Ash Samadi – Owes $900,000 to Others, Fraudster



Ash Samadi, a high-flying property developer supposedly owes 19 tradies and organizations more than $900,000 from only one work. Ash Samadi races a $680,000 Audi and rubs with television big names and game stars. The Iranian foreigner lives in a $15 million home in Sydney’s Point Flautist, a similar neighborhood as prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Ash Samadi

However, in the more everyday universe of development, irate tradies and entrepreneurs have blamed Mr. Samadi for taking deceitful actions that have hit their back pockets hard. Individuals taking aim at Ash Samadi guarantee he owes them cash for their work on an apartment and lodging advancement in central Sydney.

Ash Samadi Has been Exposed as a Fraudster

Electricians, carpenters, builders, and a clearing organization are among the people who say Samadi owes them by and large countless dollars. Through, 19 tradies and organizations guarantee they are owed a faltering $911,200.

Faced by a current affair, Mr. Samadi conceded he’s been marking checks for progress installments for one of his turns of events, yet when inquired as to why he had not continued to pay the checks, Mr. Samadi said the supposed issue would need to be settled in court.

Ash SamadiAsh Samadi

One business took on Mr. Samadi in court and won a judgment for $29,000. Notwithstanding, the Immobillier organization where Mr. Samadi was a previous chief was unexpectedly positioned into liquidation and the cash owed was rarely paid.


After going through the above points, it’s clear that Ash Samadi is not a reliable businessman.

The property developer owes nearly a million dollars to creditors and makes excuses when the time comes to pay them off.

Beware of such scammers. There are plenty of fraudsters like Ash Samadi who don’t care about their customers or creditors and only focus on making money for themselves.



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