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I am disappointed that Brigette Hyacinth is still offering her vague speeches and vague books. Her books are full of vague statements and very shallow for an average leader. Apart from her books, her lectures are also very shallow in the sense that she doesn’t speak things that are meant to grow the level of thinking of an average leader.

I am writing this to warn anyone who wants to hire Brigette Hyacinth as a leadership speaker. This is a warning so that you may not be as disappointed as I am now. My experience with her and her stuff is what made me wonder what it entails to be a professional leadership speaker since clearly, Brigette Hyacinth is not a professional leadership speaker.

I have realized that among the numerous leadership speakers who are hired for their speeches are not professional. They simply do whatever they do for money and not intending to help others in the leadership world grow. Many of them don’t even know the business.

When hired, they will simply search for things up online and come up with a topic they shallowly know about. I have had my fair share of such speakers, and the first one I have had a disappointing experience with is Brigette Hyacinth. Read along and see why I am so enraged with her services.

My horrible encounter with Brigette Hyacinth

I was having a business launch party for my business, and I invited my friends who are business people to come and learn more about leadership skills. Most of my friends are quite advanced and are experienced in the line of leadership, and so I thought that the speech from Brigette Hyacinth would add something to their vast knowledge.

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I had known her through an advert online, and so I decided to check her on her website. After doing a little research about her on the internet, I decided to hire her. I must admit that a well-designed website can lure you into a trap as it did to me.

The website has listed down most of her successful encounters with other clients, and I was duped into believing she was the one. I hired her and patiently waited for the awaited day. The event started at precisely 8 AM, and I had hired her for the rest of the day only for her to arrive 4 hours later into the event.

Upon arriving, she was not even apologetic that she had come late; she went on and sat down. When it was her turn to speak, this is where I was so shocked. She talked of herself and her business and her products. In short, she was advertising her own business in my event. After she was done bragging, she started talking of elementary leadership statements that had my business friends began looking at each other. She also said that she had only 30 minutes to speak. She said a few words, and she went ahead and sat down. I had to take over the meeting from there.

I have never been that embarrassed, and that is why I am trying to put everyone into the light of who Brigette Hyacinth is. Did I mention that after I was done speaking, she called me and told me she wanted to leave? I was very disappointed that I never responded, and I let her walk out of the hall alone.

I was left wondering if the Brigette Hyacinth that I saw on the website is the same one that I had seen on that day.

What is expected from Brigette on the event

As a professional keynote leadership speaker, I expected Brigette to arrive as early as agreed. She showed up late with a couple of her assistants. I tried to call her and see what was going on, and she never picked up.

You can imagine the stress that befell me since she had not been picking her calls. I was distraught that she might not come. There is nothing that she taught us. Nothing that came out of her mouth shed light on anything.

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I expected that she at least takes an hour or two to talk to people and instill something important, but that did not happen. As a professional and experienced leadership keynote speaker, she claims to be she would have talked more about building excellent leadership skills using technology, but it seems she does not know of any.

She is also expected to deliver what she had advertised on the website. What you see on her website is ultimately the opposite of what she offers, and this is very rude and very unprofessional.


Who is Brigette Hyacinth

According to her website, Brigette claims to be a renowned keynote leadership speaker. She is a self-acclaimed leadership keynote speaker and an author too. If she is such a famous leadership speaker, then this leaves me with a question, just how many people has she scammed.

The website also claims that she is currently sort after by many organizations for her ‘leadership skills.’ This is just a way of advertising her business to gain more clients. She is also claimed to be featured at the top 100 influencers, and she is also offering courses on her website.

Seeing that she offers courses on her website gave me chills. I can’t imagine how many people are going to get below-average training and later try to use the ‘skills’ in our modern world today.

I think Brigette is a complete scam, and people should be aware of this. This article is meant to open people’s eyes on who is Brigette Hyacinth is and how she is a scam so they can make their decision on whether to hire her or not. Hiring Brigette is pouring money down the drain, and it is such a loss that many do not know this, or perhaps they are afraid of telling the world about it.

What She Sells

Brigette’s courses

Brigette offers courses on her website if you click on the course link, there are a variety of courses that she offers, but she later tells you to email her. There is no explanation about her sessions, and these tell me that she has courses that are as vague as her speeches.

I can also tell that something is not right with the courses and they should also be avoided. If you are someone that needs a course in leadership, you should take your time and look for a genuine institution that will offer you these courses instead of having to lose money on Brigette Hyacinth courses.

There are a lot of advanced courses that you can get on leadership. Genuine institutions are going to offer you in-depth training on leadership, and it is something that everyone should understand. Brigette Hyacinth courses, I believe, are just a way of earning her more money since, through my experience, I can already tell that she is not all knowledgeable on matters to do with leadership. She is also very rude, and a trainer needs to be patient with her trainees. I wonder how, through her rudeness, she can take people through her training. This negative attribute that she has should be a reason that no one should trust her.

I also mentioned that she was very vague in her speech, and this is also another reason why she should not be trusted in the training. Her courses should also be avoided like the plague. I would highly advise anyone to look for a more established institution that will take you through the training in full detail.

My recommendation and advice

I understand that there are a lot of people who require leadership skills. In the modern world, right now, some people would do anything to find knowledge. Unfortunately, this truth has landed many into the traps and scams of quack leadership speakers like Brigette Hyacinth. However, one can escape these kinds of losses by being very vigilant about the people you are going to hire as leadership speakers or as your trainers.

My advice would be that people who want to have speakers in their events, it is better for you to do more extensive research on the person that you are willing to hire. Ask people around about the speaker, do online research about their services, and with that, you can be aware of what that person has to offer and if they have scammed other people as well.

Try and avoid people who come out as individual speakers but aim to hire people who are from a leadership forum or a leadership firm. This will shed light on knowing the transparency of particular speakers and their credibility. The more people you can get to testify for a specific speaker, the more information you can get about the keynote speaker you are willing to hire.

If you can afford, choose well-known speakers, they may be people who you have watched in the past, and you are sure that they can deliver what is needed in your event.

Other people who complained about Brigette

Someone read a book that Brigette has written, and clearly from the below comment shows how they are disappointed in what they read. The books, as I said earlier, seem to be very shallow and vague. So this reader goes on to say how disappointed he is in the book that Brigette wrote.

He claims that the titles in the book are not related to the content of the book. He also goes on to say that the book also contains vague statements filled with quotes and religious commands. This is a reader that has clearly been pissed off by this speaker. I know there are many people out there who are pissed off like the reader and me. Let them be encouraged by these testimonials and come out to share what they think about this speaker to save others from scams like Brigette Hyacinth.

Check out a screenshot below and see how this fellow is disappointed.


The media on her website

If you can access her website and see the media she has added, you can see that she is very much interested in ‘selling herself’ and not her skills ad more information. These videos are also a way of telling if someone is a genuine person.

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In my opinion, Brigette is not interested in showing how people should grow in their leadership skills but to grow her business and client numbers. If you want to see how she does her job, you can watch her in these videos, analyze what you see, and come up with a final decision.

Her blog

This blog is just like any other, and by the looks of it, this speaker gets information on the internet and publishes it on the website. The information here is already available on the internet so that you can easily access it.

I also feel that the vague information in her books and her speeches come out of this blog, and it is an added reason why no one should be made to go through her scam.



I am so disappointed that so many people are duping people who want knowledge. People like Brigette Hyacinth will notice your need for experience, and then they will ensure that they mint money from you and fail to do what you agreed with them.

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Brigette Hyacinth has managed to dupe people into believing that she is genuine when she is not. I regret to have known her in such a way that it will be so hard for me ever to believe any speaker. I warn anyone who wants to hire her as their leadership speaker, she will end up letting you down, and you will be embarrassed like I was.

In conclusion, I would simply want to say that Brigette Hyacinth should not be trusted in any way. Avoid her services at all costs. Ensure that you do thorough research on who you want to hire as a speaker in your event. Ask them a lot of questions to know if they are a patient because a speaker and a trainer should be patient and bearing with each of their clients. If you notice that while you interview them, they get irritated fast, leave them alone, don’t hire them.

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