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Buyer Beware

Daily Fitness Academy is an elaborate refund scam! Please do not buy their garbage $37 fitness program!!! I bought it and it was a total cr2p. I saw their advert while I was watching a cooking video on YouTube. The ad was convincing enough for me to click the link and their landing page definitely looked promising.

The Daily Fitness Academy Ad I Saw:

Daily Fitness Academy Ad ScreenshotDaily Fitness Academy Ad Screenshot
Daily Fitness Academy Ad Screenshot

They seemed to have their own “Love-it-or” policy which really convinced me to buy the program. I’m a father 2 in Texas, I used to workout like a beast in my 20s but you know, life caught up and I got busy. I was trying to get back into shape recently but then the ‘rona outbreak happened and now we are all stuck in our homes. And when I saw their website I was extremely hopeful that their program would help me, I had high hopes. The bodyweight-only workouts are definitely not my style but I did not have any other choice did I.

Either workout at home and stay safe or go to a gym and risk your life for gains, the choice was obvious to me. I got the program, and followed it for the 10 days and guess what, the results were nowhere near the point where they claimed them to be.

Before y’all say I wasn’t strict with the diet, I fcking was, so don’t hit me with that cr2p. I did not like the workouts, the diet was definitely not good or appealing, so I asked for a refund. But, they didn’t give it! They did send me the usual cancellation refund email, but I never got the money! And they do not have any active customer support, even if they do, they don’t respond to refund requests.

How the Daily Fitness Academy Refund Scam works (from an investigative journalist):

One of my old friend’s daughter is an investigative journalist and she has a blog, you can check it out at ******.***. I asked the kid if she will be happy to help me figure out why these guys weren’t giving me a refund and she explained how these online scams work. Here it is:

$37 is not a big amount, but consider this, they are making fake claims that they’ll refund the money if you don’t like the program and if you ask for the refund, they’ll stop responding and you can’t do anything. You won’t reach out to anyone or complain, because it’s such a small amount. But when they do this with 100,000 people, they get $3.7 Million dollars for scamming! Crazy right!

Just look at the number of people who’ve watched their ad. They must’ve earned millions from this!

The Screenshot she sharedThe Screenshot she shared
The Screenshot she shared

My mind was blown away with all this, I’m not the thinking type and here the guys at Daily Fitness Academy are pulling off some Charles Ponzi level cr2p!

Things wrong with the 29-Day Bodyweight Only Program (from a certified trainer):

I reached out to my friend, who is also a gym instructor at the Gold’s Gym. Then I asked him to check out the website and let me know what he thought of it. I also sent him some files of the program so he can check it out. The email I got back from him was hilarious, here it is word-by-word:

Here’s a short summary: It is garbage.

These guys are making an unbelievably inaccurate claim that you can get in the best shape of your life in 29 days. IT IS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE!!! The crash diets that these guys recommend are totally unsustainable for the long term and they will mess up your hormones. You will literally be starving yourself the whole time. Sure you might lose some weight in the first few weeks, but that is NOT fat, that is water weight. Their dietary recommendations are bizarre and unhealthy. About the workout program. You won’t get the results shown in the website, I guarantee you that!

The guy who is selling the program, is trying to make a quick buck off people’s hopes. The pic transformation pic they’ve shared on the website is real, but a trained eye can easily see through the lies. The guy already had all the muscle before he started cutting the weight, which means if he just lost all the fat, he was gonna look ripped. And that’s what happened. But the way they are portraying it in the sales page is totally wrong and unethical. A normal person is not going to get those results from a 29 day program, even if they take f***ing roids brother. Maybe I should start selling s**t programs too, I bet this guy is making thousands of dollars ripping people off. What a f***ing shame!

Final Thoughts

Well I decided to post this Daily Fitness Academy review after I realized what kind of organized crime these guys are pulling off. Please share this with your friends and family, I put some effort into all this in hopes that people don’t fall for this scam as I did. Thanks for reading the full post, it means a lot to me.



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