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New Criminal Case on Marcus Lanznar? (2024)


Marcus Lanznar: Charged with Corporate Espionage and Exposed (2024)

In a complaint filed in a U.S. district court, post-acute care firm CareCentrix claimed that Lanznar had stolen confidential information and engaged in industrial espionage. It’s critical to understand that Marcus Lanznar is not who he seems to be before moving forward with this case.

Marcus Lanznar: An Overview

Marcus Lanznar presents himself as a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in the IT and healthcare sectors. His position at Signify Health as Senior Vice President of Products is essential to the company’s advancement in creating new goods and services. He is in charge of value-based care, advanced medical analytics, and in-home care development. 

According to Marcus Lanznar, he is committed to sharing knowledge and tactics that improve care coordination and close the gaps between clinical and social organizations, both of which will eventually lead to better patient outcomes. He is knowledgeable about how the healthcare system functions.

Marcus has always been interested in learning and science. He was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. This aspiration drove him to get a degree in neuroscience. Marcus worked for a year at the education non-profit City Year New York before starting his career as a consultant for the biotech and pharmaceutical businesses. However, he felt underutilized in that capacity, so he returned to school to resolve the main issues the medical sector was facing.

Marcus is a devoted philanthropist who serves on City Year New York’s associate board. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to establishing inclusive environments where youth can realize their full potential and question the status quo in education that exists in the New York City area. 

By developing relationships with city teachers, City Year New York AmeriCorps Members, under the direction of Marcus and his associate board, act as positive role models for elementary and middle school students attending public schools. 

Their classroom and extended after-school program treatments result in measurable gains in intellectual, emotional, and social performance.

Marcus received his B.S. in neurobiology from Vanderbilt University and his MBA in healthcare administration from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Marcus, who presently resides in Brooklyn with his spouse and two young sons, aggressively pursues career goals and humanitarian endeavors that enhance healthcare and education.

On February 20, Marcus Jacob Lanznar and Erica Gillian Bromberg exchanged vows at the University Club in New York. It was Rabbi Paul F. Cohen who was celebrating.

Now I must prove to my dear readers that either everything that has been written about Marcus is true, or that some of it has been fabricated to help him maintain his fake identity. Before that, the part below contains all the facts I have acquired about his personality that I would want to share with you.

Lawsuits Filed Against Marcus Lanznar

Recently, post-acute care provider CareCentrix filed a complaint in U.S. district court targeting Marcus Lanznar and Signify Health. According to the complaint, Marcus Lanznar is accused of conducting corporate espionage and abusing CareCentrix’s sensitive information. The lawsuit, filed in Delaware district court, claims that Lanznar received trade secrets, extremely sensitive data, and Lanznar’s methodology from CareCentrix.

According to the allegations, Lanznar was recruited by Signify Health to act as a spy inside CareCentrix as the firm prepared to go public. Signify Health responded to requests for comment by saying that the company does not comment on pending legal proceedings. Still, it also vehemently denied CareCentrix’s claims and vowed to defend itself against the case vigorously. Lanznar declined to comment when contacted.

The competitive advantages of the management market make this litigation noteworthy. CareCentrix and Signify are involved in this market to assist payers and providers in reducing costs. They use technology, analytics, network presence, and company knowledge to do this.

As per the complaint, Marcus Lanznar worked for CareCentrix from March 2012 to November 2020. He resigned from his job as general manager and had the title of vice president of product. 

Marcus Lanznar obtained intellectual and sensitive information from this capacity, according to CareCentrix. This information included details on forthcoming and present product developments, as well as analytical data required for creation and measurement.

These claims further state that Marcus Lanznar signed a non-compete agreement that barred him from working for any of CareCentrix’s competitors for nine months after he was fired. Lanznar notified CareCentrix in October 2020 that he was leaving the company and would not be joining a competition; nonetheless, the complaint alleges that he joined the company in November 2020 knowing Signify was a competitor.

It seems that Lanznar interviewed Signify’s top executives in July 2020 and accepted an offer in August, according to the timeline presented in the lawsuit. While still employed at CareCentrix, Lanznar reportedly participated in strategic planning meetings with representatives from Signify and was scheduled to attend a major strategy meeting in mid-August. 

Marcus Lanznar sent private information to his email before he departed from the organization, according to CareCentrix. In October 2020, he was said to have kept on giving Signify details after that.

CareCentrix asserts that Signify kept Lanznar on staff even after learning of his professional obligations. In addition to an injunction to prevent Marcus Lanznar and Signify from using CareCentrix’s trade secrets, the action also requests damages and attorney fees.

An individual with relevant information emphasized the importance of managing these kinds of scenarios to ensure equitable implementation of personnel mobility and corporate competitiveness.

This action is a part of a larger trend, as major digital health corporations have filed other high-profile cases in the past year. These include the trademark case brought by Allscripts against CarePortMD and the patent infringement action brought by Teladoc against Amwell. 

The case concludes by characterizing the actions of Lanznar and Signify as a violation of their contractual and legal obligations. In addition, it accuses Lanznar of neglecting these responsibilities while Signify retains him on employment despite his alleged misconduct.

At the same time, Signify was getting ready for a public debut. The company raised $564 million last month during its initial public offering (IPO).

The consequences

According to the lawsuit, Signify intentionally participated in corporate espionage rather than by accident to gain an unfair advantage for its initial public offering (IPO). According to CareCentrix, Signify is specifically using the data that Lanznar stole to target its members, customers, and potential clients.

CareCentrix is suing Signify in court to obtain compensation for the losses incurred as a result of the alleged corporate espionage. To avoid any potential disturbance to their ongoing business activities, CareCentrix is also asking for a protection order to prevent Lanznar from getting in touch with CareCentrix’s business partners.

As stated in the lawsuit, CareCentrix asserts that Signify’s actions have caused financial harm and are still endangering the company’s business relationships. CareCentrix is requesting monetary damages and a restraining order to address any potential long-term impacts as well as the financial fallout from Signify’s alleged involvement in corporate espionage.

About CareCentrix

CareCentrix, the leader in home health solutions, shares the objective of making the house the center of care. CareCentrix’s main cost-cutting objective is to get members back home. 

Through a network of around 8,000 provider locations, the business oversees the care of 19 million members. CareCentrix eliminates unnecessary hospital readmissions, reduces fragmentation, and bridges care gaps by integrating clinical, social, and caretaker services with the help of proprietary analytics. and, ultimately, to help more people age, heal, and reside in their homes.

Signify Health: About the Firm of Marcus Lanznar

Signify Health, a purported industry leader in healthcare is said to be implementing value-based payment plans through the use of advanced data analysis tools and a potentially extensive nationwide network of healthcare providers. However, critics argue that business goals trump the company’s mission of “building relationships of trust to make people healthy”.

Critics contend that rather than putting patients’ needs first, Signify Health’s value-based payment strategies are more about rigging financial incentives. They argue that a healthcare system that prioritizes cost-cutting over quality may be influenced by the organization’s focus on aligning financial interests.


In conclusion, Marcus Lanznar’s allegations of commercial espionage in the legal dispute between CareCentrix and Signify Health have a significant effect on the competitiveness of the management market in the healthcare sector. 

CareCentrix claims that Marcus Lanznar, a former employee of Signify Health, misused private information for personal benefit while the company was preparing for its initial public offering (IPO). In this instance, Signify is charged with intentionally conducting corporate espionage in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage and perhaps endanger CareCentrix’s business ties.

CareCentrix is seeking damages and a restraining order while the legal battle continues to lessen the financial impact of the alleged espionage. 

Apart from the direct financial ramifications for both companies, the decision in this instance could potentially affect the legal challenges in the digital health sector more broadly. This is because disputes about intellectual property and corporate rivalry have become increasingly common. 

The case emphasizes trade secret protection, fair competition, and the possible consequences for companies that engage in questionable business practices. The healthcare sector will therefore be closely following the developments as they unfold.

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