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Fraud Allegations on Joseph Ryan Faber? (2024)


Joseph Ryan Faber, also known as J Ryan Faber, manages True View Commercial, LLC, a company that claims to offer cost-effective insurance loss adjusting and claims handling services for commercial and residential property owners.

Faber asserts that their goal is to provide accurate and thorough assessments of insurance losses, emphasizing maximizing cash recovery for policyholders after a covered loss. They position themselves as the insured’s representative.

Despite True View Commercial presenting itself as a certified public adjuster focused on assisting people, Joseph Ryan Faber’s company lacks solid legal standing. Client satisfaction and complaint resolution are not prioritized, revealing a less than favorable reputation.

True View Commercial, owned by Joseph Ryan Faber, operates from 16475 Dallas Parkway, Suite 755, Addison, Texas 75001, with the website serving as its platform.

About True View Commercial

True View Commercial, headquartered in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas (DFW), positions itself as a registered public adjusting firm specializing in comprehensive services for large-loss commercial and residential insurance claims. The company emphasizes its expertise in adjusting and consultancy for insurance claims, catering to both simple and complex damages.

According to True View Commercial’s website, their team of adjusters brings years of experience, having worked in various capacities such as insurance company adjusters, field adjusters, catastrophe adjusters, desk adjusters, independent adjusters, appraisers, and public adjusters. The collective expertise of their staff, with a focus on settling insurance claims, includes handling damages amounting to millions of dollars.

True View Commercial prides itself on exceeding industry standards by maintaining a team of adjusters and claim specialists with numerous certifications in their respective fields. These certifications, ranging from Certified Matterport Photographers to Certified Thermography Specialists and Certified HAAG Engineering Certified Inspectors, enhance the company’s ability to accurately identify and document claims of harm. The emphasis on reputable industry credentials from their in-house team aims to provide clients with a robust foundation for their insurance claims.

What does a public advisor do?

A public adjuster, acting as an impartial insurance expert, assists policyholders in navigating and resolving insurance claims. Unlike independent adjusters or in-house adjusters employed by insurance companies, public adjusters work independently on behalf of policyholders. They evaluate property damage, document losses, and guide policyholders through the entire claims process.

In Massachusetts, policyholders have the option to hire a public insurance adjuster to aid in filing claims and negotiating insurance claim reimbursement. Public insurance adjusters represent claimants and receive compensation from the insurer, typically amounting to up to 10% of the total payout.

Why do insurance policies adjust?

An insurance adjuster, also known as a claims adjuster, is an individual responsible for managing claims submitted to insurance firms by insureds or claimants. These adjusters carefully review the specifics of each case and determine an appropriate claim payout in accordance with the terms outlined in the insured’s policy.

Their role is to ensure a fair and accurate assessment of the claim within the parameters of the insurance policy. Insurance adjusters may be independent, working for the insurance company, or in-house adjusters employed directly by the insurer.

Joseph Ryan Faber Reviews

“Connection on a sexual level with a temporary employee”

Joseph Ryan Faber, also known as J Ryan Faber or Ryan Faber, holds the managerial position at True View Commercial, LLC. There are allegations that he engaged in illicit activities, including corporate theft, conversion, and fraud, as reported by his former employer. Despite evidence of wrongdoing, he managed to escape legal consequences due to the expiration of the statute of limitations.

Accusations include instances of theft from his company, alongside reports of an inappropriate intimate connection with a part-time colleague, coinciding with his marriage to another employee.

Apart from involvement in real estate fraud through misrepresentation and omission, wire fraud, marriage fraud, divorce fraud, and other fraudulent schemes against his employer, it is suggested that Joseph Ryan Faber of True View Commercial collaborated in these actions with his partner.

Exercise caution when considering business engagements with True View Commercial public insurance adjusting, and approach dealings with Joseph Ryan Faber with wariness based on these serious allegations. It is advisable to seek further verification from credible sources or legal channels before making any judgments.

Concerning Allegations against Joseph Ryan Faber and TrueView Commercial

In reference to Joseph Ryan Faber and his business, TrueView Commercial, numerous concerning allegations have surfaced. Documentation suggests Faber was involved in theft from his previous employer, including the misuse of company funds and engaging in theft by conversion. Additionally, reports indicate instances of sexual misconduct towards coworkers during his tenure at his prior job.

The accusations extend to deeply personal matters, alleging involvement in obscene activities with his aunt, indicating a troubling pattern of unethical behavior. Claims also include marriage fraud, suggesting dishonesty in personal relationships, including cheating on his baby’s mother while supposedly in a fictitious marriage and even with his married aunt.

This review strongly emphasizes a perceived lack of moral compass and disregard for personal, corporate, or professional ethics in Joseph Ryan Faber. It serves as a cautionary message, advising individuals to exercise caution and carefully consider potential risks before engaging in any interactions with Joseph Ryan Faber or TrueView Commercial.

How much money do Joseph Ryan Faber’s clients lose?

Clients of J. Ryan Faber – True View Commercial, LLC have reported incurring a substantial loss of $300,000. The overall severity of incident reports is notably high.

What is the role of a public adjuster?

A public adjuster serves as an impartial insurance expert, representing the policyholder to ensure a prompt and fair resolution of their claim. Their responsibilities include:

  • Assessing the extent of damage, estimating costs, and determining the time needed for repairs or replacements.
  • Assisting the policyholder in understanding their insurance policy, managing the claim process, completing paperwork, and adhering to deadlines.
  • Acting as a liaison between the policyholder, the insurance company, and any other involved parties such as attorneys or witnesses.
  • Negotiating with the insurance provider to secure a fair settlement.

When Should You Consider Hiring a Public Adjuster?

While there’s no strict rule for when to hire a public adjuster, certain situations may warrant their services:

  • When filing a substantial claim for high-value, major, complicated, or fire damage to your home.
  • If you have reservations about the evaluation conducted by your insurance adjuster.
  • When you believe the settlement offered by your insurer is unfair or undervalued.
  • If you need assistance with a complex claim or navigating the claims process.

What Fees Do Public Adjusters Charge?

Public adjusters typically charge a percentage of the total claim settlement. The fee can range from as little as 3% to as much as 30% of your insurance settlement, depending on the magnitude of the claim. For instance, if your final claim amount is $250,000 and the adjuster charges 10%, you would pay approximately $25,000 in fees.

Another common pricing structure is hourly or fixed fees. The cost of hiring a public adjuster varies based on factors such as the specifics of your claim, your location, the chosen adjuster, and their fee schedule.

If you’re considering hiring a public adjuster, it’s advisable to compare quotes or estimates from different professionals to determine potential costs based on your claim type and location.


In the past, Joseph Ryan Faber took money from his workplace and had an improper relationship with a colleague while both were married.

It is said that Joseph Ryan Faber, associated with True View Commercial, was involved in various fraudulent activities like real estate fraud, wire fraud, marriage fraud, divorce fraud, and other schemes to take advantage of his employer. Allegedly, he did this in collaboration with someone close to him.

It is advised to stay away from True View Commercial for insurance matters and to be cautious about dealing with Joseph Ryan Faber.

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