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Fraud Charges on Mobicryp? (2024)


About Mobicryp

Users can mine USDT on the cryptocurrency mining platform Mobicryp. In Mandarmani, Kolkata, a new platform was introduced on November 14, 2022. Four cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, Anshit Jindal, Siddharth Shukla, Ankit Bhasin, and Abhishek Bhandari, launched it. The app was developed as a side project by Crypque, a blockchain and cryptocurrency firm. There has been a lot of debate surrounding Mobicryp, with some individuals calling it a scam.

The multilevel marketing community has taken notice of Mobicryp, which is advertised as “powered by Tronado” in its logo. The core of Mobicryp’s business is Tornado, an MLM cryptocurrency platform based around the TRDO token. The identities of the people behind Tronado, however, are still unknown, while rumors point to connections to India. Similar to this, Mobicryp withholds executive and ownership details from their website. 

Products: A Lack of Physical Offerings

In its attempt to create the appearance of legitimacy, Mobicryp fails to deliver tangible goods or services for retail. Affiliates can only advertise Mobicryp’s associate memberships, which indicates that the company’s structure notably lacks real items. 

The Mobicryp Reward Scheme: Purchasing TRDO Tokens 

The core of Mobicryp’s remuneration scheme is an investing scheme that makes use of TRDO tokens from Tronado. The investment tiers in USDT (Tether) are determined by the fees paid in TRDO: 

Affiliate PayMinimum InvestmentMaximum Investment
27.5 USDT150 USDT25 USDT
110 USDT600 USDT100 USDT
275 USDT1500 USDT250 USDT
550 USDT3000 USDT500 USDT
1100 USDT6000 USDT1000 USDT
2750 USDT15,000 USDT2500 USDT
5500 USDT30,000 USDT5000 USDT
11,000 USDT60,000 USDT10,000 USDT
27,500 USDT150,000 USDT25,000 USDT
55,000 USDT300,000 USDT50,000 USDT
110,000 USDT600,000 USDT100,000 USDT
550,000 USDT5,000,000 USDT500,000 USDT
1,100,000 USDT10,000,000 USDT1,000,000 USDT

These investments, which may be accessed by clicking a button once every 12 hours or once every 30 days, promise returns. Two systems, “Auto Minting” and “Self Minting,” both have a 250% maximum and offer returns at varying intervals. 

The MLM Structure of Mobicryp: Earnings Are Driven by Recruitment 

The foundation of Mobicryp’s MLM structure is the acquisition of new affiliate investors. Affiliates advance through multiple tiers determined by the volume of downline affiliate fees they have earned; each tier has its own set of requirements. 

Reference and Remaining Commissions: A Complicated Structure 

When personally recruited affiliates pay TRDO fees, affiliates receive a commission of ten percent of those fees. A binary compensation structure is also utilized by the platform, with residual commissions being computed from the binary team side which is considered to be the weaker of the two. On the weaker side, this dynamic provides affiliates with a reward of ten percent of the new USDT charge volume. 

Bonuses for rank achievement and ROI match: 

Through a uni-level compensation structure, Mobicryp offers an ROI match mechanism that rewards affiliates for generating fee volumes across several levels. Via Rank Achievement Bonuses, which provide a range of incentives upon reaching particular ranks, the network further incentivizes affiliates. 

How to join Mobicryp?

Although there is no cost to become an associate with Mobicryp, there is an initial charge that must be paid in TRDO tokens, which can range from 27.5 to 1,100,000 USDT. Depending on the initial charge paid, more contributions ranging from 150 to 10 million USDT are required.

Analysis of Operational Models

Mobicryp’s organizational structure raises questions about possible connections to the Tronado Ponzi scheme and other related endeavors. There are questions regarding the value of TRDO tokens when they are used as a criterion for entry. Since Tether controls token issuance, claims of revenue generating through tether minting are unfounded. It seems that the platform’s only sources of income are tether investments and incoming TRDO fees.

Prediction and Hazard Evaluation

Given the similarities to Ponzi schemes, Mobicryp’s future seems bleak. As recruiting declines, it is anticipated that the flow of new investments will stop, causing the scheme to fail and the majority to lose money—a destiny common to multilevel marketing Ponzi schemes.

Identifying Warning Signs

Mobicryp might be a fraudulent enterprise, according to several warning signs:

  • Not being registered with a financial regulator
  • Typographical and grammatical problems on the website
  • Aggressive referral scheme encouraging enrollment
  • Claim without evidence that the owner of a mining farm
  • past of making unfulfilled promises
  • Geographical Concerns and Affiliation Strategy

To validate itself, Mobicryp presents a certificate of UK incorporation under the name “Mobicryp Minting Solutions Limited.” However, because of permissive laws and little control, the UK is a popular choice for MLM organizations, which frequently generates suspicion. Uncertainty is heightened by the nation’s reputation as a hub for incorporating fictitious businesses. Mobicryp is notable for having connections to Dubai, a place notorious for MLM-related frauds.

Warning: Cautionary Advice

It is highly recommended that individuals who are thinking about investing in Mobicryp conduct a careful study and thoughtful consideration. A lot of cautionary indicators point to possible fraudulent activities.

Hazards of Mining Cryptocurrency:

The dangers that come with mining cryptocurrencies should be understood by investors. Profitability is not assured, and cryptocurrency values are subject to large swings. Only those who are comfortable with the dangers involved should invest in bitcoin mining.

Tips to Stay Away from Cryptocurrency Scams:

Take a look at these suggestions to avoid falling victim to bitcoin scams:

  • Invest only in bitcoin exchanges that are officially registered with financial authorities.
  • Before investing, thoroughly investigate any cryptocurrency platform.
  • Be wary of sites that offer astronomically large returns on investment.
  • Avoid using sites that are renowned for providing misleading guarantees.
  • Don’t ever risk more money than you can afford to lose.


Mobicryp is probably a scam, even if it claims to be a platform for mining cryptocurrencies. Potential investors should use this platform with the utmost caution and should not participate in it. When considering investing in Bitcoin mining, do your homework beforehand and only interact with reliable sites.

Mobicryp’s partnership with the questionable Tronado and its complex compensation plan highlight the company’s dependence on non-sustainable practices. A disquieting picture is painted by the lack of physical objects combined with dubious associations and guarantees. Similar to several multilevel marketing Ponzi scams, Mobicryp is set to follow a path where the majority of members incur financial losses.

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