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Fraud Allegations on Pro Business Plans? (2024)

Pro Business Plans: Accused with charges of deception (2024) 

This article reveals the real story behind the five-star reviews of pro-business plans on internet review platforms. 

Details Regarding Pro Business Plans: 

Pro Business Plans review

Claiming to be concerned with helping firms and organizations plan for the future, Pro Business Plans boasts about offering “consultative services” and “advisory services.” Claiming to be able to help their clients succeed mainly through producing “quality” investor documents including financial models, pitch decks, and company plans, they make audacious claims.

Pro Business Plans claims to provide continuous client participation throughout the creation process, implying that they provide end-to-end help. They claim that with this support, distinct ideas are generated and concrete outcomes are delivered.

But it’s critical to treat these assertions with suspicion. Phrases such as “claims to offer” and “claims to help its clients succeed” imply a degree of ambiguity and possibly exaggeration in the services provided. Furthermore, rather than being a sincere dedication to the client’s success, the concept of “end-to-end support” could be viewed as a marketing ploy. Even if Pro Business Plans seems like a helpful partner, you should evaluate its real performance and carefully consider its claims before using its services. 

About the creator of Pro Business Plans, Chase Hughes


In addition to founding Pro Business Plans, Chase Hughes oversees ProAI, a company devoted to helping companies use artificial intelligence to drive expansion. Among his accomplishments is his membership in the Forbes Council.

It is imperative to recognize that, despite these achievements, the grave accusations made against Chase Hughes of Pro Business Plans are not negotiable. It’s especially disturbing how many claims of fraud there are on the internet.

In addition, Chase Hughes has written multiple pieces for Forbes that aim to inform readers on the different aspects of AI and how it can be used to advance businesses.

Pro Business Plans is an organization that helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) create thorough business plans and pitch decks to obtain capital to support their growth. The company seems promising at first glance.

Unfortunately, a great deal of accusations concerning fraudulent activities have been made about it. It is essential to do extensive research by looking through online evaluations of any firm before doing business with them. A lot of customers have come across these concerns online considering Chase Hughes’ extensive web presence. 

Pro Business Plans Reviews and Complaints: 

1. According to Derek Collins, the strategy used by Pro Business Plans differed greatly from the conversations had on the kickoff call. He identifies this discrepancy as the result of using a subpar PowerPoint designer who works abroad. 

2. Juda relates that he had a similar experience with the same business, but he was able to get through it. The fact that someone from another nation was handling his private information made him uncomfortable, he said. If he had known this earlier, he would not have selected an outsourcing company. His business plan had some acceptable sections, but most needed serious revisions. Juda thanked his accountant for coming through for him at the right time because he was feeling a little lost and the help was really helpful. 

3. Lynzie notes that he was first skeptical about the existence of any positive reviews because of all the concerns that have been going around regarding Pro Business Plans. But after closely examining the evaluations and taking note of the names mentioned in them, it seems as though Chase may have been suspected of buying Google and Trustpilot reviews from people living abroad. Lynzie believes these odd reviews could be a hoax and has screenshotted them. Kindly refer to the proof that is attached. 

4. Rose stresses that it would be vital for Chase to see the magnitude of the financial and temporal harm this has caused us.

5. Moussa Kante claims the agent he dealt with was uninterested in helping him and even went so far as to hang up the phone in an acrimonious manner. 


In conclusion, there are substantial doubts regarding Pro Business Plans’ legitimacy and business methods based on internet evaluations and client complaints. There are questions about their capacity to fulfill their commitments in light of the claims of dishonest behavior and subpar work. Before working with Pro Business Plans, potential clients should do extensive research and consider these reviews. 

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