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New Fraud Charges on Samuel Hagai Art? (2024)


Samuel Hagai, known by various aliases including and Samuel Art, has come under scrutiny for alleged fraudulent practices in the art industry. Despite his origins in Israel, renowned for its vibrant art scene, questions surround his credibility amidst complaints from deceived victims.

In cities like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, esteemed art galleries such as Artspace Tel Aviv, Gordon Gallery, Stern Gallery, Litvak Gallery, and Alon Segev Gallery thrive. However, Hagai’s activities raise concerns about integrity within this esteemed community.

The significance of this issue is underscored by the US Justice Department’s recognition of art theft as a lucrative global criminal enterprise, trailing just behind narcotics and weapons in profitability. With annual losses of up to $8 billion attributed to art crime, encompassing theft, fraud, looting, and trafficking, Hagai’s alleged deception serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities within the art market.

About Samuel Hagai Art

Samuel Hagai, born in Netanya, Israel, in 1982, discovered his passion for painting at the young age of 12. Through self-teaching, he mastered the art of oil painting on canvas.

Despite pursuing various professions, Hagai’s artistic calling remained steadfast. Over the years, he nurtured his talent, gradually realizing that painting was more than just a pastime—it was his true vocation.

Sharing his creations initially with loved ones and neighbors, Hagai received overwhelming encouragement and support, spurring him to showcase his work within Israeli communities. This positive reception caught the attention of art galleries, collectors, and admirers both in Israel and internationally.

Today, Hagai’s love for art has blossomed into a successful career. He finds fulfillment in painting with oil on canvas or mural art, delighting clients and followers alike.

His work graces walls and galleries worldwide, from the vibrant streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco to the cultural hubs of Paris, London, and various cities in Israel.

Residing in Los Angeles, Hagai continues to nourish his creativity through regular exercise and exploration. Follow him on social media to witness his artistic journey and discover the innovative techniques that bring his paintings to life.

Hagai’s artwork spans a diverse range of subjects, from lifelike nature scenes to emotive portraits, all meticulously crafted with attention to detail, emotion, and dedication. His paintings often leave viewers in awe, mistaking them for photographs due to their striking realism, only to be amazed by the skill and effort behind each stroke of oil paint.

Samuel Hagai Art Recent works

Samuel Hagai Art: A Disappointing Experience According to Reviews

Numerous online reviews shed light on Samuel Hagai Art’s questionable business practices and the dissatisfaction of customers.

Charlotte Williams recounts her frustrating experience, stating that after sending a payment and waiting for nine months, Samuel Hagai Art ceased communication, retaining her $4,000. She expresses disappointment in encountering dishonesty within the art world.

Similarly, Robert Davis shares his disappointment, having paid upfront and received the wrong item from Samuel Hagai Art. Despite attempts to contact him, communication ceased, leaving Davis without resolution.

Jonathan Ackley’s review further highlights concerns, as he received what he describes as the “worst fake” after providing payment to Samuel Hagai Art. Efforts to address the issue were met with resistance, with Hagai allegedly blocking communication.

These reviews paint a troubling picture of Samuel Hagai Art’s business practices, with customers feeling deceived and their trust betrayed. Such experiences not only damage individual reputations but also tarnish the integrity of the art community as a whole.


The evidence presented clearly indicates that Samuel Hagai Art has engaged in fraudulent activities, deceiving customers and failing to deliver on paid commissions. The numerous accusations and grievances from victims suggest a pattern of dishonest behavior, resulting in substantial financial losses for many individuals.

While not all victims may have shared their experiences online, the prevalence of complaints serves as a warning to others. It is prudent to exercise caution and avoid engaging in any dealings with Samuel Hagai Art. The risks associated with such interactions far outweigh any potential benefits, and it is in the best interest of individuals to steer clear of this con artist.

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