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Fraud Allegations on Legit Check by CH? (2024)


Verified by CH: The Definitive Resource for Verifying the Origin of High-End Items

With an extensive collection of “fake vs. real” variations across renowned shoe brands, streetwear, and designer products, Legit Check by CH positions itself as the go-to source for genuine luxury item authentication. The site seeks to provide a safe environment in which consumers can feel secure when making high-end purchases.

Legit Check By Ch covers a broad range of designer luxury goods, such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Comme des Garcons, Adidas, Dior, Nike, Supreme, Air Jordan, Vlone, Anti Social Social Club, Bape, Travis Scott Jordans or Nikes, and Comme des Garcons. It offers comprehensive checklists to help distinguish between authentic and fake goods. Users can get extensive recommendations that ensure authenticity authentication by selecting the appropriate item and color.

The software is primarily an educational tool, to give both inexperienced consumers and seasoned streetwear aficionados the skills necessary to spot fakes and steer clear of con artists. Legit Check By Ch is a comprehensive resource for authentication instructions that saves time and effort by providing accurate information without requiring users to search different sites.

In the end, the app wants to reduce the likelihood that customers will fall for fake goods by enabling them to comfortably browse the world of luxury goods and make educated judgments about what to buy.

What does the actual image of Legit Check by CH look like? 

Customer Inquiry: Looking for Help with a Refund from a Real Check by CH

A client posted a review of their interaction with Legit Check By CH on social media sites like Reddit. The consumer, who was unfamiliar with the sneaker market, asked for help in confirming the legitimacy of their red Air Max 90 Independence Day shoes. They chose to use Legit Check By CH’s services based on a friend’s advice.

The consumer voiced discontent after learning that the shoes were counterfeit from Legit Check By CH. They then forwarded the reply to the seller, raising doubts about the likelihood of receiving a refund in light of the evaluation given by Legit Check By CH.

Legit Check By CH’s letter emphasized particular differences that pointed to the shoes’ lack of authenticity:

  • The content of the size tag print was out of alignment and stretched past the allowed margins. This disparity implied the use of inferior production tools.
  • It was observed that the laces were not properly overlapping and were instead improperly fastened.
  • The general design and construction of the sneakers did not correspond with real Air Max 90 pairs; they were noticeably devoid of the prominent heel bump found on real ones.
  • The consumer wants to know if they can rely on the evaluation that Legit Check By CH supplied to get a refund for the fake sneakers.

One of the customers who spoke negatively about Legit Check BY CH described it as a disaster and said, “The most recent innovation in the authentication sector is a failure.” A Hermes bag they had purchased from a Hermes retailer was discovered to be phony when they investigated its authenticity! It was also a ridiculous and faulty justification. Authenticators are less expensive than most “we authenticate everything” organizations and are more likely to identify the bag as fake. Do not trust this business, please. They are capable of wreaking damage if they make false accusations without providing enough proof.

Other client testimonials on Legit Check By CH on Trustpilot include the following:

“I wanted a legitimate check after purchasing a sweater, and after finding this service online, I’m not getting any support at all. I require PROOF THAT THE SWEATER IS FAKE; I paid $20 for nothing because they just wrote arbitrary justifications for why it’s authentic even if they also claim it’s a fake. What the devil is this website?

Even my messages to the support are not being returned.

Wouldn’t advise doing so. 

Legit Check By CH is referred to by some as a useless and meaningless program. 

Additional clients of Legit Check By CH have referred to authenticators as being unprofessional and lacking in qualifications.

“This recent addition to the authentication space is horrible,” he says. “You should not have made it.” After evaluating a Hermes bag that had been acquired directly from a Hermes store, they concluded that the bag was manufactured. The reasons, on the other hand, were appalling and completely erroneous.

As is the case with the majority of these “we authenticate everything” authentication devices, they charge a paltry fee and err on the side of claiming that the bag is fake.

You should not put your faith in this company because they will cause all kinds of trouble by making misleading statements without having sufficient knowledge to back them up. 

Some Legit Check By CH clients describe it as fraudulent. 

The legitimacy of Legit Check By CH is being called into question by others. 

Certain clients have doubts about the genuineness of the service provided by Legit Check By Ch. He makes the following statement: “The authentication service that I experienced was terrible.” They verified the authenticity of my Tudor watch and concluded that it was a “counterfeit.” To submit a claim for a refund, I decided to purchase a certificate. On the other hand, after I received the certificate, I found out that the explanations that were offered for the verification showed that the watch was authentic. Because I was perplexed, I contacted them to get an explanation. They confessed that they had made a mistake and that the watch was, in fact, genuine throughout the entire process. After that, I requested a reimbursement, but they vanished without a trace. 

How do apps for authentication operate? 

These apps generally function as follows: By scanning a QR code that holds a secret key shared by the authenticator and the service you’re authenticating with, you can enable authentication for a service within the app. Based on this key and the current time, the authenticator and the service both produce a code using the same technique.

When you enter a code, the service compares it to the code it generated the first time you used the app. If the codes match, everything will be OK and you’ll be able to access the account. Connecting the authenticator app with a QR code transmits a lot of other information in addition to the secret key. This encompasses the duration of the one-time code.

The most important piece of information, the secret key, is only ever communicated once when the service and the authentication tool couple, and it is then retained by both sides. Stated differently, since your authenticator receives no information from the service at all with each account login, there is nothing to intercept.

The main function of authenticator apps can be completed even without internet access. The only thing that a hacker could access is the one-time code that the system creates for you to input. Furthermore, the effectiveness of this code is limited to about 30 seconds. 

The typical operation of these applications is as follows: The QR code that contains a private key that is shared by both the authenticator and the service that you are authenticating with is scanned by the user to enable authentication for a service within the application. Based on this key and the current time, the authenticator and the service both produce a code using the same technique.

To construct a code dependent on this key and the current time, the authenticator and the service both make use of the same algorithm.

The service conducts a comparison between the code that you enter and the code that it generated when you initially used the application. If the codes are the same, everything will be fine, and you will be able to connect to the account. When the authenticator app is connected to a QR code, a great deal of additional information is transmitted in addition to the secret key. The time frame for the one-time code is included in this sentence.

The secret key, which is the most important piece of information, is only ever exchanged once when the service and authenticator couple, and both parties remain in possession of it after that. To put it another way, there is nothing that may be intercepted because the service does not provide any information to your authenticator with each new login to the account they are associated with.

Without even having to be connected to the internet, the basic function of authenticator apps can be done. There is only one item that a hacker could access, and that is the one-time code that the system produces for you to enter whenever you log in. Furthermore, the execution of this code is limited to approximately thirty seconds. 

The workings of the authenticator app fraud 

This scam was discovered on Twitter by Mysk, a security blog maintained by iOS developers: The first app that shows up in the results may be a fake since con artists buy the sponsored results at the top of searches for popular authenticator apps like Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator. After downloading these scam apps, you will almost certainly be required to pay a ridiculous amount, like $40 a month, to obtain access codes. (It goes without saying that the only places you can get these codes for free are from legitimate programs.)

A different moniker for these authenticators will always be used by scammers, even if Apple and Google have taken proactive steps to remove some of these bogus apps from the market. Typically, scam apps utilize the term “Authenticator” to seem real and have a generic-looking lock symbol. In the world of scammers, inventiveness is scarce. 

How to stay away from false authenticator applications? 

All it would take to avoid these con artists are a few easy actions. Initially, regardless of whether you search through the Google Play store on your Android smartphone or the App Store on your iPhone, don’t trust the first result you find. The developer’s name should be clicked to verify the legitimacy of the software, even if it looks legitimate at first. One such product is Google Authenticator, which was made by Google LLC. Then, look for your favorite authenticator apps on the web with speed. 

If you arrive at Google’s or Microsoft’s official download pages for their authenticator apps, you will be directed to the appropriate app on your phone. Selecting a well-used app and staying away from obscure ones is the best defense against these scam apps. If your smartphone happens to be running a strange authenticator app, you can remove it as soon as it requests payment. If not completely free, the top authenticator applications all have a free version available.

Using apps that have integrated two-factor authentication is the final way to thwart these con artists’ attempts to steal from you.

How Authentication Risks Can Be Reduced:

Protect yourself from attacks using brute force by putting in place robust protection: To prevent brute-force attacks, it is important to implement mitigation methods such as account lockouts, rate restrictions, IP-based monitoring, application firewalls, and CAPTCHAs.

Ensure Strong Password Policies: Improve security by providing real-time password strength evaluations, and when it comes to improving usability and mitigating risk, you should think about introducing passwordless authentication techniques such as FIDO2.

It is recommended to implement HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS). To guarantee the safety of communication, it is necessary to mandate the utilization of TLS encryption, which protects sensitive data while it is in transit.

By arranging login failures to display the same error message regardless of whether or not the username is genuine, username enumeration can be disabled. This prevents possible attackers from quickly discovering valid usernames.

Use HttpOnly and SameSite tags to improve cookie security and reduce the risk of cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks, respectively. Secure Cookie Headers improve cookie security.

To discover and fix any potential weaknesses, it is important to do thorough code reviews. This involves examining the code for vulnerabilities, particularly in authentication protocols.

Code audits should be performed regularly. This involves reviewing codebases regularly to identify areas of weakness in the logic, weaknesses in authentication bypass, and overall security posture.

Utilize parameterized statements: Validating input and using parameterized queries to avoid directly injecting user-provided data into SQL statements are two ways to reduce the danger of SQL injection attacks. To mitigate this risk, you should utilize parameterized statements.

It is important to implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) that is effective. The security of multi-factor authentication (MFA) systems should be improved by mandating the use of numerous verification methods in addition to passwords. This would guarantee the resilience of the code and the secure creation of verification codes.


In summary, Legit Check by CH is an invaluable tool in the continuous fight against authentication flaws and fake goods. With the help of Legit Check by CH’s insights and advice, buyers of luxury goods can make well-informed selections and ensure that the products they buy are real and true. 

By implementing strong security protocols, like those suggested by Legit Check by CH, people, and institutions can strengthen their online security stance and reduce the likelihood of becoming targets of fraudulent activities and unauthorized access activities. People may protect their data and maintain the integrity of their online transactions by being watchful and using reliable authentication techniques, as recommended by Legit Check by CH. This will ultimately improve their digital safety and peace of mind.

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