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SEC Charges on Michael Pellegrino? (2024)


Michael claims to have started The Authors and currently serves as president of the Artists Management Agency.

Michael Pellegrino was Media Artists Group’s Vice President of Film and Television. Media Artists Group is a specialized talent agency that offers personalized attention to each talent. Michael is in charge of the company’s corporate relations, concentrating on the packaging and marketing of concept ideas for movies and TV shows. Michael founded and is the sole developer of Relentless Entertainment, a full-service production firm, before joining Media Artists Group.

Michael Pellegrino, claiming to be the creator of “The Authors World,” has created a platform that has never been seen before and is being distributed globally. The Authors World says they facilitate connections between writers and readers by creating a global community. TheAuthors World.Com’s main objective is to provide a worldwide platform for self-expression. 

Michael asserts that he works with Sherry D’Agostino and that he wants readers everywhere to be a part of a community that allows them to express themselves to other readers. Meanwhile, the conceited Michael Pellegrino says he wants writers to have a global platform so they may share their writing with audiences all over the world. The business procedures of traditional publishing organizations have changed significantly. 

Lawsuit Against Michael Pellegrino

The claims made by investors in the Goldstone Financial Group case center on how they were tricked into investing their retirement assets in unregistered securities, which caused them to suffer significant financial losses. The defendants in this lawsuit are Anthony and Michael Pellegrino, the two main executives of Goldstone Financial Group.

In this legal battle, plaintiffs seek compensation for their purported losses in a U.S. District Court. The case has progressed through many legal processes, with important changes influencing its course. It is the responsibility of the presiding judge to assess the proof and contentions put out by each side.

In the course of the legal proceedings, Goldstone and the Pellegrinos have been subject to a cease-and-desist order by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for their role in marketing and vending securities on behalf of 1 Global Capital LLC. The documented findings of the SEC show that between May 2017 and June 2018, transactions totaling $37 million were made.

This case highlights many important takeaways for both financial experts and investors. The most important of these is the requirement for openness in financial advisory partnerships. Advisors must furnish clients with precise information about risks, rewards, costs, and commissions so they may make informed judgments. This legal dispute is a serious threat to Goldstone Financial Group since it will affect its reputation and capacity to provide advisory services efficiently.

The Accusations

The fundamental claims of the Goldstone Financial Group lawsuit center on several accusations that have subjected the business to close examination. The main charges include investment fraud, deceptive advertising, negligence on the part of the professional, and breach of fiduciary duty. The foundation of these lawsuits is the plaintiffs’ claim that they suffered financial losses as a result of being tricked into investing a portion of their retirement savings in unregistered securities.

The promotion and sale of unregistered securities by Goldstone Financial Group is at the heart of these claims. These securities were offered as business development companies (BDCs) and non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs). These investments are frequently characterized by high fees, significant risk exposure, and poor liquidity. These securities should ideally only be available to authorized investors who meet the necessary risk and financial literacy requirements due to their complexity.

Another crucial aspect of the case against Goldstone Financial Group is negligence. The plaintiffs argue that by promoting these high-risk investments to clients, the business violated their duty of care. It is specifically charged with failing to conduct adequate due diligence and failing to consider whether these investments are appropriate given the particular financial situations and risk tolerance of the customers.

In addition, the lawsuit claims that Goldstone Financial Group has misrepresented things on occasion. The corporation is accused of pushing BDCs and non-traded REITs without fully informing clients of the costs or inherent risks involved. Financial losses were probably made possible by the investors’ ignorance as a result of this lack of openness.

Lastly, Goldstone Financial Group is accused of engaging in fraudulent activity. This primarily concerns claims of investment deception and breach of fiduciary duty related to alleged dishonest tactics in the marketing, selling, and sale of the previously mentioned unregistered securities.

The Pellegrinos’s role

The unregistered securities supplied by 1 Global Capital LLC, a business that specializes in short-term commercial finance for small enterprises, were sold by Anthony and Michael Pellegrino, co-founders of Goldstone Financial Group.

As a principal and co-founder of Goldstone Financial Group, Michael Pellegrino was under regulatory attention from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) because he was involved in the marketing of securities from 1 Global Capital. After all of this investigation, the SEC eventually banned him.

While Anthony Pellegrino’s role as Chief Compliance Officer isn’t mentioned specifically, as the company’s creator, he should be held responsible for upholding moral principles and making sure that pertinent legislation is adhered to. Compliance consultants are typically hired by financial advice businesses to help them navigate regulatory requirements.

The Goldstone Financial Group litigation highlights the significance of moral conduct and fiduciary duty within the financial sector. Financial organizations have to put their client’s interests first and follow strict ethical guidelines because of the complicated regulatory landscape.

The Pellegrinos’ involvement in the Goldstone Financial Group litigation essentially highlights the ramifications of selling unregistered securities and highlights the importance of moral behavior and fiduciary responsibility in financial advice services.

a.) 1 Global Capital: Involvement in the Organization

There was a connection between Goldstone Financial Group and the sale of unregistered securities that were sold by 1 Global Capital LLC, a commercial lending company that filed for bankruptcy in July 2018. Because they participated in the investment fraud scheme, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) brought action against many investment advisors, including Goldstone.

b.) Goldstone has taken the following corrective actions

Goldstone Financial Group made an effort to address the matter by providing monies to assist in a settlement with all of its 1 Global investors. As part of this effort, the company returned any referral fees that were collected from the investor’s participation in the scheme because of their engagement. They have demonstrated their dedication to repairing the financial damage that has been inflicted on their customers by doing this.

c.) The Significance of This for Investors

There is a possibility that investors who purchased securities issued by 1 Global Capital LLC through Goldstone Financial Group will experience financial losses and difficulties in recouping their monies. As a result of the sale of unregistered securities, the retirement savings and investments of customers were put in jeopardy, which required them to reevaluate their financial plans.

d.) The implications for Goldstone’s finances 

As a direct result of the litigation, Goldstone Financial Group was subjected to many serious financial regulations and consequences. The company was subject to regulatory actions, financial settlements, and a decline in client confidence, all of which affected the ongoing business operations and future revenues of the company.

Regulatory Actions:

A regulatory investigation was conducted into Goldstone Financial Group because it was suspected that the company sold unregistered securities and failed to disclose fees adequately. In the SEC’s inquiry into the company’s compliance with securities regulations, questions were raised about the company’s procedures, which ultimately resulted in regulatory measures being taken.

Revenue Sharing Agreement

A revenue-sharing agreement is a formal contract in which the parties agree that one will provide the other a certain percentage of their earnings or revenues in exchange for the use of certain property. This agreement enables a business to make money off of a good or service that is directly relevant to its main business activity.

For instance, a record company and a music producer might reach a deal whereby the producer gives the company 25% of all proceeds from CD sales. Here, the record company uses income sharing as a means of recovering costs related to promoting and producing the artist. 


The Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) actions against Michael Pellegrino demonstrate that violating revenue-sharing agreements is a serious infraction that carries penalties and restrictions. Revenue sharing is a flexible and useful business strategy that benefits stakeholders, customers, and businesses alike. Businesses must understand different models, apply them across industries, handle legal and regulatory issues, and follow best practices to effectively benefit from revenue sharing.

We see further technological advancements and business model innovation in the future, which will bring with it both opportunities and difficulties for income sharing. Businesses may use revenue sharing to improve performance, encourage collaboration, and create long-term value for all stakeholders by remaining aware and flexible.

It is strongly advised to consult tax services professionals for advice, as revenue-sharing arrangements may have complex tax ramifications. These experts can guarantee adherence to tax laws and regulations and provide guidance on how to maximize revenue-sharing agreements. Protect the financial well-being of your business by speaking with a tax services expert right away. This will ensure a bright future for your business and its stakeholders.

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