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Negligence Allegations on Dr. Khuong Nguyen?

Dr. Khuong Nguyen

Dr. Khuong Nguyen says he’s a general surgeon who specializes in laparoscopic and colorectal surgery. He got his medical degrees from the University of New South Wales in 2006 and became a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons in 2017 after completing advanced training in general surgery.

Allegations Against Dr. Khuong Nguyen, Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Khuong Nguyen, a pediatric dentist in San Diego, is facing allegations of performing unnecessary procedures on children. The Dental Board of California initiated an investigation into Dr. Nguyen, who owns Clairemont Pediatric Dental, following a complaint from a parent in 2018. Despite the passage of three years, two mothers and another dentist remain upset that Dr. Nguyen is still allowed to treat patients.

The dental board has outlined eight grounds for disciplinary action against Dr. Khuong Nguyen, including claims of incompetence, negligence, excessive use of medication or therapy, unprofessional conduct such as fraudulent payment collection, submitting false insurance claims, failure to adhere to oral conscious sedation guidelines, and inadequate monitoring of patients under oral conscious sedation.

Dr. Khuong Nguyen Reviews

“Dr. Khuong Nguyen is the worst dentist ever,” says Emily N.

Emily recounts her unpleasant experiences with Dr. Nguyen, her childhood dentist. She describes his demeanor as truly horrible, noting instances where he yelled at her during painful procedures, which she finds completely unprofessional. Emily recalls leaving one appointment only to discover that Dr. Nguyen had not completed work on one of her teeth, leading to frustration. When her mother contacted him about the issue, Dr. Nguyen responded rudely, dismissing their concerns. Emily strongly advises against bringing children to see this dentist, citing his rude, impatient, and money-focused behavior.

“Unnecessary Treatment!”

Ben C expresses shock and concern over his child’s dental treatment with Dr. Khuong Nguyen. Despite not being allowed to be present during the procedure, Ben’s intuition prompted him to seek a second opinion. To his surprise, another dentist found that his child didn’t need any dental work at all.

Ben was startled to discover that Dr. Nguyen wanted to place eight large silver caps on his child’s teeth, despite claiming there were no cavities and no need for treatment. This experience left Ben feeling uneasy about Dr. Nguyen’s recommendations and decision-making process.

“Dr. Khuong Nguyen is AWFUL”

Review by June A:

June A expresses deep regret for ever visiting Dr. Khuong Nguyen’s practice, despite being recommended by Dental Express. She describes her experience as utterly appalling, stating that Dr. Nguyen’s treatment of children amounts to torture. She recounts an incident where her child emerged from the treatment room trembling and with a beet-red face, unable to walk due to the intensity of the experience.

June highlights Dr. Nguyen’s discourteous response when asked about white fillings and his dismissive attitude towards medical coverage. She recounts a similar traumatic experience with her 2-year-old daughter, who emerged from the room hysterically screaming, with a runny nose and hyperventilating.

Upon informing her new dentist about her past experiences, she discovers that Dr. Nguyen’s reputation is known within the dental community. June regrets not seeking advice before visiting his practice and warns others against subjecting their children to such treatment.

She criticizes Dr. Nguyen’s use of physical restraints on children and his apparent lack of empathy. June questions why someone with such self-centred behavior chose to work in pediatric dentistry and implores him to find another profession that doesn’t involve hurting children.

“Dr. Khuong Nguyen is Terrible”

Karla M describes Dr. Khuong Nguyen as the most arrogant and uncaring practitioner she’s ever met. She was shocked when he showed her child’s x-rays and said her child had 10 cavities, claiming he could see them when she couldn’t. When she asked how he planned to treat them, he simply replied that he knew what he was doing because he was a doctor. When she pressed for more details, he directed her to the receptionist for information.

The receptionist explained the treatment plan, which cost $800, and Karla paid it in full. Only then did Dr. Nguyen show more interest in addressing her concerns.

However, it was clear that he cared more about making money than about his patients’ well-being, as he quickly left for lunch after the procedure without answering her questions. Karla appreciates the kindness of the receptionist, but believes Dr. Nguyen is a terrible doctor regardless of his skill level.


In state investigation records, San Diego dentist Dr. Khuong Nguyen faces accusations of performing unnecessary dental procedures on children, including tooth extractions, root canals, and fillings. These allegations paint Dr. Nguyen as a conman driven solely by financial gain, disregarding the well-being of his young patients by subjecting them to procedures they don’t need.

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