise caution, conduct their own independent thorough vehicle history checks, and notify the appropriate authorities of any suspicious activities in order to safeguard their interests.

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