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February 4, 2020

My and my organisation have been a target of multiple defamation attack by a crazy lunatic and a rival company. In spite of several lawsuits, long-drawn SEO and Branding campaign, nothing seemed to work. Then someone recommended Cyber Combat.  To my pleasant surprise, not only they managed to remove the negative reviews and defaming content, but have been preventing new(er) bad reviews from appearing on Google for over a year now.

Cheri Tree Florida, USA

January 18, 2020

CyberCombat! I contacted so many defamation sites and was told it would take weeks to remove hurtful content.. weeks!! CyberCombat promised to remove it in 24 hours or less and I was not charged anything until it was removed! Hours people… it was removed in less than 8 hours!!!! Don’t use anyone else! CyberCombat is the best and they are easy to work with. Thank you so very much!!!!

Benjamin Luther Toronto, Canada

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