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Criminal Allegations on Spencer Schneider? (2024)


Spencer Schneider: How Controversial Is the Former Manhattan Cult?  The Unveiled Truth (2024)

Schneider is accused of defamation in the complaint for referring to the group as a cult that engages in forced labor and human trafficking while endorsing “Manhattan Cult Story: My Unbelievable True Story of Sex, Crimes, Chaos, and Survival.” We have to comprehend Spencer Schneider first.

Spencer Schneider: Who is he? 

Ex-husband Spencer Schneider has received a lot of attention for his work. In his book, which is filled with horrifying accusations of racism, homophobia, mental and physical assault, and child abuse, he describes the activities of the purported cult. May use to be a part of the cult. 

Schneider, who joined the group in 1989, describes how he was married to May right away at the cult’s leader Gans’s command. The context of the cult is provided for Schneider’s story. In his book “Manhattan Cult Story: My Unbelievable True Story of Sex, Crimes, Chaos, and Survival,” he discusses the shocking and terrible things that happened to him when he was a part of the group.

It is imperative to highlight, though, that Schneider’s extracurricular activities and personal goals present problems, and these things need to be taken into account. 

He is a swimmer who participates in open water marathons as well as ice swimming, two of the hardest and most hazardous forms of swimming. 

Schneider works as an ocean lifeguard in addition to being an attorney, a position that puts his life in danger due to the rough sea conditions and perhaps dangerous situations he may encounter.

Furthermore, the fact that Schneider maintains a lifeguard training facility could be interpreted as encouraging others to engage in risky activities involving water, which could have unfavorable effects. 

His involvement in the establishment of a water rescue organization raises the possibility that he is deliberately encouraging individuals to engage in activities that could endanger their lives.

Ultimately, Schneider’s findings about the purported cult are concerning, but there are also questions about his judgment and the risks he exposes himself and others to given his involvement in risky water activities and his duties in training and advocating for water-related initiatives.

Furthermore, the following describes Spencer Scheider:

Spencer Schneider: Charges and Related Inquiries

The alarming tale of Cynthia May, Adam Driver’s mother-in-law, and her purported membership in the Odyssey Study Organization (OSG) is the subject of this study. Adam Driver’s daughter-in-law is involved in the tale. 

The OSG, which is purported to have its headquarters in New York City, has been the target of numerous accusations. Allegations have been made regarding the OSG’s involvement in many forms of abuse, including emotional abuse, forced labor against its members, and indoctrination of members into engaging in illicit actions like child abuse and adultery.

It’s been reported that this organization has received lecture sponsorship from Cynthia May, the mother of Adam Driver’s wife, Joanne Tucker. 

The author of “Manhattan Cult Story: My Unbelievable True Story of Sex, Crimes, Chaos, and Survival,” Spencer Schneider, the ex-husband, claims to give an insider’s view of the OSG. May’s ex-husband is the author of the book.

In Schneider’s book, the allegations made against the organization are covered in great depth. These include the history of the organization and the controversial acts that have been linked to it. 

He acknowledges that doubts about May’s continued involvement with the group might exist, and he concurs that those doubts are legitimate. Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker have never had any affiliations or connections to the OSG, no matter what.

It is said that the Open Source Group was founded by actress Sharon Gans, who gained notoriety for her role in the movie “Slaughterhouse-Five,” and her spouse, Alex Horn. 

The band had started in San Francisco in the 1970s and migrated to New York City in the 1980s when they resurfaced there under a different name.

After Sharon Gans passed away in January 2021 from complications related to COVID-19, former employees, including Schneider, came forward with information regarding their experiences. 

These problems ultimately led to Gans’s death. According to what they said, members of the organization had to pay $400 a month for what they called “lectures,” which allegedly funded the opulent lifestyles of the leaders of the group.

The gang allegedly experienced mental abuse, physical violence, homophobia, racism, and child abuse, all of which Schneider, who joined in 1989, allegedly related. 

He went into depth about Gans’s method of forcing people to reveal their worst fears or anxieties so that others can humiliate and verbally abuse them after the information is out. Furthermore, Schneider talked about the negative actions that the group takes part in, like pressuring gays to get married to straight people and breaking up straight couples.

He claimed that he had to be involved in the community for at least ten years before he could truly see the extent of the harm the organization had inflicted. Schneider revealed his fear of being trapped and his long-term engagement as the reasons behind his feeling of being stuck.

Schneider is the one who plays May’s spouse; Gans set them up, and they were wed until 2009. After that, Gans assisted them in divorcing. Schneider voiced his doubts regarding May’s ongoing cooperation with the OSG and revealed his thoughts. 

He also made it clear that Joanne Tucker and Adam Driver had no connection to the band and that they had both expressed how much they disliked Sharon Gans.

Reportedly, the OSG allegedly paid $925,000 in 2021 to purchase a retreat in the upstate of New York. Members were allegedly made to work extremely hard at this site for no compensation. People were allegedly transferred there without being informed of their ultimate destination, according to certain sources.

Two women, Stephanie Rosenberg and Marjorie Hochman, complained about the OSG in the second half of that year, calling it a cult masquerading as a study group. 

According to their statement, since 2005, they have paid $400 monthly in membership dues to Gans and her husband, who reside in an opulent manner at the Plaza Hotel, in exchange for their unpaid services as personal assistants, chefs, housekeepers, drivers, and personal shoppers. In 2005, they started this arrangement.

The lawsuit stated that the action was justified due to claims of money laundering, arranged marriages, covert adoptions, sexual abuse, and maltreatment of children in addition to physical and emotional abuse. 

Although it did not disclose precise details concerning the most serious charges, it stated that the OSG used cult-like tactics to mislead and exploit its adherents, which led to the enrichment of its leaders, most notably Sharon Gans.

Following Gans’s death, the OSG sued Schneider, who had written the book and drawn parallels between Gans and the infamous Jim Jones cult leader. Schneider’s claims, which include accusations of human trafficking and illegal labor within the OSG, have been met with harassment charges by the group. Schneider has refuted all of the accusations.

Spencer Schneider: Essential Aspects of the Matter

Cynthia May’s involvement There are rumors that Joanne Tucker, an actress married to Adam Driver, had a mother named Cynthia May who sponsored talks for the OSG, an organization that has been called a cult and is known for its reportedly brutal past.

In the 1970s, the Original Stage Company (OSG) was founded in San Francisco by actress Sharon Gans and her husband, writer Alex Horn. It is then stated that in the 1980s, the business resurfaced in New York City under a different name.

Allegations of Violence: Former members have come up with accusations of physical and emotional abuse, racism, homophobia, and child abuse within the organization. One such member is Cynthia May’s ex-husband, Spencer Schneider. The way the group treats transgender people and kids is the subject of more accusations.

Financial Exploitation: Schneider said that attendees were forced to pay $400 a month for lectures, with the proceeds allegedly going toward funding the organization’s executives’ lavish lifestyles.

Forced Marriages: Schneider, a 1989 organization member, said that he was forced to wed Cynthia May at Sharon Gans’s direction. Schneider said he was coerced into marrying Cynthia May by Sharon Gans. There have been allegations that the group forced gays to marry straight people, among other things.

Isolation and Fear: Schneider admitted that his entire life had been entwined with the group and that he was afraid of what would happen if he left. This made it difficult for him to leave. He made it clear that his entire life had been entwined with the gang, making it difficult for him to leave.

Joanne Tucker and Adam Driver: Actor Adam Driver and his spouse Joanne Tucker were clearly not a part of the group and did not share Spencer Schneider’s views on Sharon Gans. The actress Adam Driver is married to is named Joanne Tucker. Schneider was adamant that they had no connection to the cult whatsoever.

Death of Sharon Gans Sharon Gans, the presumed head of the gang, died in January 2021 due to complications stemming from COVID-19.

A hideaway in upstate New York was purportedly purchased by the accused cult in 2021 for a sum of $925,000. The participants were allegedly forced to work continuously inside the retreat.

The complaints:

The same year, two women, Stephanie Rosenberg and Marjorie Hochman, complained to the Odyssey Study Group, claiming they were forced to assist Gans and her husband as unpaid caregivers, cooks, and housekeepers. The women designated the Odyssey Study Group as the party against whom they were suing. The complaint also cited the estate managers for actress Gans.

A number of people, including former members, have spoken out against the practices of the OSG, and these charges lead to a concerning history of alleged abuse, financial exploitation, and manipulation inside the organization. These claims also demonstrate an alleged history of abuse inside the OSG.


Last but not least, the Odyssey Study Group (OSG) has filed a lawsuit against former participant Spencer Schneider for writing a tell-all book where he levied shocking accusations about the organization and its creator, Gans Horn. Schneider wrote about his experiences as an OSG member in the book. In addition, Schneider wrote the book for which the OSG is currently suing him. In Schneider’s book, Gans Horn was compared to the infamous cult leader Jim Jones. Additionally, the OSG was accused of facilitating forced labor and kidnapping victims. 

The group claims that Schneider’s actions, especially his book and speeches in public, have harmed its reputation and unfairly characterized it as a “sinister cult” that manipulates, mistreats, and takes advantage of its members. Schneider has written a book about the gang and given speeches in public.

This legal case serves as an example of how difficult it may be to look into and substantiate allegations pertaining to cults and other problematic groups. It is highly probable that the determination of whether Schneider’s claims are defamatory and if the OSG has a valid case against him will fall into the purview of the judicial system. 

These kinds of cases often involve issues with speech rights, defamation, and the veracity of the accusations, and the outcome of the case may have significant consequences for both the group and the individual who was a member of it in the past.

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