Ahmed Salamin- Spreading Lies Online? (2024)

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Possible Reasons For Investigating Ahmed Salamin

  • Ahmed Salamin may have received allegations of cybercrime, impersonation, suppression of negative press, and propaganda.
  • Ahmed Salamin or someone from their marketing team has hired blacklisted online criminals to manipulate their Google SERP results using banned search engine manipulation techniques.
  • Ahmed Salamin may be a criminal risk to their colleagues or people around them.

Are You Ahmed Salamin? Here’s What To Do Next:

Share information on Ahmed Salamin

We urgently request your immediate input regarding your experiences with Ahmed Salamin. This solicitation is part of a comprehensive review aimed at identifying potential violations, discrepancies, or commendable practices associated with Ahmed Salamin. Your firsthand accounts, whether they detail negative repercussions, legal irregularities, or positive engagements, are critical to our investigative process. Please provide a thorough and candid disclosure of your interactions with Ahmed Salamin, as this information will be pivotal in our subsequent actions, including potential legal proceedings or regulatory reforms. Be informed that your contributions will be forwarded to the appropriate regulatory and oversight bodies for further examination and action. Failure to address or report significant concerns related to Ahmed Salamin may result in missed opportunities for necessary intervention and rectification. Act now; your participation is crucial in holding accountable those responsible for any misconduct or in recognizing excellence where due.

Uber driver threatened a customer, sexually harassed and left women on a busy expressway is losing his appeal against a decision of cancelling his driving licence 

An Uber driver has been banned from driving public transport. His licence has been cancelled too because the victim filed a case against him. He has been denied by the court having a private licence also. After listening to the passenger appeal by the court who felt afraid and sexually harassed by the driver. 

Ahmed Salamin,42 years old, intentionally threatened a woman and wanted to kill her and her children. He decided to do that when she said he was going in the wrong direction. 

He also requested many other women to come with him and stay with him in Pakistan, his homeland. Even the court was also shocked when they heard such words from the women. 

Later on, Ahmed desperately wanted his licence back and filed his complaint twice for denial of a landlord licence. 

The Old Bailey also heard numerous complaints against Ahmed Salamin from their passengers since March 2016.

A passenger alleged that an Uber driver Salamin was driving very harshly and dangerously. Later, he abandoned women on a busy expressway full of vehicles on 7th  March 2016. 

Prosecutor, Genevieve Moss, read a complaint from the victim passenger in the court. She said: My observation is very horrendous, to say the significance that she felt at that time. I also felt very extensive and my safety precautions are also at high risk. 

“She also added that an Uber driver takes a harsh and dangerous U-turn on Kew Bridge and overtakes various vehicles insecurely. I feel very unsafe with him”. 

Salamin, an Uber driver, is said to intentionally threaten to kill women and sexually harass other women in the taxi. 

“A truck driver was going to hit us brutally on the expressway due to his harsh driving.”

The truck driver stopped his truck by chance, and so did Salamin. An Uber driver stopped his taxi as the truck driver called the police. As a result, I was left alone in the middle of the four-lane expressway. The most disturbing and dangerous part of my life I experienced due to Salamin’s harsh; driving. 

In June 2016, another assertion was filed against Ahmed, a woman claimed that the reason behind leaving his taxi was because she was sexually harassed by the driver. He praised her looks all the time throughout her way home.

She also added that the drive was about to finish when Salamin said: no, I want to spend more minutes with you. 

Another case was filed against him in May 2017 as he said hello to a woman by shaking hands and pulled her towards him for a kiss. A kiss was about six to seven times. 

This woman stated that an Uber driver passed some inappropriate words that made her uncomfortable while travelling alone. 

A woman filed legal action against an Uber driver who tried to kill her and her children after an argument happened between them overtaking a wrong turn by the driver. An Uber driver appealed in court for the refusal of taking his licence. 

There are many more allegations including drinking while driving, convincing a woman to stay with him in Pakistan, and using a mobile phone while driving. 

As a result of various complaints against Ahmed Salamis, Uber decided to terminate his account on 29 July 2020. Transport of London also rejected its application for a private vehicle licence. 

Ahmed Salamin refuses all his allegations and claims that he did not remember any passengers or incidents. When he asked about the incident that happened in June 2017, he claimed that he was the one who raised the complaint against a woman.

He also added the mistake was of a woman who started yelling at me and abusing me. Between the arguments, a woman jumped out of my car with the help of the back door and started smashing the door. Later, she called the police.

An Uber account the driver had been terminated, and Ahmed decided to work with Bolt, but his bad luck and having various complaints filed against him resulted in shutting down his account from Bolt too. 

Rosa Bennathan stated that it was not her passenger’s mistake that they are facing the court all the time. It is a mistake of Uber itself to not properly investigate its drivers before hiring. 

A study on sexual crime and harassment on public transit

There are three types of sexual harassment offenses: physical, non-verbal, and vocal. Sexual remarks, kissing sounds, whistling, and even being urged to have sex are examples of verbal assaults. Stalking, being exposed indecently, and seeing pornographic photographs are examples of non-verbal harassment. Physical harassment include not just the most serious offenses of sexual assault and rape, but also touching, playing with a person’s hair, and groping her body.

For transportation operators, knowing the scope and type of sexual harassment on the system and how to handle it are crucial. specific demographic segments will have less mobility and transit agencies may lose ridership if fear of sexual crime prevents individuals from using the system or from travelling on it in specific ways.

Transit agencies may inquire about harassment experiences from riders through onboard surveys. We are aware that the incidence of sexual harassment in transit contexts is far lower than stated according to surveys of this kind and academic publications. As a result, transit operators continue to mainly see it as invisible. However, how can an operator deal with an unidentified issue effectively?

Transit Use Is Reduced and Fear Is Created by Sexual Harassment

According to the report, students’ use of transit is decreased when they are afraid of sexual harassment. Merely 50% of passengers said they felt safe either frequently or always when riding public transportation. The study questioned respondents if they thought that a variety of environmental variables and criminal activities, including sexual harassment, were serious issues on transportation, which helped to explain why students felt frightened.

Depending on the transit environment, 25% to 33% of riders said sexual harassment was a serious issue. Lastly, 25% of users claimed that they were unable to use transit more frequently due to sexual harassment.

Both genders are affected by sexual harassment, however far more women are

Women expressed concern about harassment far more frequently than did men. For instance, women reported feeling less comfortable than men did, and twice as many women as men considered harassment to be an issue. Additionally, 45% of female bus users but only 7% of male users stated that they had cut back on their usage of the bus due to a fear of sexual harassment.

Additionally, harassment affected far more women than men. About twice as many female as male bus riders reported verbal and non-verbal harassment, and women were also more likely to have experienced physical harassment, as shown in the figure below.

Most Sexual Harassment Incidents Go Unreported

Less than 10% of victims told anybody about the harassment they had endured, and the majority of students that did so did it to friends or family rather than the police or the bus company.

While there are numerous cultural and socioeconomic elements that are outside the control of transit operators, sexual harassment is nevertheless a problem that can be addressed proactively by operators to lessen its intensity. 

In summary

We recommend taking the following steps in light of the study’s findings:

  • Inform people about harassment. Public bodies such as transit operators, law enforcement, and others that exercise responsibility can launch extensive education efforts to combat sexual harassment. Such campaigns can increase awareness of the issue and motivate victims and witnesses to report incidences of sexual harassment by placing advertisements and posters on transit vehicles and in transit-related locations. Awareness campaigns can also inform the public on the acts that qualify as sexual crimes, as a related research indicates that many victims did not specifically identify sexual crimes as such.
  • Make onboard surveys official. If transit operators question their passengers about their experiences with harassment through systematic surveys, they will have a better understanding of the problem and scope of harassment on their systems. Inquiries ought to focus on experiences both during and outside of the transit vehicle.
  • Safe-guard against anti-social behaviours. Many respondents also indicated that they would use transit more if they did not fear antisocial behaviours like drunkenness and obscene language. Survey respondents called for more police patrols and security cameras on both platforms and transit vehicles, to reduce antisocial behaviour.
  • Facilitate the reporting of harassment. The fact that nearly none of the victims, SJSU students, filed official reports of the crime highlights the necessity for transit providers to facilitate reporting for users of their services. Victims can report harassment and other offences in real time with the use of smartphone apps and dedicated phone lines. Pay close attention to the surroundings. The importance of maintaining well-lit and well-kept transit environments is shown by the respondents’ unequivocal statement that they were afraid of badly maintained and gloomy transit surroundings.


The court verified that Mr. Ahmed Salamin is an appropriate person to hold his licence because many allegations have been filed against him by the passengers. But for some of the allegations against him, the court was considering a misunderstanding among the passengers. It is a matter of safety while travelling in taxis. One of the very serious allegations against him was that he tried to kill a woman. Mr. Ahmed Salamin was ordered by the court to pay 500 euros. His life becomes totally upside down. He is not able to work in any company because his licence was cancelled by the court. 

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