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New Sexual Assault Case on Jason Seto NYC? (2024)


A child abuser named Jason Seto NYC was jailed for attempting to set up sex with a 14-year-old minor. A police sting revealed the monster’s criminal intentions and acts, and he was swiftly arrested. But now the monster is advertising himself as a charity manager.

Do not trust Jason Seto NYC. The analysis that follows delves further into how this monster was apprehended, where he is today, and how you should stay away from him:

Where is the child abuser Jason Seto NYC right now?

Jason Seto NYC is a New York-based event planner for charitable causes and a visualizer for the marketing of entertainment brands. His main interests are creative live-stage theatre plays and musical/dance production experiences. Seto also supports LGBTQ+ concerns as an activist.

Produced by Jason Seto NYC, The Pride Main Event NYC was a major opening dance performance at the Jacob Javits Center for WorldPride in 2019 that was modelled after the Super Bowl.

Jason Seto NYC is detained in a child sex investigation

According to authorities on Friday, an elementary school employee for the city’s teachers union was discovered during an underage sex sting in the airport food court. The federal government alleges that PS 48X’s community school director Jason Seto NYC, 41 (now 45), was arrested on Thursday after setting up what he thought would be a prospective sex encounter with a 14-year-old minor.

The boy who spoke with Jason Seto NYC online later turned out to be an NYPD detective who assumed a youthful persona. Detective Damon Gergar first got in touch with Jason Seto NYC through a dating app in August, according to a criminal complaint filed on Friday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

According to the records, when the officer told Jason Seto NYC that he was 14 years old, Jason Seto NYC said, “Cool.” Inquiries concerning oral sex and a meeting almost immediately, according to the lawsuit, were made by Jason Seto NYC. The prosecution records state that  Jason Seto NYC suggested changing to a more private app to “keep us a secret” and that he confessed to the undercover officer that he enjoyed seeing child pornography with children under the age of 14.

Nevertheless posing as the boy, Gergar agreed to meet Seto on Thursday night at a LaGuardia Airport food court where police were allegedly getting ready to detain him. That is when he allegedly turned over his phone, which had fabricated talks with the 14-year-old.

Jason Seto NYC appeared in court on Friday sporting a slim-fit grey polo shirt, blue pants, a mohawk, and a goatee. Prosecutors asked for and received a temporary order of custody on September 11 in advance of Jason Seto NYC‘s bail application.

He has been employed with the United Federation of Teachers since October 2018, which cooperates with the city to deliver more resources to particular schools. Before this, he served as Community School Director at PS 165 in Brooklyn for the nonprofit Partnership for Children.

His website states that he currently oversees projects to offer social work services, therapy, and community linkages at the Bronx primary school. Jason Seto NYC boasts of managing Chris Grant, the choreographer for Beyoncé, and presenting the Pride Festival’s largest event, a 25,000-person gala at the Jacob Javits Center, through his production firm.

A fifth-grader who played Simba in a production of The Lion King that Jason Seto NYC helped stage at PS 48X is among the young kids whose images can be found on his Instagram account. There is a picture of him and Mayor de Blasio on his LinkedIn page as well.

A UFT spokesperson stated that “Mr. Seto has been suspended without pay considering the very serious nature of the allegations.” The city’s Department of Education voiced its support for the prompt action. “Mr. Seto’s employment was promptly terminated when we became aware of these highly serious allegations. He is not a DOE employee and his work 

the status will be suspended while this matter is being handled, according to the DOE.

Bottom Line

A complaint was made in Brooklyn Federal Court alleging a director of the United Federation of Teachers of attempting to coerce a child into having sex as part of a sting operation.

According to detective Damon Gergar, who took part in the investigation, Jason Seto NYC, 41, contacted him using a dating app that people “primarily use to meet up for sexual interaction.” According to Gergar, Jason Seto NYC sent him a photo of himself that included both his face and genitalia.

In the first fifteen minutes of their chat, according to Gergar, Jason Seto NYC was told his age. Asserting that Jason Seto NYC was his “daddy” and that Gergar was his “son,” Jason Seto NYC allegedly gave Gergar a “cool” reaction and carried on a conversation with him, asking him if he preferred older men.

That’s why I volunteered, according to Jason Seto NYC, who requested that the dialogue continues on the secure messaging platform Telegram, as we both have to delete the conversations every time because this app is secretive. Jason Seto NYC allegedly said, “I prefer young,” in response to Gergar’s repeated assertion that he was 14 years old.

Jason Seto NYC and Gergar have been having sex multiple times since Seto first expressed interest in meeting up.

When they were talking, Jason Seto NYC also expressed his wish to meet the person he ostensibly believed to be a child and see child porn. Jason Seto NYC is said to have acknowledged watching porn with boys “younger” than the 14-year-old Gergar claimed to be, and during their conversations, Jason Seto NYC gave Gergar access to four films.

Jason Carlos was the alias that Jason Seto NYC had been using in the conversations when he was questioned about whether or not his real name was Jason Carlos. Authorities ultimately came to the conclusion that it was Jason Seto NYC based on the photo of his face that Jason Seto NYC had given Gergar.

Even offering to fly to meet him, Gergar said the fictitious 14-year-old resided in the Dominican Republic. Gergar eventually received the GPS location of a location less than half a mile from Jason Seto NYC‘s Astoria home address.

Gergar recommended that they meet at the LaGuardia Airport Five Guys restaurant on September 5. Jason Seto NYC was observed leaving his flat and travelling to LaGuardia airport by police. Once Gergar claimed to be there, Jason Seto NYC went into the bathroom.

Gergar then asserted that he had been to Five Guys, and Jason Seto NYC eventually went there to meet him and other law enforcement officers, who subsequently took Gergar into custody.

According to the authorities, Jason Seto NYC confessed he was the one communicating to the person who claimed to be 14 years old after waiving his Miranda rights and enabling Gergar to look through his phone, where the chats were found.


Child maltreatment effect

Adversity stemming from maltreatment during childhood is the primary avoidable risk factor for both substance misuse and mental disease. It is imperative to comprehend how maltreatment raises the risk of mental diseases, notwithstanding the strong correlation between it and psychopathology. According to mounting data, brain development trajectories are altered by maltreatment, which has an impact on sensory systems, network architecture, and circuits responsible for emotion regulation, threat detection, and reward anticipation. This Review investigates the association between psychopathology and brain changes, the differences between resistance, susceptibility, and compensation, and whether these variations are the result of potentially adaptive adjustments or the destructive effects of early-life stress.

  1. Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse as well as physical and emotional neglect are forms of childhood maltreatment that have a significant impact on the development of a child’s brain and are a major risk factor for adult psychopathology.
  2. Maltreatment-induced changes to the brain are very unique, contingent on the kind and timing of the exposure, and likely originally phenotypic adaptations that improved the survival and procreation of the species, but they are now linked to significant negative medical and psychological consequences.
  3. Maltreatment impacts the development of important fibre tracts, such as the corpus callosum, superior longitudinal fasciculus, uncinate fasciculus, and cingulum bundle, and appears to change the development of sensory systems that process and convey stressful experiences. It also reduces the volume of the hippocampus, especially in adults, as well as the volume of anterior cingulate, ventromedial, and dorsomedial cortices.
  4. The amygdala’s heightened response to threatening stimuli, the ventral striatal’s decreased response to reward anticipation or receipt, the amygdala’s decreased connectivity with prefrontal regions, and the maltreated individual’s increased precuneus volume and network centrality are all consistently reported in this review.
  5. Clinically, neurobiologically, and genetically, maltreated and non-maltreated persons with the same core mental diagnosis differ from one another. As a result, maltreated individuals appear to represent different eco phenotypes of recognized psychiatric diseases. Therefore, abuse might be an unidentified confound in investigations using psychiatric neuroimaging.
  6. Brain alterations linked to maltreatment are often observed in strong individuals who do not exhibit any previous or present signs of psychopathology. These people most likely have additional neurobiological or molecular changes that allow them to effectively offset the neurobiological changes brought on by stress.
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